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Le Point, Syria & Akins



Thanks for your article of September 1 on touching and embracing. This is an important message that’s been thrown by the wayside and look at the results!

This is to let you know however, that not only the church taught this, but even the secular teacher colleges did in the early 60’s at least.

When it all changed exactly, I do not know, but I went to a State Teachers College in the early 60’s in which we were taught to keep our hands off the children. Hugging and kissing were reserved strictly for the parents and relatives of the child. We were also cautioned not to become involved in the personal lives of our students. That was not our place.

How times have changed- all in my lifetime!


Keeping Awake

Dear Tradition in Action,

Thank you for helping me remain a thinking Catholic or rather, keeping me awake during this time of confusion.

God bless you!

     A donation is enclosed.


Le Point from Paris Quotes TIA

Dear TIA,

I just wanted you to know that you were quoted in the prestigious French magazine Le Point an article titled “The Catholic enemies of Pope Francis.” Here is what they said about TIA:

“And the critics do not stop at the gates of Italy. The American traditionalist group Traditioninaction.org accuses Francis of being a ‘clown’ for letting a child wear his papal zucchetto: Doing so, Francis identifies himself to an old grandfather and demonstrates that the papal symbols are worthless. It is another example of the desacralization of the papacy in order to sully it and make it abort. The Bergoglio style is miserablist and demagogic.”

They also cite several Italian sites, calling them part of a “growing network” of critics of the Argentine pontiff, especially after he pronounced he could not judge homosexuals.

     Keep up the good work! It is being noticed!


TIA Note: Le Point's news about TIA's comments are slightly distorted. You may check for yourself here.


Pope on Syria


I just saw the headline on the internet that the Pope wrote to the G-20 groups of nations telling them that military solution in Syria would be futile. …

Pope Francis' message should be clear as Our Lady of Fatima told the children that sin is the cause of war. So the only way to stop war is to stop offending Jesus Christ. Since the 'Catholic' Church today does not believe in sin, it is impossible for the Pope to follow the lead of the Blessed Mother.

We know the true third secret of Fatima was never released by Rome because it warned us against the apostasy in the Church. Leaders in the Church world wide continue to break God's commandments daily. This is just another method that God is using to send us a warning and if we still don't get it, it will be too late when our judgment day comes.

     Homer Sweeney

Order of St. Dagobert

Tradition in Action,

Dear Sirs,

Greetings in Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Can you please print and mention me and my apostolate The Order of St. Dagobert, the Defenders of Life. The order is the first truly Catholic (traditional) pro-life and pro-freedom apostolate. Please mention and print us in your materials.

We will fight to death for Life and especially for Christ. We need your moral support. Please, help us.

Thank you and God bless.

Sincerely in Our Lord Jesus Christ,

      Brother Francis Nave, O.S.D., ter.
      1856 W. Marshall St.
      Norristown PA 19403-3244


Fr. Sretenovic Recommends

Outside of Mr. Atila Guimaraes, who has been fighting for the Catholic cause for over forty years now, as well as a few other notable Catholic Counter-Revolutionary authors, I have been particularly impressed with the work of Mr. Hugh Akins of the Catholic Action Resource Center for his work especially on the relationship of Church and State.

Since the 1970s, Mr. Akins has worked tirelessly to expose the lies and deceptions that so often serve to neutralize authentic Catholic Action. Of special interest are two of Mr. Akins' most powerful books.

The first, No King But Caesar, concerns the Catholic roots of America and how the heresy of Americanism has played into the hands of the worst enemies of Holy Mother Church. Cardinal Ciappi, referenced in Father Paul Kramer's, The Devil's Final Battle, revealed in the 1980s not long before he died that part of Our Lady's message at Fatima was that, "The Great Apostasy would begin at the top."

What Mr. Akins book does is show that this Great Apostasy was already happening in America almost two centuries before it spread to the Universal Church and how this relates to our current situation, including what we are to do to publicly and privately counteract the disastrous consequences. Mr. Akins demonstrates that the presence and influence of this apostasy in America at the Second Vatican Council was one of the main factors through which the Universal Apostasy was brought into effect. It is a book I recommend to every Catholic, especially useful for teaching high school students in preparation for their own vital role in Catholic Action.

The second book is one that was released very recently, entitled, Synagogue Rising. It is well over seven hundred pages long and it may be even more important than the first book I mentioned for the Counter-Revolution. It primarily deals with the greatest threat there is and always has been to the Catholic cause and the good of civilization period. Reading the book, one soon discovers how the Evil One has used the very same enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ during His public ministry - the leaders of the false Synagogue - to make total war upon His Spotless Bride, the Catholic Church.

Like No King But Caesar, Synagogue Rising exposes the lies and myths swallowed hook, line, and sink by otherwise well-meaning and well-informed Catholics, many even among the Traditionalist camp. The purpose, as with the other book, is to energize and mobilize good Catholics against the forces of Antichrist, which for each of us in our respective vocations, is not simply a suggestion but a duty. The reader will be given more than enough information and incentive to overcome the internal enemies of ignorance, sloth, and human respect in order that at long last he may fight this day the battles of the Lord for which he was born during this very period of Church History, for there are no coincidences when one is speaking of the Divine Will, which, in this case, has brought us into existence for this time and this crucial phase of the war between Christ and Antichrist.

Alongside Mr. Guimaraes' work, which exposes the conciliar and post-conciliar thought for what it is, I recommend most sincerely and seriously Mr. Akins work as crucial if we are to have the necessary knowledge to know the enemy that we may fight and conquer him for the love of God and Holy Mother Church.

     Mr. Akin's website is here.

     Fr. Paul Sretenovic


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 5, 2013

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