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Homosexuals in the Army,
Striptease for the Pope

Homosexuals in the Military
People Commenting
In reading this news report, as a Catholic Vietnam Era Navy veteran, I am deeply saddened at the betrayal of our military by their purported leaders, both civilian and in uniform, who acted as agents of the devil to laugh and be proud of what they've accomplished here!

Admiral Mullen, you are not fit to wear the uniform. You, sir, are a disgrace to the service, as is Secretary Gates, and all those who did Obama's bidding in slapping God Almighty in the face by gleefully promoting the sodomization of our military. For this, there will be hell to pay, for if there was ever an example of the twisting lies into truth, this exercise in populating hell was it!

God help our military who will need it now more than ever. God's Justice will take care of those who chose another master.

I'm not a lawyer but I can't help wondering just what is the real effect of what happened here. We see a repeal of ‘don't ask, don't tell’ which should have never been a policy in the first place, given that the UCMJ formally prohibits those inclined to homosexuality from the service, i.e. the policy should have been, 'please ask, please tell.'

To overturn a policy does nothing to the military law already on the books which comes under the purview of the service, not civilian dictates. Maybe some enterprising attorney can look into this to see if there is any legal recourse to protect our military from those who are willfully trying to destroy it by telling us the abominable lie that sexual perversion is needed in the ranks for purposes of national security!

What I saw on television today were not people who cared for the good of the service. Rather, what I saw were dupes of a militant homosexual lobby which will not be satisfied until every societal institution cowers to their insane demand that everyone accept their vice under force of unjust law - the consequences be damned because this group is very comfortable with being damned!

This is the worst of a litany of atrocious actions on the part of the Obamunists that must be overturned for America to survive as the God-fearing Republic intended by her founders.

To quote the father of the Navy, 'We have not yet begun to fight' in taking back our country from communists promoting a whole culture of ETERNAL death who are destroying it from within!

     Gary L. Morella
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Male Striptease for the Pope
People Commenting

I offer to you my own description and comments of what transpires in each of these two videos:

1 . Acrobats Go Topless for Pope Benedict.
2. Second video.

The video depicts four male “acrobats” onstage at an audience with the current Pope in the “Pope Paul VI Audience Hall." They are decked out in skintight white acrobatic leotards and sporting what can only be described as matching white colored “stripper's jackets,” posing at attention and then removing said jackets as if they were about to break out into an all male gigolo review.

A female attendant gathers the jackets from each acrobat as they then stand stripped naked at the waist. A Persian rug has been placed onstage for them to perform upon, and they each begin their acrobatic performance.

Pellegrini Brothers performing at the Vatican
The first performer lies down upon his back upon the Persian rug and then extends his legs in the air at a 90 degree angle. A 2nd performer then squares up to the 1st performer and lays his back upon the 1st performer's feet and adopts the same position as the 1st performer (that is, feet at a 90 degree angle and now suspended in mid-air by the strength of the 1st performer's legs beneath him).

A 3rd performer approaches the two performers (#1 and #2) and squares up with the 1st performer's head as he continues to lay upon his back with the 2nd performer still suspended in the air by his own feet. He then adopts what can be described as a crucifix posture (or diving posture), then leaps into the air whereby the 1st performer then grasps the 3rd performer's feet and raises him, by sheer arm strength alone, to the full extension of his arm length.

The 3rd performer then takes his place in a handstand maneuver above the 2nd performer's legs, which continue to be stretched out at a 90 degree angle.

The 4th, and final performer, squares up with the 1st performer (who continues to support performers #2 and #3 by sheer leg strength while lying upon his back), and grasping the 1st performer's hands, executes a handstand supported by performer #1. The end result is something of a lopsided letter “U” comprised of four semi-naked grown men. All the while a dramatic electro New Age music accompanies the said performance.

Image via the following link: English translation of the Italian “Circus Fans Italia” website

And once again, this is done in full view of the Pope, a cardinal seated at his right side, and a troop of cassocked Church elite watching intently from the sidelines as a Christmas tree twinkles with its blue lights in the background.

Midway through the video, at exactly the 0:52 second mark, an absurdly iconic image of Pope Benedict reveals itself as the Pope produces an almost quizzical look upon his face, coupled with what could only be described as a hazy “What in God's name am I witnessing?” thought, as you can easily imagine the gears and levers of the Pope's mind cranking through their motions from behind his perplexed countenance.

TIA ... quite simply, I think that more than a couple of said members in attendance at this outrageous “performance” were more likely than not, quite “aroused” or “titillated” at the sights and sounds of this ersatz striptease performance. All that was missing was the traditional Chippendale's striptease garb consisting of matching cuffs and collars (sans the shirt itself). I'm sure that the Velvet Mafia had a wonderful time at this performance on their home turf. All with the nodding approval of the Pope and other applauding members of the clergy.

Pretty sad state of affairs within the Church as we continue to view the desecration and usurping of the sanctity of the Church and it's hierarchy. When will Roman Catholics wake up to what is (and has been) occurring in Rome? Don't they see what is clearly evident? What will it take for them to be able to shake off the stupor of deception and begin “cleaning house,” so to speak?

Thanks for your time and patience in reading / reviewing / considering my submission to your site's attention.

Take care,

     Ad Jesum per Mariam


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 28, 2010

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