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2013 Lightning &
Anniversary of the 3rd Secret

Top Story for 2013


Here is my vote for top prophetic story of 2013:

After 9 months of Francis, it feels like lightning has struck the whole Church.


Lightning striking the dome of St. Peter

Lightning strikes St Peter's dome at the Vatican on the day Pope Benedict XVI announces he will resign as leader of the world's 1.1 billion Catholics because his age prevented him from carrying out his duties - an unprecedented move in the modern history of the Catholic Church.


Offering the Rosary


Today's Rosary is for everyone receiving this email. God grant us many good days in 2014 and the grace to deal with the few that aren't so good.

As long as Our Lord is First in our life, how can we go wrong?

     Happy New Year!

     Steven Sanborn Sr.

Watching Obamunists


A very Happy New Year 2014 A.D. to you all.

Sadly, we are seeing an acerbation of the Godless anti-American influence of the Obamunists led by those stalwart insurgents. However, REAL Americans in more than name only - who understand that America was founded on a belief in the "laws of nature and of nature's God" for the sake of the common good per The Declaration of Independence which in its conclusion relied on the protection of Almighty God for its support - will not sit idly by for the sake of the fallen while their country is being destroyed from within via the diabolic policies of those who hate it.

     Gary Morella

Merry Christmas


I will be making a conscious effort to wish everyone
A Merry Christmas this year ...
My way of saying that I am celebrating
The birth of Jesus Christ.
So I am asking my email buddies,
If you agree with me,
To please do the same.
And if you'll pass this on to
Your email buddies, and so on....
Maybe we can prevent one more
Tradition from being lost in the sea of
"Political Correctness."
To one and All...
Jesus is the reason for the season!

Robert Banaugh


Jesus’ Manger


Below is a depiction of the Manger. As we ponder on the significance of the Infant King who chose this humble place to be born, we reflect on the people and things that are most meaningful to us. That includes you!

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas! May Our Dear Lord and His Most Blessed Mother watch over and protect you! And may your New Year 2014 be holy, happy, and healthy!

Here is an "oldie but goodie" Christmas card if you care to click on this link.


     Mark and Nancy Stabinski

Christmas 2


Greetings from Australia

Dear Dr. Horvat,

Thank you for your continuing excellent work and website. My best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you and your colleagues.

D.O., Australia




May God's blessings and mercy be with you and your families!

Merry Christmas!

Edgar Suter

Christmas 03


Seventy Years after the Third Secret


The week of January 2, 2014 marks the 70th anniversary since Sister Lucy of Fatima put on paper what has become known as the Third Secret of Fatima.

The fact that the 25 lines of content that was placed in a desk drawer of Pius XII in 1957 has never been revealed is not surprising since the Vatican said, through a news service in February 1960, that the letter may never be opened. There is no excuse since the Church had recognized the message as being from Heaven and had the duty to reveal it.

The popes since 1960, all of whom have disobeyed the Mother of God, did not want the true contents of the secret revealed, which brings one to wonder what they are hiding and if the Conciliar Church is really the Catholic Church. Our Lady of Good Success prophesied that at the end of the 19th Century and especially in the 20th Century that Satan would reign almost completely by means of the Masonic sect.

Volumes have been written about the secret for decades, some true, some fantasy and deliberate lies, and others just plain guess work and assumptions. We do not even know who has really read the secret. Those who say they read it plead that they cannot tell us because they are sworn to secrecy. Secrecy to whom? Satan?

Bishop Amaral, whom we believe has read the secret, said it deals with Faith. Cardinals Oddi and Ciappi say it is alerting us against apostasy in the Church, which would confirm the message of La Salette, "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist." If this is true, then haven't we been living the third secret for the last 54 years?

It was John XXIII, who has been best described as equally Masonic and Christian in his thinking, who betrayed the people of the world by refusing to release the contents of the third secret after reading it in late 1959. Cardinal Ottaviani later related that the third secret was pitched down a deep dark well.

One had to question again if the Conciliar Church is really the Catholic Church when it was announced a few months ago, on Low Sunday 2014, that John XXIII will be canonized a saint in the Church. The Bishop of Rome Francis waived the requirement of a miracle. They did not even bother with the usual procedure to have a nun catch a cold, pray to John XXIII and then discover the cold is cured and call it a miracle. Fatima author Mark Fellows best describes the reasons for the canonization when he wrote that John XXIII was the person "who single-handedly rehabilitated Communism, discredited Fatima and used deceitful methods to bury the third secret."

As the years pass, statements made by Sister Lucy to Fr. Fuentes in 1957 ring truer and truer. Is Lucy talking about the Catholic Church when she said, "Father, we should not wait for an appeal to the world to come from Rome on the part of the Holy Father, to do penance. Nor should we wait for the call to penance to come from our bishops in our diocese, nor from the religious congregations. No! . . . Now, it is necessary for each one of us to begin to reform himself spiritually. Each person must not only save his own soul but all the souls that God has placed on our path."

     Homer Sweeney


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 2, 2014

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