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Some of the Compromises of FSSP

Priests Trained to Say N.O. Masses;
New Rite for Confirmations;
New Calendar for Feast Days

Dear TIA,

In regards to this posting, I add this comment that sadly the FSSP is compromised according to the rubrics set for its establishment by the Holy See. They are required to train priests for, and ordain priests for, and allow, the Novus Ordo Mass.

On the feast of the Assumption this past Wednesday, 2012, the FSSP Catholic Church of St. Joseph's, Richmond, VA, did not celebrate the feast day Mass on the feast day but the night before, counting it as the Novus Ordo vigil Mass which the pastor of the Church said, according to Vatican II, counts as the Mass obligation.

The reason that the Latin Mass was not offered at the Church by the pastor or the associate parish vicar is that the FSSP Novus Ordo parish in Richmond, St. Benedict's, another location, was celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and a special Latin Mass was scheduled, High Mass, at 6 pm, the feast of the Assumption, which the Latin Mass Church FSSP pastor was offering at the FSSP Novus Ordo Church, the associate pastor attending and acting as deacon for the FSSP Novus Ordo Church Mass.

For whatever reason, their anniversary event was scheduled on the feast of the Assumption to include the two priests residing at the FSSP Latin Mass Catholic Church, who were to participate in the anniversary Mass at the FSSP Novus Ordo Church, instead of allowing the Latin Mass FSSP Church of St. Joseph's to offer to their own parish attendees the Latin Mass for this feast day of the Mother of God.

I had heard that the FSSP was required to allow and train priests for the Novus Ordo Mass if there were such candidates, and that some of the FSSP priests prayed the Liturgy of the Hours instead of the Divine Office Latin 1962 calendar breviary. This was the first time I learned there was actually a Novus Ordo FSSP parish anywhere. It was also the first time I heard of a Latin Mass Church not offering a Latin Mass on such a feast day of obligation because the residing priests were required to be elsewhere, thus the parish attendees of the Latin Mass Catholic Church, St. Joseph's, had to either attend the night before according to the Vatican II obligation, or drive to the FSSP Novus Ordo Church for the feast day Mass, or find another Latin Mass location altogether, such as an SSPX location which offered a Latin Mass on the feast, located also in Richmond, VA.

The FSSP compromised situation was first noted with the feast of Corpus Christi, 2012. For Corpus Christi, 2012, the traditional feast of Corpus Christi, is Thursday. But at the FSSP Latin Mass Church, St. Joseph's, Richmond, VA, the pastor posted a notice in the bulletin stating that the feast of Corpus Christi would see a Latin Mass at their Church for that Thursday, but that the Bishop Di Lorenzo of Richmond had stated that the recognized feast was the Sunday after Corpus Christi. The FSSP Latin Mass pastor made sure to tell the Church attendees that the feast recognized by the diocese was the Sunday AFTER Corpus Christi, as the newly instituted Body and Blood feast day of the Novus Ordo calendar.

They also are not administering Confirmation according to the 1962 rite at that FSSP Latin Mass Catholic Church, but the Novus Ordo Richmond Bishop Di Lorenzo administers the sacrament to the Latin Mass attendees of the FSSP Latin Mass Church according to the new rite. The SSPX is among the only that administers Confirmation according to the pre-Vatican II rite.

It is said that the FSSP is not being given many new churches for their care by many bishops of dioceses who oppose the Latin Mass. But they are compromised in that they are training priests for the Novus Ordo Mass as well as the Latin Mass, and that there is a Church in Richmond, St. Benedict's, that is an FSSP-run Catholic Church, Novus Ordo Mass. Yet the Ecclesia Dei Commission says that any priest and any Latin Mass parish can celebrate the Latin Mass according to the 1962 Latin Mass calendar, not according to Vatican II.

I hope this assists with any doubts about the compromise of the FSSP. It is very grievous that there is persecution against any priest or laity who would like to attend the Latin Mass without endless moving of Mass locations or dates of feasts or changing of the sacrament rite supposedly offered by Latin Mass priests who then compromise with the Novus Ordo bishops, who are supposed to recognize and allow, according to Benedict XVI any priest to offer the Mass according to the 1962 calendar and rite.

This is not happening with the FSSP who run Novus Ordo parishes and Masses of which I first learned this past week, and the FSSP priests are following the Novus Ordo calendar I learned recently as well. May the Lord help us, and allow us to attend the Latin Mass during these difficult times.

     Sincerely in Christ,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 6, 2012

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