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Decay of the Pro-life Stand of the Church

Review of an Article in Christian Order
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Dear Readers,

The October 2009 issue of Christian Order magazine features an extremely important article by Catholic author James Larson entitled "The Final Decay?" This title refers to the signs that the rock solid dogmatic stand of the Church against abortion might be starting to undergo some evolutionary Vatican II - type updating and aggiornamento.

After reading it, I contacted Mr. Larson to ask permission to email some excerpts, and he kindly sent me the entire article, which is attached. The complete article is thorough and detailed, and includes some "headier" reading on the philosophical and theological background of this issue. I have included below the excerpts from it that I had originally intended to send out, which hopefully will pique your interest in the entire article.


     Frank Rega

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Portions of "The Final Decay?" by James Larson

Read the full original article, here

It remains true, however, that while virtually every other facet of Catholic life was succumbing to this inevitable process of decay during the four decades after Vatican Council II, the traditional, orthodox Catholic remained instinctively true to this vision of the absolute centrality of the pro-life issue. The reasons for this staunch 'last fidelity' can be largely attributed to the Papacy of Pope John Paul II.

While presiding over the dissolution of the Mass, the denial of the Social Kingship of Christ, the virtual total decay of catechetics, the profound failure to appoint and maintain an orthodox episcopacy, and the promotion of a devastatingly destructive ecumenism, John Paul II was nevertheless totally adamant in his defense of marriage and the sanctity of the unborn. It appears now that this fidelity is also now being taken out of the way. It would appear that the primary force accomplishing this dissolution is President Barack Obama. ...

It began on the day after Barack Obama was elected. Breaking with a protocol which, in the words of a recent Time Magazine article, "usually prevents the Pope from addressing heads of state before they take office," Pope Benedict XVI sent Obama a congratulatory telegram. And, on January 20, the day of Obama's inauguration, the Pope sent him another telegram, which contained the following words, very expressive of the 'messianic' hopes felt by the rest of the world: "At a time when so many of our brothers and sisters throughout the world yearn for liberation from the scourge of poverty, hunger and violence, I pray that you will be confirmed in your resolve to promote understanding, cooperation and peace among the nations."

The Pope certainly knew that Barack Obama was destined to be the most pro-abortion President in history - that he had made totally clear during his campaign his total commitment to abortion on demand, that he had committed himself to signing FOCA, that he totally supported reversing President Bush's restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research, and that he was poised to place American taxpayer funding behind abortion on both a national and international scale. ...

The reader then needs to ask a further question: could he or she have sent such a telegram to Obama? If not, then why aren't they horrified that the Pope did so? Does the 'agenda of diplomacy' (the political art of becoming) have the right to silence the 'agenda of being'?

The article goes on to discuss some outrageous articles that appeared this past Spring, including those in the semi-official Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, and culminating in the interview by the editor of that paper stating that Barack Obama is not a pro-abortion president!

In order for the Pope and the Catholic Church to be 'taken out of the way' as the only moral force capable of restraining the rise of the Antichrist in this world, not a single doctrine need be denied. It is only required that truth be relatively silenced, priorities be inverted, diplomacy be emphasized over the bold proclamation of the truth, and evil be engaged in dialogue. During the past 45 years, which saw a profound and widespread dissolution in all other areas of Catholic life, the Church's Pro-Life teaching remained the final bulwark against the world - the one thing boldly proclaimed and not subject to the eviscerating effect of diplomacy and ecumenical dialogue. It now appears to be undergoing the final decay.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 19, 2009

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