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Viganò & Homo-Progressivist Mafia

What Is Viganò Really Doing?

Dear TIA,

Regarding the recent public criticism by Arch. Viganò about Card. McCarrick

Now Vigano makes a public call for McCarrick to repent. Wasn't Vigano also under suspicion of harboring pedophile priests? He looks quite complicit with McCarrick in the picture below.

Why do you think he all of sudden became the one sounding the alarm? Isn't he a progressivist also?

I don't really understand what is going on in this scenario.

Can you help?


Vigano meeting McCarrick Arch. Vigano congratulates Card. McCarrick in May 2012

The Editor responds:

Dear G.T.,

In my analysis of Arch. Viganò’s first letter asking Pope Francis to present his resignation, I pointed out that one reason Viganò blamed Francis for covering for McCarrick was to save both John Paul II and Benedict XVI from an analogous charge. It was a skillful distraction to deviate attention from the other Pontiffs who were equally suspect.

Also, Arch. Viganò – as well as Card. Burke and Bishop Schneider – base most of their criticism of Pope Francis on documents of Vatican II and the Conciliar Popes, not the bi-millennial doctrine of the Church. This tendency seems to characterize a sort of conservative wing of Progressivism that is reacting against Francis’ excesses in order to prevent the Conciliar Revolution as a whole from being blamed for the moral crisis that has contaminated the Conciliar Church from top to bottom.

Added to this is the fact you mentioned, which is that Arch. Viganò himself was accused of covering up for Arch. John Nienstedt of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, who was accused of homosexuality with his seminarians – a case quite similar to that of McCarrick – and of covering for a pedophile priest. You may read the details here.

The photo you sent us is quite expressive of the cordial relations between Viganò and McCarrick. Looking at it, some questions come to mind:
  • If Viganò was so amiable with McCarrick then, when he was aware of all the rotten past of that Cardinal, why is he so demanding now?

  • Is his present day indignation really moved by a zeal for the glory of God and a concern for the salvation of McCarrick's soul, as he pretends?

  • Or is Viganò just using these moral skeletons in McCarrick’s closet to attack Francis for some ulterior reason?

  • Speculating on this last hypothesis, are Viganò, Burke and Schneider the outspoken members or allies of a conservative faction in the Roman Curia who is influential enough to make public statements, but not strong enough to change the path Francis has taken?

  • It seems that, with the growing number of Viganò’s interventions issued from some hidden place, this last hypothesis is gaining more and more probability, although without reaching the level of certainty.
These are some thoughts I can offer you with the hope of making the panorama clearer.


     Atila S. Guimarães


Bridal Company Accepts ‘Gay Marriage’

Action Alert

David’s Bridal features same-sex brides for the first time in one of its TV ads

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, January 3, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The largest wedding retailer in the United States is "rewriting the rules" with a new marketing campaign showing for the first time in company history a same-sex couple in a television ad.

"We wanted to make sure this spot represented what we see from brides today," David’s Bridal chief marketing officer Liz Crystal said. "We value every type of bride."


Friends and patriots,

We urge an immediate total boycott of David's Bridal stores. The only message they will respond to is to hit them in the wallet. We have to demonstrate to them that the lost revenue from heterosexuals is GREATER than any perceived revenue from homosexuals and lesbians.




     James Michael Francis Komaniecki, President, CEO


Homo-Progressivist Mafia Revealed


These two YouTube interviews are very important (here and here)

The first interview ties together the progressivist heresy and the plan to destroy the Church by infiltration. (The homo mafia is just the present day clowns, who are the front men seeking the money and titles; those who want total domination and worship Satan are behind these clowns.) This clearly separates those who believe in Jesus Christ and those who believe in the progressivist institution, the Church of Man. This second interview, and the first, should be watched by all Catholics.

As we were discussing where our group should go in 2019, we completely dropped the topic of Progressivism, this New Modernism, the heresy of all heresies, to destroy the Church Jesus established upon the Apostles 1986 years ago. I was deeply disturbed by the fact that we could not visit this topic in our last meeting of Ecclesia Militans of San Diego (EMSD).

It took me a day or two to try to figure out why I was disturbed. Progressivism is the serpent that has woven itself into all our institutions, and it is too big for any one person to understand all its aspects. And Progressivism is the elephant in the room. No one will talk about it – not Catholic Answers, not the clergy, not JP2 University, etc, etc. We (EMSD) can’t fix it. Jesus will do that, with Mary’s grace. But we do need to know (and tell others) how we fit into His plan and the coming Reign of Mary.

EMSD has a role to play here in San Diego, now. Please review this gift to us, and suggest a brief statement to send to our general email list along with the link to these two videos in order to help them realize the larger picture about what is happening in 2019, how it impacts the Catholic Church, our children and our nation, and how to identify our little role.

This is a tipping point of history. (And it will take another giant step with the World Bishops meeting in February, and the Democrat/Marxist House in the US Congress). But we all still have to do our little part, with faith, hope and charity. EMSD has been placed in San Diego along with the most liberal Bishop in the USCCB for a reason. Jesus is drawing a line in the sand. On which side will you will stand?




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 17, 2019

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