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Post-Abortion Testimony, News & Comments

We received from Dr. Frank Joseph the following mail directed to him. We thought it would be of interest to our readers. TIA
A Repentant Post-abortion Woman
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Dear Dr. Frank,

You may certainly send out this (my) message.

As a post-abortive woman I can tell you that the torturous murder of a child is only the beginning of the often catastrophic aftermath.

The suicide rate within one year after an abortion is 38 out of every 100,000. Suicide attempts are especially prevalent among post-abortive teenagers.

In those post-abortive women who choose to live, the results of the abortion affect many areas of their lives, i.e., in aborted projects, aborted dreams, aborted relationships, aborted marriages, aborted jobs, rage, and anger, alcohol abuse and drug abuse. It also shows up in child neglect because abortion, in some cases, is linked with reduced maternal bonding with children born subsequently.

Women with a prior abortion experience are four times more likely to do it again. Approximately 45% of all abortions are now repeat abortions. This is due to lowered self esteem, a conscious or unconscious desire for a replacement pregnancy and sometimes increased sexual activity (aka promiscuity) post-abortion. There is also the aspect of self-punishment through repeated abortions.

During the 1980s and 1990s total abortions (according to the Guttmacher Institute) stayed about 1,550,000 annually. 10% of known abortions providers did not report and there were those abortions that were 'covered up' for privacy, etc. Adding these statistics, a figure of 1,800,000 may be more realistic. Live births have hovered just under 4,000,000. Therefore: Almost every third baby conceived in America is killed by abortion.

Here we are in 2009 with this narcissistic "ineligible imposter" not only sanctioning this grievous, heinous practice but in some cases will now be requiring it.

Why not make the adoption procedure workable instead of forcing our citizens to adopt from China and Russia? Perhaps when the bureaucrats find a way to line their pockets through the adoption process, that will happen. Or.... have their pockets already been lined and that is the problem?


Carolyn Gourley
     St. Louis, MO 63129

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Matt's Blah Blah Blah
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Dear TIA,

I was appalled at Michael Matt's feeble attempt, in the latest The Remnant, to extricate himself from the valid and constructive criticism of Fr. Paul Sretenovic in his article on the last Chartres Pilgrimage.

Nowhere does Mr. Matt acknowledge that the author is a Traditional Catholic Priest who deserves to be recognized and respected.

Mr. Matt's pseudo-defense never directly addresses any of the issues raised by Fr. Sretenovic. He should be ashamed.

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Poisonous Mass
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Dear TIA,

I think that you gave excellent advice recently to a person who inquired about attending or even watching the Novus Ordo Missae on TV.

The best description that I have read about concerning the Novus Ordo was by the late Fr. James Wathen. He coined the term, "That poisonous mass". As we have seen, since Vatican II, countless Catholics have lost the faith and many who still practice are heretics and don't even know it. They have all been poisoned.

By the grace of God, I am a fully traditional Catholic now and am continually amazed at the responses I get when talking about the traditional Mass to Novus Ordo Catholics: blank stares, laughter, polite nods, etc. The only response I haven't received is one involving intelligent questions.

God have mercy on us all, especially the Novus Ordo lost sheep.

     In Christ,

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Gregorian Masses
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Hello TIA,

Can you please tell me: Where can I request Gregorian Masses ?

Thank you. May God Bless you

J.N., Australia

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TIA responds:

Hello J.N.,

Any priest is able to say the Gregorian Masses, that is, 30 Masses said in 30 days without interruption for a particular soul in Purgatory.

We would advise you, however, to ask for Tridentine Masses, and not the Novus Ordo.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Loyola Marymount Promoting Ruether
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In the August 28, 2009 issue of The Tidings, our Los Angeles Archdiocese newspaper, the hapless parishioner/subscriber will find inserted there a fine, full-color pamphlet, compliments of L.A.'s leading Catholic university, Loyola Marymount regarding their Fall 2009 series of courses at the campus Center for Religion and Spirituality. LMU is positively beaming with pride to announce that on October 8th they will be hosting a lecture by Rosemary Radford Ruether, Ph.D., titled, 'Catholic Does Not Equal The Vatican: A Vision For Progressive Catholicism'.

They expand on the honor of her visit...

Excerpt from LMU pamphlet: "We are very excited to be hosting Rosemary Radford Ruether, one of the most widely read feminist theologians in North America and considered one of the leading Catholics of her generation. Presented as an evening of lecture and book signing, Ruether offers a road map of vision and commitments for progressive Catholics who find themselves outside Vatican-centered Catholicism".

Although other, more well-informed Catholics may be quite familiar about this dissenter, I was not.

Even so, the results of a little research on Dr. Radford Ruether were no surprise. Here is what Wikipedia states:

"Ruether describes herself as an "ecofeminist" and has referred to God in the feminine as "Gaia" (however, she noted in July 2008 that a critic accused me of teaching that "God is Gaia," a view which I do not take'). Ruether is an advocate of women's ordination. Since 1985 Ruether has served as a board member for the pro-abortion rights group Catholics for Choice (CFC).

"The University of San Diego Department of Theology and Religious Studies published its choice to elect Professor Ruether to the Monsignor John R. Portman Chair in Roman Catholic Theology for the 2009-2010 academic year, circa April 2008. Ruether was expected to teach one undergraduate course and deliver the annual "Portman Lecture" as part of her honorary position. This decision was subsequently rescinded in July 2008 when some members of the campus community protested that her academic work was incompatible with the Catholic Faith.

"In 2005 Ruether explained to an audience at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles her view that 'Christianity is riddled by hierarchy and patriarchy.' This creates a social order in which chaste women on their wedding night are 'in effect, raped by young husbands whose previous sexual experience came from exploitative relationships with servant women and prostitutes.'"

On this score alone, LMU should be disallowed from acquiring so much as a dog license, much less a license to educate.

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Two Antichrists?
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Hello TIA,

I read a lot and observe a lot about the signs of the times. I have found myself alarmed at the escalation of world events, and have been wondering if Barack Obama is the Antichrist, given the economic crisis and the strange events surrounding the swine flu and the threat of forced vaccinations.

But last night I was reading about Pope John XXIII on your site, and you allude to the fact that he was not good, but actually evil. And I have realized that he took the name of another Pope who had been a very licentious and evil antipope. That is very troubling and disturbing.

So... could he, John XXIII, who refused to release the 3rd Secret and convened the Vatican Council II, have been the Antichrist?

- and could the Novus Ordo Mass be the abomination that causes desolation?

- and why did Pope John Paul II beatify John XXIII?


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 3, 2009

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