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Interview, Handkerchief & Contraception

Interview on Our Lady of Good Success
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Dear Dr. Horvat,

Thank you again for your informative and inspiring interview on Our Lady of Good Success. The radio program aired locally this morning and is now on our website. To listen to this interview, go to the website Voice of Catholic Tradition [the 30m audio is here].

I look forward to another interview in the future at your convenience.

     May Our Lady of Good Success bless you and yours.

     Joe Bagnoli

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Sacral City
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Dear Tradition in Action,

Ave Maria Purisima!

Thank you very much indeed for your article on the sacral city. It is not surprising if the city of Ouro Preto became the centre of revolution despite its many churches because even the old city of Manila became the centre of the Masonic Philippine Revolution of 1896 despite its many churches, monasteries, and Catholic schools and universities. It was in Manila that the Masonic Katipunan started.

Keep the Faith!

     Offering my consideration and esteem, I remain,

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Tissues or Handkerchief?
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Dear TIA,

Though I am not Catholic, I am open to what Catholics (or anyone else) have to say, especially on anything that could apply to anyone regardless of religion.

This brings me to why I am writing to you today. I, among countless others, have heard the advice about coughing/sneezing into one's sleeve/elbow. Although I still do that out of force of habit, I would like to thank Ms. Judith Fife Mead for opening my eyes on that concept via her article "Why Not a Handkerchief?" I must admit, that picture of Sebilius (with all due respect to her) demonstrating the allegedly "proper" way to sneeze didn't look very dignifying.

Now, practically speaking, I personally am more likely to carry around tissues than handkerchiefs. That way, if I sneeze into the tissue, I can dispose of it along with whatever germs, mucus, etc. are on it, and it'll be out of the way, whereas with handkerchiefs, once they are used, I would be stuck carrying around whatever germs, mucus, etc. are on it until I am home and in a position to wash said handkerchief. Nonetheless, as a result of Mead's article, I have become inspired to make sure I keep plenty of tissues (or if I must, toilet paper) on hand whenever possible.

To anybody that might be reading this, there is one suggestion I would add: Since you may not always have access to a sink when/if you do sneeze or do anything else to warrant the need to wash your hands, if you are able to get a bottle of hand sanitizer that you can fit into your pocket or purse (whichever is applicable to you), go for it. In light of the recent Swine Flu epidemic, you can never be too careful.



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TIA responds:

Dear C.S.,

Thank you for writing to us and for your kind words.

While agreeing with you that one may carry tissues when he catches a cold and has need to use them often, when a person is in good health, we believe the simpler and more appropriate thing to do is to carry a handkerchief to catch the normal sneezes everyone has once in a while.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Soccer Ecumenism
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Dear TIA,

Looking at the pictures of the "Soccer gathering" that you recently posted simply sickened me. To see these supposed cardinals standing shoulder to shoulder with heretics as equals is almost beyond belief.

It makes me think that the Masonic dream of the one world church can't be to far away. The hierarchy of the Church is not to be trusted and we, the faithful remnant, must hold onto tradition for dear life. Their soul-destroying ecumenical hands can't touch us there.

     In Christ,

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Natural Family Planning Is Bad
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Dear TIA,

The excellent article of Mr. John Galvin regarding encyclical Humanae vitae has raised very serious issues: whether or not the Billings method is sinful (i.e. the one who uses it commits mortal sin) and thus fatal for eternal salvation of its users.

Why do people use anti-baby pills, spirals, condoms, interrupted coitus .etc.? Because they want to have sex and at the same time avoid conception. Thus, the name contraception as abbreviation for contra-conception. Every Catholic has heard that use of contraception is mortal sin and is thus fatal for eternal salvation if its user dies unrepentant for it.

Why do people without the conception problem use the Billings method? Because they want to have sex and at the same time avoid conception.

If you compare the two questions and the two answers above, you can most clearly see that the people who use the Billings method as stated above act exactly as the people who use contraception (anti-baby pills, spirals, condoms, interrupted coitus, etc.) and commit mortal sin.

Therefore, it necessarily follows that the Billings method is just another method of contraception, and is also sinful and fatal for eternal salvation.

It is absurd to claim that an average Catholic is unable to see that the Billings method used in the way mentioned above is contraceptive and as such strictly and absolutely forbidden, sinful and fatal for eternal salvation.

An excuse that a parish priest, a bishop or even pope has recommended the Billings method simply cannot obscure such an obvious and mind-alerting truth. Thus almost no Catholic will have an excuse before God for the use of the Billings method.

On the question how is it possible that even pope can do such an enormous evil and recommend as safe that which is fatal for eternal salvation, I can only reply that people need to understand the key difference between when a pope acts infallibly (i.e. with the guaranteed guidance of The Holy Spirit and in the name of The Church, the pillar and the ground of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15)), and when a pope acts fallibly (i.e. as an ordinary man who can choose to sin and commit great evil - which has nothing to do with The Holy Spirit nor with The Church of which he is pope.)

     Regards in Christ,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 24, 2009

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