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Notre Dame, ‘Good’ Pharisees & Rock Nuns

Is God Sending a Message?

To My Friends at TIA,

Was God sending a message with the fire in Notre Dame of Paris?

One of most frequent photos of the destruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral shows the debris of the Novus Ordo table in a pool of rubbish in front of the world famous High Altar of that Cathedral which was almost completely unscathed.

Many traditional Catholics most likely wondered if God was sending a message. Fr. Paul Alvarez Norton mentioned this fact in his Easter Sunday sermon at Our Lady Help of Christians Chapel. However, most Novus Ordo Catholics most likely would not give the incident a second thought, and the secular press who published the photo would not have the slightest clue about any controversy.

It reminded me of the 1997 earthquake that damaged the Basilica of St. Francis at Assisi. The entire countryside was hit by a couple of very strong earthquakes. The second quake brought down part of the roof of the Basilica destroying the Novus Ordo table which was replicated in Paris last week.

     Homer Sweeney

Notre Dame burning


A Notre Dame to Fit Modern France

Dear TIA,

I believe you should know that French president Macron declared that the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral will be made in a different style to match the “modern France with its diversity.”

That a pro-homosexual Macron would rebuild to it glorify the Middle Ages, which built it originally, would be too good to be true.

No doubt that Francis will encourage Macron to include ecumenical, homosexual and communist symbols to fit “modern France.”

Please, check the link in Spanish here



Contesting Dr. Byrne's Series on the Dialogue Mass

Dear TIA,

I have been following Dr. Carol Byrne's ongoing series on the Dialogue Mass, and have been impressed.

In seeking more information on her, I stumbled across this website, which appears to take issue with her series. The link is here.

Oddly, this opponent of Dr. Byrne appears to be non-Catholic (?), yet evinces an equally incisive knowledge of the liturgical history of the "reform."

Any chance you can comment on this rebuttal, or pass it along to Dr. Byrne?

     Semper idem,


The Editor responds:

Dear S.J.,

Thank you for sending us this link to another opponent of Dr. Byrne’s excellent series on the Liturgical Reform.

I have agreed with her that I would not forward objections and challenges to her until she finishes the series.

The reason is quite simple: Since she is destroying most of the sophisms claiming the need for a Liturgical Reform and the “orthodoxy” of the ‘62 Missal, those who defend these sophisms want her to stop her exposition. Toward this end, nothing seems better than to waste her time with endless disputes about minor points to divert her attention and prevent her from finishing her work.

So, if the gentleman that you mentioned is truly concerned about the truth, he will have to prove it by having the patience to wait until she finishes her series.


     A.S. Guimarães


‘Good’ Pharisees


After the rehabilitation of Judas by Francis, now comes the time of the Pharisees. Francis is preparing a conference for May to show that everything attributed to Our Lord against them is “anti-Semitic” and “biblically inaccurate.”

Read the news report here.



Magic Tree

Dear TIA,

Can someone explain to me what that magic tree has that makes Francis forget the problems of kneeling he usually has, which prevents him from kneeling before Christ in the Holy Sacrament?

Fr. P.A.N.

Francis kneels before a tree


Traditional Masses under Red Flag

Hello TIA,

I know you already know about it, but I'm not sure all your readers are aware of it. Just in case, I am sending a link to an article exposing the plan of Francis' house liturgist here.

Francis is planning to make access to the Summorum Masses even more difficult.



Our Lady of Good Success

Dear Mr. Atila Guimaraes,

Regarding your latest installment [on the name change of Our Lady of Good Success]:

Maybe, the Buena Padres of SSPX should read the Mystical City of God by the Ven. Mary of Agreda, such a reliable source on Franciscan spirituality and (of course) Blessed John Dun Scotus of beloved memory!

Personally, I lean more favorably to Carmelite mysticism, but it is becoming quite obvious (or is it oblivious?) that there are some who have neither "A" Contemplative or Mystical inclination (Kindly Enclyning), anymore.



Hollywood’s Corruption

Good afternoon TIA,

I wish to share the this link to a short video pertaining to the abuse of famous child star Shirley Temple. It’s very sad and heartbreaking.

However, its parallels to the modern day scandals in Hollywood and the Church are worth mention as it shows how, even in the early days of cinema, impurity was rampant.




The Rock Nuns

Dear TIA,

Behold the "Sisters of Rock," a group of unidentified nuns who seem to be at some kind of luncheon, pounding the tables and clapping to the beat of "We Will Rock You," a song by the band Queen. Queen's lead singer, Freddy Mercury, was a flaming homosexual who died of AIDS, and next to his deathbed was his "husband."

These religious, who should be models of seriousness, piety and purity, can be seen in their progressivist habits making vulgar dance moves, grimaces and gestures to the sounds of a revolutionary song sung by a sodomite, while cackling and clapping with glee.

Rock, like most modern music, is certainly not compatible with the Faith, and its revolutionary tendencies leads souls to Hell. (There is a reason that in some Latin countries, rock was called "la musica del Diablo.")

These are the bad fruits of the progressivist adaptation to the modern world, thanks to Vatican II...



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 25, 2019

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