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Movie Stars, Homemaking & Dorothy Day

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Dear TIA,

Thus the glory of the world passes… Sic transit glory mundi. This phrase, which was used in the papal coronation before Vatican II, was meant to remind the new Pope that all the honors and glories of the world that he was going to receive thenceforth are transitory and only the eternal glory must count.

We can also apply this phrase to the transitory glory of movie stars, who soon lose their beauty and attraction even in this world. Here is my way to let them know that they and their admirers should seek the eternal glory of Heaven, which can only be reached through the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Anyway, I send you some photos of movie stars when they were young and glamorous and afterwards when they become old and unattractive. The photos follow.

I hope they do some good.

Best regards,

     In Christ Jesus through Mary,


Brigit Bardot

Brigitte Bardot


Mickey Rouke


Barbara Streisand


Ed Furlong


Goldie Hahn


Women’s March


This ongoing 'show' by the Leftists isn't really Republicans against Democrats: it's the Weeds against the Wheat. And we need to pull some weeds!!!

The most vicious, vile and angriest women are the ones who have had abortions. Their guilt is eating them alive.

The women at the Jan. 21st 'women's march' are proof of this, as they demanded that pro-life women not attend their diabolic gathering.

With 60,000,000 abortions and counting, there has to be at least 25,000,000 women out there who bear the guilt of killing their own children. Expect it to worsen and pray for these lost souls.



Can You Help Me in Homemaking?

To whom it may concern,


I recently met Dr. Horvat and have been pouring through articles at Tradition in Action ever since I discovered it about a week and a half ago, thanks to the suggestion of my priest.

I was wondering if there has been (or will be) a series of articles on traditional Catholic homemaking. As a young woman, I feel that I've been deprived of all the tools and education on homemaking that I believe was once an integral part of culture (even American culture).

All we've been left with is the secular and meager model of "home," which is really no model at all, and is more destructive than anything.

After all, shouldn't the Counter-revolution start in the home?

Please let me know your thoughts, thank you!



TIA responds:


We hope you and TIA will walk together a long way on the path of the Counter-Revolution.

If you visit our Cultural Page you certainly will find many topics that have to do with homemaking, even if at times it is not referred to as such.

As examples, we post below 15 of the many articles you can read:

Manners & Customs
  1. The Role of the Authority in the Family
  2. Courtesy: an Essential Element of the Catholic Home
  3. Good Ideas Fit with Good Customs
  4. Why Not a Handkerchief?
  5. What about Short Hair for Woman?
  6. The Twilight of Refinement
  7. The Role of Symbols, Pomp and Richness in Life
Dressing & Eating
  1. Dressing Well: Vanity or Virtue?
  2. Are Culottes Revolutionary?
  3. Questions on Ladies’ Dresses
  4. Fast Food Is Protestant
Formation & Entertainment
  1. Please, Say Children, Not Kids
  2. How Children Are Unconsciously Being Deformed
  3. The High Moral Damage of the Rock Music
  4. Woman in Sports: Challenges to Purity
As we said these articles are just some samples of what you will find on our Cultural Page that may help in homemaking.

We also point out two very popular sections that in themselves are worthy of a study: Formation of Children and Youth and Dos and Don’ts.

We hope this is a good start for you.

If you need any further assistance, please, let us know.


      TIA correspondence desk


Dorothy Day Whitewashed

Dear Atila,

There is a recent article in the Jesuit-run Magazine America written by Fr. James Martin, S.J., entitled "Dorothy Day: Future Saint, Imperfect Parent" in which he tries to whitewash Day's neglect of her daughter, dismissing it as one of those "failings" that even the saints were prone to.

As he is in the forefront of those promoting Dorothy Day's canonization, it is obvious that this is a cynical attempt to remove any obstacle which might frustrate that ambition.

My reply, printed below, has been published in the Comments section of that Magazine:

"Fr. Martin's article is simply a whitewash of Day's grave dereliction of her primary duty as a mother to personally care for her child. She spoke much about the necessity to have 'personal responsibility' for those in need, but hypocritically chose not to apply that to her own daughter in the latter's most vulnerable years. For a mother to cast her young child on the care of the community while devoting herself wholeheartedly to universal benevolence is as much opposed to nature as it is to religion. To diminish the mother’s role, as Pope Leo XIII stated, would 'act against natural justice, and destroy the structure of the home.' (Rerum novarum, § 14)

"Day could have made a reasonable living by using her literary talents in a writing career which would not have required leaving her daughter to be brought up by others.

"Surely that is not just one of those 'failings' that even the saints were prone to. Day failed in the most basic requirement of Christian charity, the personal care of her own child, and so fell far below the standard required both by the Natural Law and the Fourth Commandment of God, which includes this commitment.

"How can a Catholic priest condone this behavior which offends God and gives bad example to other mothers?"

You may use it in any way you wish.


     Carol (Dr. Carol Byrne, Great Britain)


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 16, 2017

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