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Stamp for Luther & Baseless ‘Siri Theory’

Vatican Celebrates Protestantism

Dear TIA,

This week the Vatican issued a stamp with the heretics Luther and Melanchthon at the foot of the Cross.

Below is a photo of it.

It is incredible that the Vatican, the Papal State, is now promoting Protestantism, which was/is turned toward denying and destroying the Papacy.

Isn't this the same thing that Pope Francis is also trying to do now? If so, this would explain why the present Vatican II Church is so enthusiastic about Luther and other heretics of his ilk.

Keep up the good work.


     Fr. P.A.

Vatican stamp on Luther


‘Orthodox’ or Schismatic?

Dear TIA,

These days, the Church seems to think that being an Orthodox Christian is pretty much the same as being a Catholic, in terms of doctrine and in terms of salvation. I have heard this from pretty much everyone, priests and laity alike.

Was this the teaching prior to Vatican II? Or is this a post-Vatican II novelty?

Don’t people need to be within the Catholic Church to be saved? Or is being an Orthodox Christian just as good? Aren’t the Orthodox schismatics?

     Thank you,


TIA responds:

Dear S.T.,

The so-called Orthodox Church is actually a heretical sect because it denies the dogmas of the Filioque, the procession of the Holy Ghost from the Father and the Son; Papal Infallibility; Papal Primacy, and the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady.

Prior to Vatican II, the Catholic Church called this confession the Schismatic Church instead of Heretical Church as a diplomatic favor, which did not address its deeper errors as a way to manifest good will and try to convert its followers.

For more details on the dogmatic rejection of the doctrine of the Catholic Church by the Schismatics, please read here.

For Catholic documents calling the Schismatics by their name, read here.

On how Pope Pius IX recommend Catholics to deal with Protestants and Schismatics, read here.

Regarding the salvation of those who are not in the bosom of the Catholic Church, the doctrine of Pope Eugene IV confirmed by the Council of Florence (1442) is clear, as you can read here.

We hope that our answer and these links can help you.


     TIA correspondence desk


The Growing Business of the ‘Body Brokers’


Here is a news report about the ‘body brokers’ – companies that are making money over corpses. They promise poor people that they will cremate the body of their loved ones; but then they send the family boxes of sand pretending it is their relative's ashes and hack the bodies of the deceased into parts to sell them to different “customers.”

This is a macabre business that seems to be becoming common among us. It is good to be aware of this crime in order to avoid it.

Cremation by itself is bad and had always been condemned by the Church until Paul VI lifted that prohibition. Now, we have another reason to avoid it: To prevent the bodies of our loved ones from being profaned.

By the way, this is the also the destiny that awaits the bodies of many people who donate their bodies for "scientific research"...

     In Jesus through Mary,



Hillary & Halloween


Enjoy this cartoon.


Hillary and Halloween


The Occult Renaissance Church


TIA has provided excellent book reviews in the past.

Can someone do a review of Michael Hoffman's "The Occult Renaissance Church," that recently came out?

He seemed to have not much more, than nothing, on the likes of Michael, grim, Diamond and Dan Brown and his infamous Da Vinci Code. I say that because he totally trashes the great Saint and Doctor St. Alphonsus di Ligouri - and that is just one issue I had with the book.


TIA responds:


Thank you for your input. We will ask one of our writers to read this book and review it.


     TIA correspondence desk


Nice Proof


I was fooling around the other day and made up the following list (JPEG photo), which I think makes a nice short proof for the truth of the Catholic Church.

I have attached it below. Please circulate if you think it is of any use.

     God bless,


Proof in favor of Papacy


Pope Gregory XVIII


Tradition has no meaning in the Catholic Church, outside of the true, lawful pope.

Because only there, under his guidance, the true church can be found. Through him we receive the graces of the Sacraments, and other graces. All who are not in union with him, are excluded from the community of Saints.

As you so intelligibly point out that the problem started with "pope" John XXIII in 1958, here is the solution, which hardly anybody thinks about:

26 October 1958, Joseph Siri, archbishop of Genoa is elected pope Gregory XVII and accepts; white smoke is sent up from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel. Nothing happens, no pope shows himself on the balcony. Why? Because inside the revolutionaries had seized him, put him under duress, demanded another pope. This is where it went wrong in the Church.

John XXIII, elected 28 October, was an anti-pope, and so are all of his known successors.

The real pope was Gregory XVII, and his lawful successor now in exile, is HH.Gregory XVIII.


TIA responds:


We do not agree with your Siri theory. The reasons are quite simple:
  1. Since the cardinals present at that 1958 conclave were obliged by an oath to complete silence, no one who was not a cardinal-elector at that time can have an exact idea of what happened in it. Any cardinal who would reveal what happened would be guilty of perjury and excommunicated. The consequence of that oath is that all the data we have on that conclave – as well as the others – are mere speculations.

  2. Card. Siri himself denied the veracity of the Siri theory by the way of facts when he amiably accepted John XXIII as Pope and posed many times for photos at his side. He did the same with the following conciliar Popes during his long term as Archbishop of Genoa, as you may verify here.

  3. Not only by public appearances did Card. Siri recognize the conciliar Popes, but also in writing, as you can read here and here.

  4. In addition, to show that he was not the traditionalist who the followers of the Siri theory pretend him to be, it is also expressive to show that he frequently said the New Mass, as you can see here.
We believe that to defend that Card. Siri was a Pope despite this strong evidence reveals a complete lack of sense of reality.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 2, 2017

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