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Ad, Advice & New Novus Ordo Mass

Francis + Jesus Ad

Greetings TIA,

I am not sure where I found this illustration, maybe it was from your site, but I don’t think so. And if it is from your site, just ignore.

Anyway, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

If one didn’t know this was supposed to be Our Lord, then one would assume these two fellows are pals, close chums: one an aging man, in this case, a pope - Francis.

And the other friend, quite younger and quite buff. I think the popular term is ‘metrosexual’. With the casually but carefully place ‘bangs’, it’s just enough ‘messiness’ to convey that chic, tousled look, even if this is a cartoon drawing! And the open neck collar, and friendly hand on shoulder, what a cool dude. Suffice to say, it makes my skin crawl; one can almost see the ‘six pack’ beneath the tunic.

Glad to see Our Lord looking so up-to-date and ‘with-it’. Wonder if he uses a special electric beard trimmer, if so, what brand?

This commentary is not meant blasphemously, but truly in the spirit of ‘What next? Will it ever end?’




A Politician in the Making


Take a look at this girl. She is pro-Trump, which I approve. Her ease in speaking is extraordinary. It is a good example of a politician in the making. I hope she will not change hats and become another scourge for our country like Nancy Pelosi.

Watch the clip here.



I am Verging on Despair

Dear TIA,

I am a Catholic, baptized in 1961, but didn't learn the Faith until age 52, result of Vatican II.

To make long story short, I converted, lost all my friends, my job, and was rejected by all but my parents. I'm single, never married, no children.

This past August, the new bishop shut down TLM, sent the two priests away. I find myself without access to true mass or sacraments, working 65 hrs per week to survive, having care on weekends of elderly parents who think new mass is fine, although, due to poor health, can rarely go. I've been unable to establish any close friendships in the last four years because of my age and the fact that it was a relatively small Latin Mass group, about 30, most of whom drove long distances to get there.

I want to save my soul, and hopefully, my parents' souls, too. They don't approve of their daughter correcting them on religious matters. I cannot move. I haven't been to Confession or Communion since August. I tried sitting in back of new mass twice and had to leave both times because of blasphemy.

The only Latin Mass in my area is said by dogmatic sedevacantists – not even Catholic, so far as the Creed teaches!

I have committed at least one mortal sin and my chances of having perfect contrition are extremely low. I'm not in the best of health and could have a stroke or heart attack. I try to pray the Rosary every day, but am often so exhausted, I fall asleep during prayers. I also wear the Brown scapular. I've become increasingly depressed since October when it was revealed several close family members had had abortions and another took up an openly perverted "lifestyle."

The past two days I am off work, sick, which is why I have time to listen to Fr. Relyea's sermon. God has allowed this trial, but how can I offer it up to Him if I've an unconfessed mortal sin? What about missing Mass?

Please, any Godly advice will be gratefully accepted.


TIA responds:

Dear M.K.,

Thank you for the confidence you place in our advice.

The first thing we suggest you to do is to direct yourself to Our Lady of Good Counsel. Pray to her, asking to have a more supernatural sense and to have more peace. She certainly will give these things to you.

The second counsel is to ask for leave from your work and from your parents and drive whatever the distance in order to go to Confession. Maintain the principle that once we commit a mortal sin, our greatest priority must be to go to Confession and recover the state of grace and our friendship with God.

The third recommendation we give to you is to read the lives of the Saints on our website. (You can find the ones for each week on our Spotlight page) They passed through all kinds of difficult situations and never lost their hope. Their example can help to lift you out of this cycle of depression.

The last thought is that you should consider that the first care of each one of us must be for the salvation of his soul. If our parents do not want to follow our example and counsels, they are responsible before God for their own decisions and actions. If you do what you should, you can let Our Lady and Our Lord do what you cannot accomplish. Continue to pray, but do not fall into despair. Many times the lack of means to change a situation, like the one you are experiencing, is an invitation to pray more and draw closer to Our Lady and Our Lord.

These are the suggestions we have. Be sure that we will be praying for you to pass through this trial and be more united with Our Lady.


     TIA correspondence desk


A Coming Ecumenical Mass

Dear TIA,

This [in the news report below] is what we should be prepared for. 'We' is just an expression, because I am already off the hook, since I have been going to a Tridentine Mass for years. But the so-called Novus Ordo conservative should start to be prepared to have at his Sunday Mass a Protestant at his left and an “Orthodox” at his right. While at the altar the Catholic priest con-celebrates with both a heretic minister and a married Greek-schismatic priest.

Please, read the report below, taken from a good Italian website Anonimi della Croce – the Anonymous Ones of the Cross. Probably some good Catholic priests who still don't have enough courage to sign their names for fear of damaging their careers. It is not the ideal, but it's better than nothing, isn’t it? It seems that they all use Fra Cristoforo as a pen name.

Apparently they have Vatican insider information, which they leak to their readers as scoops. Take their news for what it's worth.

     Keep up the good work, TIA,


Ecumenical Plan that Demolishes the Parish & the Sacraments

Fra Cristoforo

As we had already anticipated in the first "Spiffero", there is a private commission composed of Catholics, Lutherans and Anglicans that is working to change the Mass.

Already this is a terrible thing. Touching the Eucharist touches the very heart of the Church. An ecumenical Mass, which will be called "holy memory," not no longer have as its center the consecration of the Eucharist, which only validly ordained priests have the power to do, but its center will be, of course, ecumenical unity.

Unfortunately, there's more. My source told me the following. Obviously the change of focus is just the beginning.

The commission is working on the total change of the concept of a "parish"

This means that we will not have the parish as it is conceived now, but it will be an "ecumenical community." The concept of parish priest, parish house (all concrete things founded and ordered by the Council of Trent) will no longer exist.

They're thinking about putting "a team of "shepherds" in charge of each "community." That team can be composed of Catholics, Protestants and Anglicans.

There will no longer be, therefore, any distinction between these figures. Plus, of course, they will be assisted by lay people. It's a total upheaval, which will create quite a stir and alot of confusion.

In some places, however, this kind of "pastoral" is already in place. For example, in Deventer, the Netherlands, several parishes already live this type of "ecumenism".

And the German Church is not lagging behind.

Even in the Sacrament of Penance there are works in progress. Anyone who wants can go to confession individually with a Catholic priest. But these ecumenical communities will periodically perform "common penitential liturgies," which will serve to give one a good conscience (their goodness) communally.

So, anyone who wants to have the "pardon of the community" does not need to confess privately.

These steps are being studied by the private commission. It is not clear yet when such changes will be operational. But my source tells me that it will be applied 'softly' (gradually). Meanwhile, some parishes will start to become experimental "ecumenical communities" in Africa and Latin America.

Afterwards, every diocese in the world will have to adapt.

As you can see, there will be no need to "hold" a new council. But Bergoglio will do it anyway. This is his intention, and this is what he'll try to do.

So, there is not only the change of the Mass (which is already very serious). But a change in the whole organizational structure of the Church.

Ecumenism. At any cost. And don't think that the dissidents will be that many. It's true that all these changes will lead perhaps to a schism. But keep in mind one thing: the majority of the Catholic clergy will bend to the will of the Argentine Jesuit.

It will be a community to "LIVE THE PARISH PRIEST," as they say ... I know some will be perplexed. Strangely, though, after Fra Cristoforo published a draft, a few days later he already found a public confirmation.

"I saw that many pastors had become involved in ideas that were dangerous to the Church. They were building a big church, strange and extravagant. Everyone had to be admitted into it to be united and have equal rights: Evangelicals, Catholics and seven from every denomination. So it had to be the new Church ... But God had other plans." (April 22, 1823 - Blessed Catherine Emmerich)

Original in italian here

Posted March 14, 2017

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