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The Independent, Adding to Rosary & Dates

Careless Article

Dear TIA,

Here is my response to The Independent. Please feel at liberty to pass this along or to reproduce in any way you choose.

I was informed that The Independent posted it on its website.

     In Jesu et Maria,

     Kaede Lira

To the Writers of The Independent,

A few days ago, you published this defamatory and careless article regarding Tradition in Action, a traditional Catholic group based in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, your article was gravely misinformed, as they have shown very clearly in their response to your article. Here is a link where they clarify all the misinformation you have disseminated.

As a Christian, charity obliges me to correct this misinformation. Now, the spirit of honest journalism obliges you to publish their reply and apologize for the misinformation you have so carelessly spread with this article.

It is up to you to decide whether or not you will be fair enough to do it.

      In Jesu et Maria,

      Kaede Lira


Liturgical Abuse

Dear TIA,

Watch this clip on the liturgical abuse that I received from a friend.

I can see that many of the pictures were taken from your website. I don’t know the group that is behind this clip, but it seems to be well-intentioned since it adds to the general good reaction against the abuses in liturgy that came from Vatican II.

     Keep up the good work TIA,



Mad Pope


Now, I present you the scandal of the week.

Pope Francis is revealing something that many of us already suspected: He isn't in his right mind (perhaps because he clearly has a "left mind").

In this interview, he talks about how he often consulted with a psychologist who, by the way, was a Jew.

He also said that at her last hours of life she called him to have a "spiritual dialogue" with no intention of conversion. Bergoglio did not make any effort to convert her.

This is the "mercy" of Francis I "the merciless."



Rosary & Seven Sorrows


Firstly thank you so much for all that you do. Your resources are very helpful in understanding church tradition and teaching.

I have a question that is as follows: Is it ok to add the Seven Sorrows Rosary with the whole Rosary? I was considering adding the mysteries in their proper chronological spot in between the mysteries of the original Rosary to meditate on Jesus' and Mary's joys and sorrows all in one go. It made sense to me since both are part of tradition, were said to be prayed by Our Lady, both were called a Rosary and both have their own graces attached to them (some overlap even).

I felt this was different than, for example, adding the luminous mysteries since, to my knowledge, these haven't been given or approved by Our Lady or Christ.

I'm just trying to stick to tradition and felt since both of these were traditional and go right hand in hand with each other it may actually be good


TIA responds:

Hello P.B.,

Although both the Rosary and the prayer in honor of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady are outstanding devotions, we believe they should not be prayed together as you suggest. That is, one should not be mixed with the other.

Each one of these devotions has its own specific identity. Each one was requested by Our Lady on different occasions, and each one has been granted special privileges and indulgences. To combine these two devotions into one seems to be a revolutionary action that is not to be recommended.

We suggest that you say these prayers separately, even when they are said one after the other.


     TIA correspondence desk


Dates for Essays & Home Pages

Dear TIA,

A regular visitor of your web page, with great respect for your work I am asking you to please, supply original publication and last update dates to the essays and snippets published on your pages, and, if available, the author as well.

Without date information, I am unable to properly archive and later reference your work. This is a particularly keen problem now, in the age of web publishing, when the dates of creation (and of publication) cannot at all be determined by the medium itself.

I understand that it may be an enormous work trying to reconstruct even for you the exact times when some of your notes were authored -- however, at least, to routinely and consistently provide such information to everything you publish in the future carries no overhead whatsoever; it only requires minimal attention and respect for those reader who take your work seriously and would like to have some of it placed in their own archives.

I hope you don't mind my request; I presume that there may be other readers who will appreciate your future courtesy of providing the above information.

     Thank you very much,

     G.G., Budapest, Hungary


TIA responds:

Dear G.G.,

We thank you for your assiduity in visiting our website and for your suggestion. We are passing it on to our snapshot and video team, who works daily to build our website. We will keep it in mind for future posting.

The dates of the books or essays we publish are not a problem, since they are printed on the various editions. We will try to post them on our bookstore as the time allows us to do so. The dates on our articles and comments pages are always posted at the bottom right of the page - as you can see below on this page. Other productions – such as the videos on Our Lady of Guadalupe and Where Are Our Teens Going? – could be determined by checking our Archives [found at the bottom of the Updates page], with the inconvenience of a long search time, as you observed.

Problems start to multiply, however, when we copy from the Internet this or that video or page that does not display the date of its publication. It becomes more or less impossible for us to investigate each one of these sources to give our readers the precise date of origin, as you would like to have us provide.

We will do what we can, however, to assist your request.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 5, 2017

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