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Dress Code & Catholics Facing Social Chaos

Church Dress Code


Could you please tell me - are men allowed to wear jeans, and if not, what are they allowed to wear in the Church?

Also, can men wear shorts which are not short in the Church when it is hot like in the summer?

And what type of shirt or t shirt or upper apparel is recommended when going to a Church?

     Thank you and God bless,


TIA responds:

Hello M.B.,

Thank you for your questions.
  1. Our answer to your question on blue jeans may surprise you. Until the ‘60s Hippie Revolution, blue jeans were never considered appropriate for work, shopping, eating out, school and certainly not church. The cowboy wore blue jeans while riding his horse working on the ranch, but the use of the proletarian blue jeans was limited to this.

    It was the Cultural Revolution of the '60s that promoted the blue jeans for both men and women as a symbol of revolt against convention and classes. We have addressed the topic in several places (here, here, here and here). The counter-revolutionary reaction to the blue-jean revolution is to not wear them, and especially not to church.

  2. An analogous process took place with shorts for men: Before the mid 20th century, only little boys wore shorts. The British Army made the revolutionary move of introducing Bermudas in its uniform in some places such as  Africa during WW2. They remained after the War as part of the options for officials who served in very hot British possessions overseas.

    In the 1960s the fad that was already emerging in civil society in the name of comfort – Bermudas for men – took off in the spirit of the Cultural Revolution and hatred for decorum. The trend for men to become big boys, instead of boys becoming men, see here and here, helped the diffusion of Bermudas and shorts.

  3. So, what do you wear to Mass? You are appearing before the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, to be received by Him who deigns to come to us, insignificant as we might be. Clearly, your comfort or convenience should not be governing factor in your dress; your clothing should reflect the respect and adoration that you owe to God.

    In the past, before the spirit of the world entered the Church after Vatican II, every man wore a suit or a jacket, tie and dress pants to church. Even if he were poor, he had his one Sunday suit, and he made sure his sons dressed appropriately also. It was a question of honor – his own honor and the honor he owed to Our Lord Jesus Christ present in the Sacred Host. We have an excellent series on the counter-revolutionary position one takes by wearing a tie here.

    If more priests preached from the pulpit the importance of a strict dress code for men in church, we believe the tone of dress at Mass would improve greatly. The sons would follow the example of the fathers. Wives and daughters would also naturally dress with more dignity and modesty. It is men who should set the tone and lead the way in the restoration, not only in doctrine, but in the good customs of Christian Civilization that have been lost.
We hope these answers will be of some assistance to you and will inspire you to have the courage to not follow the vulgar and childish styles of our times, but to dress with dignity to reflect your honor to be made in the image and likeness of God.


     TIA correspondence desk


Doctor, Not Politician

Dear TIA,

I hope you will enjoy what this doctor implied.

In Jesus through Mary,


Doctor not politician


How Catholics Should Face Social Chaos


I am curious, clearly we are living in times where the "principalities and powers... the rulers of the world of this darkness... [and] the spirits of wickedness in the high places" (as well as their proxy warriors) have begun to dare to come out into the open; seeking a Godless "New Age" or a "New World Order" at all costs. Given all of this, and having a family to take care of, besides prayer and the Rosary, I have for the first time though of acquiring means of physical protection - not so much for my sake, but theirs. Is buying a weapon a Catholic thing to do if it is intended only for defense of one's family?

I have also thought of getting out of this country as it seems as if the globalists really have America in their crosshairs as America has been a relative bastion of Christianity, populism, conservatives, [at least talk, of] national sovereignty, and resistance to the U.N. and other international "humanistic" bodies (though I tend to think their intentions are more Marxist yet also "elitist" in nature). But then the question becomes where to go? And is running away really a mark of integrity? If it were just me I would not think this way, but I feel a duty to protect my family. Yet perhaps Christendom must be defended where I am...

Furthermore, given that the mainstream media rarely if ever reports on the misdeeds done to Christians and ever more rarely Catholics unless it is something negative; when I hear about the horribly brutal persecution of Catholics in Nigeria or Syria (only from exclusively Catholic Media) I have thought “What a shame it is that the Church Militant is so weak right now!”

As the Jews in Israel have a right to walls, an army, an intrusive intelligence agency and territory (originally taken violently from not only Muslim Arabs but Christian Arabs - not to mention their ubiquitous presence/ownership in/of the media), why cannot Catholics have such a place? I found myself idealizing about Italy or some other Catholic land that trained men in both spiritual and physical warfare; arming and transporting them, in cases like the persecution of Catholics in Nigeria to protect our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I guess, something similar to the mainly defensive Crusades but existing in our modern world.

I know so many men who live with their parents playing computer games who need more purpose in their life, and such training and education of a Catholic Defense Army that would take in young men in good health would also help so many lost souls find a purpose in this increasingly secular world. But I think I not only digress but dream dreams that may not even be meant to be.

For our reality seems to reflect the spirit of the Church as a whole. While it is true that the Church has been infiltrated within and attacked from without; part of the responsibility lies on the body of Catholic religious and laypeople themselves.I know all too many poorly catechized Catholics from my own Church I attended as a youth who as a majority no longer identify as Catholics and have fallen prey to the bad fruit of the revolution lead astray by the flesh, making them unwitting slaves to their own passions and mentally captive to abominable ideologies.

This is largely the case in the West at least, and it is the reason we are unable to even defend our own neighborhoods ... or country from the advance of an abominable anti-Catholic anti-traditional modernist culture of filth that has resulted in a poisoned education system, systematic murder of the unborn, sexual degeneracy, more and more progressive laws requiring the faithful to either go against their faith or lose their livelihood, meanwhile protecting part of the political class who serve the globalist agenda from being brought to justice (a kind of neo-Albigensian elite); let alone being able to protect the outright slaughter of our brothers and sisters in another country.

And now we have in our country what seems to be a discriminatory system of law (not at all racist in the way crying "Racism!" think, either) and justice that works for liberal causes, letting BLM and ANTIFA terrorists off the hook while persecuting those who defend themselves from the barbaric mobs.

Still it is a shame and I feel that before we too will end up like our brother and sisters in places like Syria, China, South Korea and Nigeria, we must pray hard and evangelize whether Pope Francis encourages it or not.

I guess I answered my second to be question in writing it. Though I am still curious about Catholic ownership of firearms in places where it is still legal. Or should one rely only upon prayer and spiritual protection?

Furthermore, if things get worse here (I hate to say I suspect they will without Divine intervention), would leaving this country to protect my loved ones be a cowardly act? It is not only their physical being I worry about, in fact my preoccupation is to protect my children’s souls from such a perverse education system and culture as homeschooling comes increasingly under attack.

Is there anywhere in this world that is really safe to go to anyway? Ideally some kind of Catholic community. Somewhere more traditional? Somewhere the State does not interfere with the family? It seems such havens of peace, tradition and culture are a rare and passing phenomenon in this world. One might just have to wait for the next to find it, vigilant to not to fear the death of the body, but rather the soul while we are mere pilgrims upon this planet.

In the meanwhile, some kind of Church defense must be organized. We cannot let these communists attack our Church because next they will interfere with our Masses, finally attack our priests and then all Catholics willing to keep the faith (i.e. The League of Militant Atheists in the USSR). It tends to be the way it goes.

Any ideas on how we can organize such a thing? I have thought about talking to priests and volunteering to create some kind of Church watch/guard or making some Meet Up group to try to organize (though I wouldn't be surprised if they shut it down).

     Be well!


Let nothing disturb you; nothing frighten you. All things are passing.
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things. Nothing is wanting to him who possesses God.
God alone suffices. Amen
- St. Teresa of Avila.


TIA responds:

Thank you for the trust in us you reveal by asking these questions.

We pass to answer in the order you put them:
  1. Can Catholics have firearms?

    Yes, absolutely. They may have all the weapons they want for their personal protection, the protection of their families and properties. When acquiring a firearm be sure to find a place to practice shooting and become accustomed to use it when necessary. Nothing would be more frustrating and dangerous than to pull a weapon in an emergency and not be able to reach the target that threatens you.

  2. Could I leave the country? Where to go?

    We do not know the particular circumstances of your case and where you live.

    Right now international travel by airplane is extremely restricted.

    We would suggest that if you live in a large city, find a secure place in the countryside – some small town or farm – to send your family if necessary.

    If you are of Latino descent and your State in close to the Mexican border, make arrangements to move your family out of the U.S. if a civil war ignites here.

    Analogous arrangements may be made if you are in a State bordering Canada.

    You and the adult men in your household should hold your properties as long as possible.

    See if you can find a group of men in your neighborhood who have similar concerns of security and invite them to discuss a plan to protect the area in the case the police are prevented from acting by the leftist authorities.

    You can see how this worked very well in Coeur d’Alene.

  3. Can Catholics have a Catholic State with its own army?

    It is a good idea for the future, but not for now. A Catholic State like one you and we long for cannot be built overnight. This could be done in the Reign of Mary, but not in this domination of the power of darkness, as you said when you started your message.

  4. Is there any country that would be a haven of peace where the government does not intervene in your family life?

    The consequences of this so-called pandemic are being experienced almost everywhere in the world. So far the only countries in which the governments are somewhat skeptical about it and are interfering less with the rights of individuals are Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Poland, Iceland and Sweden. However, the first two are very large countries and in each of their provinces or states the circumstances are different.

    Do not make a decision before carefully studying the possibilities you would have of being successful. Besides, the political situation in these countries can change with elections.

  5. Do you have any plan on how to defend Catholic churches from vandals?

    No, we do not. You may ask the orientation of some company specialized in security or some army or police officer who is Catholic and share your concerns.

     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 16, 2020

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