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Gregorian Masses & Opening Gates to Sacrilege

Gregorian Masses Available

Note to TIA readers

We inform our readers that the priests of the Servants of the Holy Family (SHF), located in Colorado Springs, CO, are available to say traditional Latin Masses, including Gregorian Masses. They also train seminarians for the priesthood. We have confirmed this and the contact information below.

As stated on their website, “Servants of the Holy Family is a Catholic religious community of priests, seminarians and brothers which is faithful to the traditional Latin Mass and Catholic doctrine and morals. The community is endorsed by Catholic bishops worldwide who support the traditional Latin Mass.“ Despite this episcopal support, SHF has been persecuted by the local ordinary for its adherence to true Catholic worship and practice.

If our readers are interested in having traditional Latin Masses said by the priests of the Servants of the Holy Family, below is the necessary contact information:

     Servants of the Holy Family
     8528 Kenosha Drive
     Colorado Springs, CO 80908
     Phone: (719) 985-4129
     Fax: (719) 985-4111


Gates Opened to Sacrilege


Here (read below) is another consequence of Amoris Laetitia. Once the Pope opened the gates of the dam, the flood of abuses started.

It is not just this Bishop who is guilty; the permission to commit these sacrileges came from the top.

     Thank you.


San Diego Bishop Implements Holy Communion
to Divorced & Civilly Remarried

Stefan Farrar

San Diego - November 30, 2016 - The bishop of San Diego, California, is calling on priests in his diocese to welcome members of the LGBT community and to consider allowing divorced and remarried couples to receive Holy Communion, contrary to longstanding Church practice.

Following a diocesan synod, Bp. Robert McElroy has ordered priests in his diocese to post invitations in parish bulletins welcoming divorced and remarried Catholics to "utilize the internal forum of conscience" when it comes to receiving the Eucharist.

Various parish bulletins have issued summaries of the synod, claiming that the "Synod pointed to the need to invite young couples lovingly, non-judgmentally and energetically into Catholic marriage and to provide mentors for them."

It went on to indicate offering Holy Communion to the divorced and civilly remarried, contrary to longstanding Church discipline.

The delegates spoke movingly to the need for the Church to reach out to divorced men and women at every moment of their journey, to support them spiritually and pastorally, to help them move through the annulment process, and to assist those who are divorced and remarried and cannot receive an annulment to utilize the internal forum of conscience in order to discern if God is calling them to return to the Eucharist.

The summary went on to indicate "a spirituality of family life which is deeply inclusive" and involves embracing "LGBT families," among others.

Bishop McElroy has a long history of supporting the LGBT community in his diocese.

In an interview with the Jesuit publication America, he said, "My own view is that much of the destructive attitude of many Catholics to the gay and lesbian community is motivated by a failure to comprehend the totality of the Church's teaching on homosexuality."

He went on to criticize the Catechism of the Catholic Church, saying, "Labeling homosexual acts as intrinsically disordered is very destructive language that I think we should not use pastorally."

In September, Bp. McElroy rejected the notion of allowing intrinsic evils to guide our votes. "The category of intrinsic evil cannot provide a comprehensive moral roadmap for prioritizing the elements of the common good for voting," he wrote.

Original here.


Denying Past Doctrine on Homosexuality


Bishop McElroy says that the “destructive attitude of many Catholics to the gay and lesbian community is motivated by a failure to comprehend the totality of the Church's teaching on homosexuality.”

Totality?? Really… that’s what they believe now? The Devil is sure in charge.


P.S. May you all have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!


Sins Crying Out Heaven for Vengeance


This "bishop" [San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy] evinces NOTHING of being a Catholic.

What he's doing is the WORK OF THE DEVIL in causing grave scandal to the Church by encouraging sacrilege, PERIOD.

For this,  he should be summarily excommunicated along with the rest of his sorry ilk who are willfully ignorant of the invariant moral teaching of the Church, in particular Genesis 18 and 19 in regard to sins against the Natural Law of Almighty God crying out to Heaven for vengeance!



Euthanasia to Install a Super-Race

Dear TIA,

Please, read this summary (below) I am sending to you. Spread it to your readers, so that we can prevent this from happening to our country.

The laws on euthanasia are a slippery ramp that ends in simply murdering all those who have any moral or physical handicap. It is the dream of Hitler's super-race without the name.

This is an immoral and criminal procedure following a pagan agenda that has no consideration for the dignity of the persons, their souls and their eternal salvation.

Keep up the good work.

     You are in my prayers,


Netherlands Will Now Euthanize Alcoholics, Will Drug Addicts be Next?

Michael Cook

The ever-expanding circle of eligibility for euthanasia in the Netherlands now includes alcoholism. Writing in the Dutch magazine Linda, journalist Marcel Langedijk describes the grim life and death of his brother Mark, a hopeless alcoholic.

After eight years and 21 stints in hospital or rehab, Mark decided that he had enough. He had two children but his marriage had collapsed; his parents cared for him and he had plenty of family support, but he was unable to dry out.

Finally he asked for euthanasia. Physically he was quite ill and psychologically he was suffering badly. He met the minimum criteria for euthanasia in the Netherlands. A woman doctor in a black dress and sneakers arrived to give him his lethal injection. She confirmed his decision and then gave him three doses. He died quickly.

Mark’s death underscores how little the world knows about real-life cases of euthanasia, as opposed to the sanitized versions which appear in politicians’ speeches. Isn’t this just another case of society giving up on a person who had given up on himself?

What comes next? Will Dutch drug addicts be encouraged to take the cheapest drug rehabilitation program ever? Just one needle and you are “cured” forever…?

Mr. Langedijk is writing a book about his younger brother’s disease and his death through euthanasia which will be published next year.

Original here



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 8, 2016

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