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Cupich, Newman & All Angels

Child Jesus of Pichincha Cards

Dear TIA,

The 100 Child Jesus of Pichincha cards I ordered arrived safely and promptly.

Thank you so much - they are beautiful cards and I am going to send them out with my Christmas cards.

Thanks also for the free OLOGS Novena booklet.

     God bless you and your work

     K.R., England


More Church Closures in Chicago


Another round of closures of churches and schools was announced in Chicago; read here.

But, don’t worry! We are in a new Springtime of the Conciliar Church, as JPII assured us. Aren't we?



Cupich Approves Pachamama


Cupich is right. You know, it's all okayed by the inculturation practiced since Vatican II.

Read below.


CHICAGO, November 8, 2019 - Archbishop Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago defended the use of the “Pachamama” statues during the Amazon Synod, saying the church has “always adopted pagan elements in its traditions and especially its liturgical rites” while quoting from a Vatican document about “inculturation.”

Writing in the diocesan newspaper Chicago Catholic on Wednesday, Cardinal Cupich asserted that the “artwork” at the Vatican depicting Pachamama – a fertility goddess venerated by indigenous people of South America – was merely “a pregnant woman, a symbol of motherhood and the sacredness of life, that represents for indigenous peoples the bond humanity has with our “mother earth,” much as St. Francis of Assisi portrayed in his Canticle of the Creatures.” Cupich was made a cardinal by Pope Francis in November 2016.

Original here.


Deep State

Dear TIA,

I have noticed that you have posted the ‘Deep State’ comment written by my friend. I don’t mind, I pray that it will shed some light in this darkness, and confusion amongst Catholics.

I want to thank you for not revealing my name, for many reasons, glad you used the initials. I am glad you did it.

     May God bless all soldiers of Jesus and Mary!



Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Dear Sir,

I refer to the letter from a reader you published recently titled "Dangerous and deceitful policy" concerning the Lefebvrists.

All I would like to say is that the sheep's clothing worn by wolves today is the cassock. Black in colder climes and white in the tropics. People are allowing wolves into the sheepfold on account of the Sacraments. In this time of great duplicity some sound advice by decent Catholic writers is a dire necessity.

How should one serve the Lamb of God while keeping the company of wolves?


     S.F., Germany


Was Newman a Saint?

Dear TIA,

I have read several articles about Card. Newman on TIA website . There is a priest here in São Paulo who wants to found an association of families to teach classical education for youth, leaving the socialist school system. He wants to name the association after “saint” Newman and place him as a patron saint of this group of families.

The articles you have posted deal with Newman before his sanctification. Do you have any argument I can use to show that his beatification by Benedict XVI and his canonization by Francis were not correctly done?

     In Jesu et Maria,

     M.M., Brazil

TIA responds:

Dear M.M.,

Yes, we analyzed the Card. Newman beatification here, here and here, showing that neither the miracle attributed to him was not conclusive nor his writings were orthodox nor his life could be pointed out as a model for Catholics. We have also a whole series of documents on Newman's stances on Papal Infallibility and his liberal tendencies.

We wish you success in you endeavor.


     TIA correspondence desk


Omnes Angelos – All the Angels

Dear TIA,

I have a question about the Novus Ordo liturgy. I have noticed a problem about it. Consider the Confiteor in Latin:

Confiteor Deo omnipotenti et vobis, fratres, quia peccavi nimis cogitatione, verbo, opere et omissione: mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Ideo precor beatam Mariam semper Virginem, omnes Angelos et Sanctos, et vos, fratres, orare pro me ad Dominum Deum nostrum.”

It says “omnes Angelos”, namely “all angels” in English. This includes the demons in Hell.

Therefore, it seems that the modern Mass prays to the devils.

Is this not a problem? Everyone should know about this.

Please let me know what you think.


TIA responds:

Dear L.S.,

In principle you are correct. In the precise theological language all are angels, both the good and the bad angels. In practice, however, it is a Catholic habit to keep the name of Angels for the good Angels. When we want to refer to the bad angels, we use the terms demons, devils or fallen angels.

So, the accusation you may make against this text can easily be answered with the explanation above.

What seems more grave is that the text omnes angelos et sanctos was introduced to replace another that had the name of St. Michael the Archangel – beatum Michaelem Archangelum – and the names of St. John the Baptist, St. Peter and St. Paul – beatum Ioannem Baptistam, sanctos Apostolos Petrum et Paulum – which appeared in the traditional Confiteor. So, the new Confiteor sabotaged St. Michael and these Saints.

This you may state with security against the new Confiteor with a good chance of not getting any consistent answer.


     TIA correspondence desk




Are you/this website sede-vacantist? I was reading through your article on the Sabbatine Privilege and noticed the phrase “this apostate hierarchy” referring to the currently purported leadership of the Catholic Church and so I thought I would confirm my suspicion directly.

     Please let me know.


TIA responds:


We are not sede-vacantist. We have answered this and other similar questions various times. You can peruse those questions and responses here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Padre Pio & the New Mass


Thank you so much for the wonderful material you provide to your readers every day!

A long time ago, I read somewhere that St. Pio de Pietrelcina, shortly before his death on Sept. 23, 1968, was seeing with much apprehension the new Mass that Paul VI was to promulgate in 1969. If I remember well, he even said words against that future new Mass and he made a formal request for an authorization NOT to say the new Mass (that is, an authorization to continue saying the Mass of St. Pius V) when the new Mass would be in force. He died before the new Mass was promulgated, as if God wanted to spare His servant the pain of seeing the damage inflicted to Holy Mass by the Novus Ordo.

I have several relatives who are enthusiastic about St. Pio, but at the same time they see nothing wrong about the new Mass, and they never even tried to attend the traditional Mass after the new Mass came in force.

Would you please tell me where I could find the precise facts (about Padre Pio and the new Mass), with dates, references, etc., so that I can enlighten my relatives? Maybe you even have it all in one place on your site, but your site is so rich and extensive that I am a bit at a loss.


TIA responds:


We appreciate your amiable words on our work. They mean a lot to us.

Among the many saints made by the Conciliar Popes there are both good and bad persons. The former probably are real saints, the latter are not. They are being elevated to the glory of the altars in order to create confusion, disparage sanctity and favor Protestantism.

We at TIA are focused principally on showing that the bad “saints” are not real saints, such as Mother Teresa, Card. Newman, John Paul II, John XXIII and others. We do not have the conditions or time right now to follow the lives of the recently declared good saints.

This is our explanation for why we have a weak knowledge about the life of Padre Pio. Unfortunately, we are unable to answer your question.

We pass it on to our readers, who may help you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 12, 2019

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