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Peacock, Collapsed Roofs & FSSP Compromise

Symbol of the Peacock


I emailed part of Elaine Jordan's article on Peacocks to some ladies at Church since I used peacock feathers in the decorations for the Prayer Booth that I am in charge of at the Notre Dame Fall Festival that we are involved in.

I wanted them to know the Christian meaning behind it, although I must admit I used the peacock feathers just because I like them and didn't know they had any religious symbolism at the time.

I will mail in a donation in for this usage. I did cite the author and refer the website. Great article!!

     Thank you very much!


TIA responds:


Thank you for your email. We are glad you found it of use to explain the decor at the Prayer Booth, and appreciate your citation and donation.

We often hear "proud as a peacock," which gives a bad connotation to the beautiful bird. In fact, it had a different symbolic meaning in the Middle Ages, the Age of Faith, when man sought to know Creation through the eyes and mind of the Creator.


     TIA correspondence desk


Why No Mention of Jesus’ Death?


Re: Roof Collapses on St. Joseph of the Carpenters in Rome

Wonder why you didn't make more of "At three o'clock in the afternoon... Romans and tourists in the Forum heard a loud 'boom!'"

Not sure if that time is accurate - I'm just going by your report - but isn't that the hour Jesus died? Maybe the bodies of the scandals that have been buried will now be revealed / maybe those 'good men' priests who were unjustly excommunicated or imprisoned like Fr. Manelli will appear to many after the Church's resurrection (?)

Not sure why you didn't mention connection w/Jesus Christ.



Collapsing Roofs


Re: Roof Collapses on St. Joseph of the Carpenters in Rome

I did notice very briefly something about a 'collapse' at one of the three remaining Corning (N.Y.) 'Catholic' churches. I did not bother reading about it. Then I opened your post today [about the roof of a Roman church]. Hmmm... I went back to Corning site.

Yes!! A roof collapse in Corning, N.Y., in June 30, 2018, a large heavy board fell and landed between two parishioners. (Thank God! No altar dogs were hurt!) This event has closed a 1913 church permanently! St. Vincent’s for the Italians on the North Side that was, along with the second of the three left, slated for closing soon anyway.

This leaves only our, perhaps about to be very famous St. Mary's Church as the only 'Catholic ' church in town. When we arrived in 1995 there were five.

Is this related to the collapse reported in your post today in Rome? The Holy Ghost works in strange ways...

This means that the very few left who go to 'mass' in 'The Crystal City' must go to St. Mary's for their rock 'mass'!



Cutting Donations for Progressivist Bishops


Three parishioners from EMSD [Ecclesia Militans – San Diego] are going to talk to the new pastor at St. Annes, Fr. L., FSSP, Friday morning about donations and the bishop’s tax. He is from Sacramento, so he should be very familiar with California politics.

The subject is how to support the pastor (a precept of the Church) and formation of faithful priests, without giving any money or power to the bishop. I stopped giving to the general fund in 2010, but now many are asking how to protect their local church property and their donations. We will discuss private foundations to keep the bishop’s tax in escrow until the restoration of order. For me, that would be the resignation of all Francis-appointments.

This crisis is an extremely important and historic time in the history of the Church, and has been foretold by Marian visionaries. We look forward to the restoration, but must do our part in this dark time. Only a miracle can clean this house.

The reason I write you is that in fighting the battle, I don’t want to be a pawn in Satan’s plan, but a part of the restoration. We must be aware of America’s role in the history of modernist heresy. She is a testing ground and a safe haven for the rebellion, as well as the major funding source of every anti-Christian organization. We are Satan’s petri dish for every secret society, yet our suffering is minor compared to the devastation in the rest of the Western world. By just reacting and not being pro-active for the Reign of Mary, we are part of the problem, not the solution.

It is right for civil authority to prosecute criminals in the Church; however, morality comes from God, through the teaching authority of the Catholic Church, to each person in the formation of conscience, in which we meet the Lord. This relationship has been lost in secular America. The founders knew that the free Republic could not stand without a common moral code. This is the kingdom that Jesus established, a kingdom of men built upon the Apostles. Matthew called it the Kingdom of Heaven. This is why we must fight, if only to discover our friends (the ones Jesus called friends) from our enemies.

If you scholars at TIA have historical insight on this hot war we are in, please let me know in terms of brainstorming with Fr L. on Friday morning. I know that FSSP is false-right, but they do produce well formed priests, perform the Sacraments, and teach truth. I will confront Fr L. Friday with the pact that FSSP made with the Vatican and ask where he stands.
  • Won’t speak against Novus Ordo, the Pope, Vatican 2;
  • Willing to say the new Mass;
  • Recognize the bishop;
  • Won’t engage in polemics against the hierarchy.

TIA responds:


It is a right that belongs to any Catholic to inquire where the money that he donates is going. It is also his right to cut those donations should he suspect that they are being used for bad purposes.

We consider it commendable for you and other members of Ecclesia Militans to ask your pastor at FSSP whether he and the other priests of FSSP have any kind of a compromise. Habitually, the FSSP priests deny that they made a compromise; then, in practice they act as if the compromise were in full force. So, they say one thing and do another. In you coming visit, it is not unwise to be prepared for this possibility.

The points you listed are the points demanded by the Vatican Commission Ecclesia Dei for any priest who asks permission to celebrate the Tridentine Mass following the 1962 Missal. This Commission only allows a priest to say it if he accepts the points you listed.

We wish you a good meeting with your priest.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 18, 2018

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