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Virgen de Lepanto & Sweden’s Coolness

Pius IX & Freemasonry

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your many interesting and thought-provoking articles! As for the question, whether Pius IX was a freemason, this booklet provides a scholarly, reasonably comprehensive discussion of the evidence:

The conclusion reached by its author Yves Chiron, author of a well-known biography of Pius IX (published in English translation by Angelus Press) and many other books, is that it is a legend forged in masonic circles after the publication of the anti-masonic allocution Multiplices inter, made by Pius IX in September 1865.

     In Domino,

     E.P., Ph.D., Sweden


Urgent Need for Prayers


My daughter Meghan sent this to me and I said I'd send the request to you all...


Hey all....

D. and A.V.V. and their children need our prayers !!!

M. and I went to Franciscan University with D. and A. who now are about to have their 5th baby.

They have one son with cerebral palsy and their last baby had a stroke and is at continued risk for stroke. She's at 30 weeks now and they got the diagnosis of severe spina bifida for this baby, and they're praying for a miracle... .and they need it. I don't know how they'll survive.

Please, please pray for them!!! It's so needed... she's due at the beginning of January, so you never know how much we could do for them before then (and after).

I can only imagine they're being tested to the max and are at their wits end. They're great Catholics, I know it took them a while and a lot of struggle to cope with their sons cerebral palsy. I'm just at a loss for them.

Please pray for them all !!


Our Lady of Lepanto Statue


Can you please tell me where the Our Lady of Lepanto Statue below is?

I think it is in Grenada but I need to be sure. A friend of mine needs a really good photograph of this important statue.


Our Lady of Lepanto


TIA responds:

Hello N.P.,

As far as we could verify, this statue is called the Virgen de Lepanto or the Virgen del Rosario and is located in the Church of the Dominicans in Granada, Spain.

She was on the Chief Galleon of Don Juan d’Austria during the Battle of Lepanto. For the miracle she worked giving Catholics the victory over the Infidel, she was solemnly named General Captain of the Spanish Navy and habitually receives the honors due to this grade.

More information in Spanish here, here and here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Load Up U.S. Government Agencies with Pro-Life Appointees

Dear TIA,

I am sending you this action-directed memo to remind you that, with the Trump victory, some 4,000 political appointees will be selected to fill the vacancies left by Obama personnel. Hopefully, some of the unnecessary appointments will simply be eliminated, but there will remain important jobs for prolife people to fill in every government department, especially in the Health and Human Services area which handles domestic population control programs like the “Stop the Stork” Campaign, and the U.S. Agency for International Development which handles the foreign population control agenda.

I recently looked at the priorities of the Trump Transitional Team and did not see “Pro-Life Matters” listed. I did not see listed the key issue of POPULATION CONTROL [aka government ‘family planning’ programs’] which embraces government promotion of surgical abortion, abortifacients, sterilization, contraception, sex initiation programs, euthanasia, homosexuality, transgender surgery, and other anti-life programs and policies.

It appears the prolife wheel better start squeaking if we want to be heard.

Please go to https://www.greatagain.gov which will get you to the Trump Transition Team site. On the right of the screen hit “Share Your Ideas” and write in “Prolife Matters,” and your comments in the “My Story” space.

I have already sent in my suggestions for Surgeon General [Dr. Ben Carson] ; Advisor to the President on Prolife Affairs – non-paying position [Rep. Robert Marshall of Virginia, author of the prolife legislative guide Bayonets and Roses] ; Director for the Office of Population Affairs/USAID [Marielena Stuart]; Head of the Food and Drug Administration [Bogomir M. Kuhar, head of Pharmacists for Life International, or someone appointed by him]; Assistant Director for Population Affairs [Steven Mosher, Population Research Institute].

I see that President Elect Trump has been toying with a dangerous States Rights Human Life Amendment rather than a no-exception Human Life Amendment which would acknowledge the “personhood” of the unborn child. He is in need of some genuine prolife education which we can give him on January 22, 2017, on the anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade.

Also, the Homosexual Collective is already on the move. They are opposing the appointment of Ken Blackwell as Domestic Advisor because Mr. Blackwell states the truth – Homosexuality is a choice and is not inborn. So you may want to state for President Trump’s edification that government should support virtue NOT vice. No federal funds for the Homosexual Collective. Period.

I am sure you have some ideas for appointments of your own. Now is the time to express them.

Let the Transition Team understand PROLIFE MATTERS!!!

Randy Engel, Director,
U.S. Coalition for Life,
Box 315, Export, PA 15632;
Phone: 724 327 7379


Coolness of Scandinavians

Dear Mr. Guimarães,

Re: Francis Scorned in Sweden

Being of Danish descent, my two children being of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian descent, (all of us converts from Lutheranism to traditional Catholicism) I am wondering if perhaps there may be a clash of cultures between the Nordic and the Spanish natures, evident in your letter of “Francis Scorned in Sweden”. I am always sad to remember that my ancestral lands, (all of Scandinavia) are filled with so many materialistic souls, who give virtually no thought to where their souls will be after death. I wonder if they even think of soul, at times.

Certainly when Sweden was Catholic, culture flourished. I wonder if, through the simplicity of the people and their love of romantic stories, a longing for The Faith might be evoked by recounting the culture of those days. Of course, one must establish a certain friendship before such stories may be exchanged. Understanding the coolness of the Scandinavian nature may help. In reality, Scandinavians are not “cool” at all. They are simply private, seeing public displays of emotion as being weak. At home, where you will find no outside invasion of privacy, they are much more animated, especially around family. Others evoke more formality. They like simplicity and elegance, and a certain frugal austerity. It leaves life uncluttered so that one may freely live.

Taking the entire visit into account, it seems to be that the Pope was quite well received during the prayer, where 450 people attended, and even warmly received at Mass, where 15,000 attended. As to the airport reception, well, knowing Scandinavians somewhat, the general public may simply have been not interested. Their precious children are not easily lent out for hugs from strangers, and a polite formality orders their customs. Also, a Pope who wishes to impose immigrants upon a small country, shocked by the criminality already experienced from Muslims in their cities, does not create a very good first impression, especially when such an influential personage invites themselves over for a visit! The Scandinavian reaction is to withdraw from such appearing aggression, to the ice caves! Now if a Smorgasbord were served, many would come, as Scandinavians love their food, and a correction to a bad first impression might create an atmosphere of forgiveness.

Swedes do not practice folk customs very much. The Norwegians do practice their folk customs quite a lot, having only won Independence in 1905, after 500 years of mergers with others, so they are more conscious of their own recently won identity.

More likely, a Scandinavian will show caring by scrubbing the home or site to immaculate cleanliness, and prepare good food tailored to the taste of the guest, upon an impending visit. It is entirely different from the Latin customs of giving more of a large, beautiful and colorful party for a visitor, with a lot of activity. Scandinavians save their energy for long walks and hikes in their mountains. They are more solitary. Yet the very choice of Lund shows consideration for the Catholic, for the City was founded in the late 900’s, when Catholicism was beginning in that country. It has many historic Catholic structures in it, which shows consideration for the Catholic guest, and awareness that Sweden was once Catholic, and despite all the wars and bitterness, there is still regard for that culture, and that history. Scandinavians do not always speak with words when actions will do.

Also, it must be considered, that even though Lund is in south Sweden, it is still near to the Arctic Circle. My cousin from Denmark tells me that in Denmark, virtually all outdoor ceremonies and venues shut down in fall and winter. Most Scandinavians vacation in Southern Europe during these months, as the long winter nights begin their sojourn. Daylight is short, and one must be efficient and quickly get through an activity, before dusk comes and quickly turns to black night.

All of these things must be considered, I believe, in assessing whether one is being insulting on purpose, or merely being themselves, different from the expectations of others.

I hope this helps you to understand the Scandinavian character, at least a certain side of it. Most Scandinavians I have met usually try to be gracious and accommodating, in a cool, rather detached sort of way.



The Editor responds:

Dear Mrs. E.H.,

I read with sympathy your comments, which in many ways made my admiration increase for the country of St. Bridget.

Notwithstanding, the coldness authorities displayed toward the Pope was remarkable in that visit.

I am placing some photos below to show you that the Royal Couple normally receives other authorities who visit Sweden with a much more expressive ensemble of honors and ceremonies than the very trivial ones the King and Queen offered the Pope. However, the latter is also a head of State and the leader of more than 1 billion Catholics.


     A.S. Guimarães

From the top down: Receiving the President of Turkey, the President of India, the King of Malaysia:
Photos from Alamy & Internet

King of Sweden receives heads of State

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 15, 2016

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