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Sacraments, Lesbian & Fr. Margil

Reordering the Sacraments
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Here is a recent article concerning Papal approval of a Bishop who reordered the Sacraments so that children receive Baptism and then Confirmation before making their First Holy Communion.

It seems that this is not in line with Tradition, but is another Vatican II novelty. The article says that Confirmation should follow Baptism because it "seals and completes" it. The Bishop is quoted as saying that it is false theology to consider that Confirmation is a sacrament signifying maturity.

But traditional definitions say that it: "gives us the sanctifying grace to become perfect Christians and true soldiers of Christ, well-armed to defend Christ as King, His Mother as Queen, and the Church Militant as His Kingdom on earth. God confirms us (strengthens us) so we may do spiritual battle." (check here)

It is no wonder then that the hapless ecumenical Vatican II Church wants to de-emphasize the real meaning of Confirmation as a sacrament for the Church Militant and for spiritual battle.


     Frank Rega
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Denying Communion for Lesbian
People Commenting

Please read the news below, and then my comments:

Priest Who Denied Communion To Lesbian Placed On Leave

Published March 11, 2012 - Associated Press

GAITHERSBURG, Md. – A priest who denied communion to a lesbian at her mother's funeral has been placed on leave.

The Washington Post reported Sunday (http://wapo.st/ywjiuE) that a letter from an archdiocese official says the priest was placed on leave for engaging in intimidating behavior.

The archdiocese has already apologized for the priest's actions at the February funeral in Gaithersburg.

Barbara Johnson and her relatives, meanwhile, have asked the archdiocese to remove the priest. The archdiocese issued a statement after the funeral saying the Rev. Marcel Guarnizo's actions violated policy but any action against him would remain confidential because it is a personnel issue.

Johnson's family issued a statement Sunday saying the letter doesn't pertain to the funeral, but they hope the action will ensure others won't suffer the same treatment.
 -  Original here.

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THE problem is not what this priest did, which was Catholic to the core, placing the supernatural as the priority, but rather what his superiors did, showing nothing Catholic whatsoever in their action by punishing him.

THAT is the real scandal: that the Archdiocese of Washington was ashamed to have a priest courageous enough to act as a Catholic instead of a spiritually-neutered politically-correct automaton kowtowing to the likes of frauds masquerading as Catholic!

Accordingly, it is the superiors of this priest who should be put on indefinite leave for the sake of what is left of the faithful!

This incident illustrates well what goes on in the very problematic Archdiocese of Washington!

     Gary L. Morella
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Remains of Fr. Antonio Margil
People Commenting

Do you know where the grave or remains of Fr. Jesus Margil, who will soon be one of our Saints, are kept?

Please reply. Thank you.


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TIA responds:


Ven. Fr. Antonio Margil of Jesus died in Mexico City on August 6, 1726, and was buried in the Church of St. Francis in Mexico City. His tomb immediately became a place of pilgrimage.

Fr. Margil’s remains were twice exhumed. They came to rest in 1861 at the Chapel of La Purísima in the metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City.

They were later removed to Guadalupe Friary in Zacatecas, where they presently can be venerated. The College of Guadalupe de Zacatecas, today the Friary, was the Franciscan missionary college and seminary (Colegio Apostolico) founded between 1703-1707. Fr. Antonio Margil and the other priests who founded and served the early Spanish missions in Texas were all from the College of Zacatecas.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Modern Art & Its Agenda
People Commenting

Your recent articles on modern art and its consequences were extraordinary. There does seem to be a strong connection to modern architecture, too.

For the last few years at our local Community College, they have remodeled the classrooms and conference rooms, thanks to state money - which is taxpayers' money.

Every time this is done, the walls are replaced with glass, so that anyone walking past can fix their gaze on those in the room and keep an eye on them. We are all subject to surveillance, not to mention the fact that each room is now locked after a class is finished and the room won't be occupied for an hour.

The number of security personal increases constantly to the point of the absurd in this poor economy. Recently a coat was left behind by a student, the instructor had to call security to pick it up. When security came to just pick up a coat, there was not one rent-a-cop but two. They now peruse the entire campus and school constantly in pairs of two.

The police state is here.

     Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us

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SSPV & Sede-Vacantism
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I wish to respond to M.R.’s recent comments on the SSPV’s position. The SSPV clergy do not include the name of Benedict in the canon of the Mass. On Good Friday, during the solemn prayers, the prayer for the pope is omitted.

This is as good an indicator as any that the SSPV is indeed a sede-vacantist organization, even if their official stated position is that the pope question is unresolved.

It is precisely because they are in practice sede-vacantists that I go to their chapels.


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Taizé & Unitarians
People Commenting
Dear Sirs,

The Taize group in this article reminds me of Unitarians. They go to church and then wonder why they are there at all. It would be best if they just stay at home.

I came across your site two weeks ago by accident and enjoy it very much.The history and cultural articles I find most rewarding .Seeing the present errors in the Church paralells the troubles of the present society as a whole.

Thankyou for the insightful connections.

     Sincerely ,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 15, 2012

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