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Crucifixes in Italy, Land Invasions in Brazil

Behind the Italian Controversy
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Hello TIA,

I am a faithful reader of your daily posts. I read the article about the controversy over the Crucifix in Italy. Perhaps you would be interested to know who is behind the decision of the European Court banning the Crucifix in public schools.

Going through some Internet files I had saved, I found this news report from 2005 issued by the EJP - European Jewish Press. Take a look at it and reach your own conclusions.

Keep up the great work you do so indefatigably.

     In Christ Jesus,

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Lula Supporting Vandalism
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I received from an American who understands Portuguese the following report in a video shot in Brazil of a farm vandalized by invaders who belong to the Landless Movement, which is supported by the government and the Bishops. The owner of the farm - a model farm for reproduction of cattle in the State of Para in north Brazil - explains that he made a lawsuit to get the invaders off his propriety. The judge issued a sentence in his favor, but no one enforced the decision.

I hope that you will pass this on to your readers to open their eyes to who Lula really is, since our media has being promoting him without any restriction. It is also good to see where a government that accepts Socialism and Marxism - as ours is doing - leads a country, and where the honest people will end.

The report below will help any English viewer to understand what the pictures are demonstrating without need to know the language.

     Thank you for your attention.


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Report on Vandalizing a Farm in Brazil

The video in the link below is horrifying. Most Americans get little or no news of what happens in other countries as our news media thinks that the U.S. is the center of creation. But meanwhile in Brazil, where the communist agitator from the '60s - Inacio Lula da Silva - is in his second turn as president, there is a communist gang of people who call themselves 'the Landless'.

The axis powers of Latin America include Lula, Chavez, Morales and Castro. The 'landless,' as they are called, who receive every protection from the federal government, have been squatting on lands belonging to Brazilian farmers for some years now in an attempt to intimidate the farmers into giving them their lands.

The video below shows the destruction that the squatters made during a night of raids and depredations. The squatters forced their way into all the homes of the farmhands and threw everyone out into the street at gun and knife point. They then proceeded to literally demolish everything in sight with the tractors of the farm and used Molotov cocktails to burn whatever could not be broken.

The farmer being interviewed said that the destruction was extremely costly and recovery would be very difficult. He went on to affirm that he would, however, remain on his farm and work to rebuild what he could and create jobs for people. He was very choked up over the great loss he suffered. He said his family had been on the property for more than 30 years farming and improving the land.

The farmhands were terrified and took the reporter through their dwellings, showing the egregious destruction perpetrated against them. The reporter lets you hear the lamentations of these legitimate workers and their families. One young woman said that they had to flee with nothing, only the shirts on their backs. Their children were terrified.

From a helicopter, the reporter then shows you the destruction from the air. You can see the fires that the squatters set to the fields to burn the grass needed to feed the cattle.

As he comes upon a column of squatters walking along the road, they spot the helicopter and start taking shots at it with their guns. The helicopter is fortunately out of the range of their weapons.

What is admirable, though, is the fortitude the farmer shows in his decision to stay and rebuild. He is a cattle farmer first and foremost, and wants to preserve his cattle. The squatters, on the other hand, would butcher his cows just out of hate and spite. To date, none have been arrested by the authorities under Lula's government.

To watch the video, click here

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Helping in a Conversion
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Dear Tradition in Action,

As a teen who is being raised in an athiest household, I love your site. I began studying different world religions at around age 11, and became interested in Christianity. After attending a Protestant church for awhile, I read Scott Hahn's Rome Sweet Home. After much study, I became convinced of the truth of the claims of the Catholic Church. While I have not been baptised yet (my parents have asked me to wait, but I am planning on being baptised ASAP, and definitly when I have moved out in a couple of years), I attend Mass as much as I can, and am becoming interested in traditional Roman Catholicism.

Looking at the insane, pagan, postmodern world, and reading C.S. Lewis (the most Catholic noncatholic ever) and others, I long for a return to Christendom. Your site is a great help as I continue to study.

May God bless you through the Divine Mercy shining from the Sacred Heart of His Son, and May the Holy Spirit guide you.

Our Lady of Good Success, Nuestra Senora del Pilar, Pray for us, and for TIA.

     Most thankfully,

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Credit to Our Writers
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To Whom It May Concern,

I am concerned that in discovering and reading your posts you do not credit the writers of your articles. I think that this takes away the validity and questions your motivations. Really legitimate editorials always come with ownership of the words published. There is not even an editor named to your website.

     Thank you.


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The Editor responds:

Mrs. L.G.,

It seems to me that you are not very clear when you say that we do not give credit to our writers. You may check that most of the articles we post have the names of the authors under the titles. Some regular columns, such as Church Revolution in Pictures, Forgotten Truths, and Documents of the Week, which are not signed, lie under my responsibility, as editor of the website.

Even though most of our readers know that I am the editor of the TIA website, so far this information has not been posted on our front page. I am correcting this lacuna now, and I am very glad to give you credit for this addition.


     Atila S. Guimaraes

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 3, 2009

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