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Vandal, Surreal Church & Fray Juniper

Bergoglio’s Vandal

Dear TIA,

I am sending you a video shot by a security camera inside the Basilica of Santa Praxedes in Rome. It films how a man from Ghana – one of the beloved refugees Pope Bergoglio promotes – entered the Church and destroyed many statues including two crucifixes – on the main altar.

Santa Praxedes is where the pillar where Our Lord was scourged is kept as a relic and is a very ancient and respected Church in Rome..

It is an appalling footage that shows what is being cooked behind this talk of “mercy.” We have seen terrorism, now we are witnessing profanations. It is what this non-sense of protecting Muslim immigration is causing all over Europe and in the U.S..

This devil was later caught by the police, as shown at the end of the second video.

To watch how the man carried out his work of destruction, click here; the second video repeats parts of the first and shows the police catching him at the end. You may speed up the second just to watch the last scene with the police, here.

     In Jesus through Mary,



No Changes in the Rosary


Since the Rosary was given to Dominic and contained enough beads for 15 decades then the original Rosary was 15 decades or over 120 beads; coming from heaven who decided to make their rosary 5 decades.

Another point, the strong's concordance according to Scripture indicated that the angel salutation – “Hail full of grace, the Lord is with you" – has the First meaning for Lord as GOD. The angel was saying: “Hail full of grace, God is with you.” Look it up.

Finally when Mary visited Elizabeth, Elizabeth greeted her as: “Why should the mother of my God (first meaning) lord is second meaning (look it up) come to me.”

So, we have a 15 decade Rosary vs a 5 decade Rosary brought from heaven by the Virgin Mary and someone makes a change.

Perhaps the change decreases the value of the rosary.

And reducing the salutation from GOD TO LORD.

     C.J.F., a Catholic for 83 years


Surreal Church


At the end of Will Luther be the next Canonized Saint? you wrote:

"Does this not incline one to conjecture that Luther can be declared a “saint” of this apostate Church next month or sometime soon?

"Who cannot see all these festivities as a clear proof that this Church hardly has anything Catholic in it?"

Fr. William Jenkins, Priestly Society St. Pius V, recently said of N.O., "...a 'church' growing more and more surreal."

Yes! Finally we have a usable term to separate the Vatican II nightmare cult from the real Catholic Church: "Surreal Catholics".

We can suppose this dialogue: A - "I go to Holy Rosary Church."

B - "Oh, you are a 'Surreal Catholic'."

A - "Yes...I am. And I am proud of it! Here's my new ‘Saint’ Martin Luther with his gold medal…

Please, excuse me for using Saint before the name of a "pig, who went directly to Hell", as Fr. Malachi Martin, real Jesuit, told us in 1970.

Try saying it aloud a few times. 'Surreal Catholic'. 'Surreal Catholic.' See... t 'works'. It 'makes sense. They will love it.

It implies 'art' somehow. Melted sagging clocks and watches.

     I thank you daily,



Why the Latin Mass? - Father Gommar De Pauw


Below is an 11 minute lecture in 1967 by Fr. De Pauw, sometimes who was the founder of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement. Excellent video!

This priest went to the seminary with Fr. Tremonti, a priest I personally knew from Kankakee, IL.

Check out the video here.



British Humor


Here is an example of British humor making fun, I believe, of the obsession we Americans show for the empty television debates of the candidates.

I have to confess that I laughed aloud at the end.

Watch it here.



New Buttons for TIA


I should be able to go onto the TIA website and hit a 'like' button for any TIA book to go onto Facebook as a public 'like'. See Amazon for comparison.

Urgent to get TIA books out in more volume...

Sent with spaghetti and meatballs




Fray Juniper & the Pig's Feet Meal

Dear TIA,

Here is a little topical episode regarding the feast of St. Francis of Assisi on October 4. He is so popular that he even appears on my Ukrainian Catholic calendar.

"That those who care for animals may show kindness to them as St. Francis did."

That was one of the stupid, trite clichés of the Faithful a friend heard at his Sunday's Novus Ordo Mass. Being told of that, I was especially moved, since I work at a place called The Meat Cleaver, where pork shoulders are routinely ground up into sausage, and where this week I will help in butchering many elk, deer, and antelope which hunters deliver.

Our kindness to animals is to saw, cut, grind, and occasionally season the parts of those animals so that a higher species may eat them. St. Francis the Hunter, pray for us and make straight the path of our bullets.

A tale of St. Francis the Enabler of Hunters: When visiting a poor man who was sick, Brother Juniper asked if he could perform any service for the man. The man told Juniper that he had a longing for a meal of pig's feet, and so Juniper happily ran off to find some. Capturing a pig in a nearby field, he cut off a foot and cooked the meal for man.

When the pig's owner found out about this, he came in great wrath and abused St. Francis and the other Franciscans, calling them thieves and refusing repayment. St. Francis reproached Juniper and ordered him to apologize to the pig's owner and to make amends. Juniper, not understanding why the owner should be upset at such a charitable act, went to him and cheerfully retold the tale of the pig's foot, as though he had done the man a favor.

When the man reacted with anger, Juniper thought that he had misunderstood him, so he simply repeated the story with great zeal, embraced him, and begged the man to give him the rest of the pig for the sake of charity. At this display the owner's heart was changed, and he gave up the rest of the pig to be slaughtered as Juniper had asked. (Source: Wikipedia)



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 6, 2016

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