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John Law, Matt & Obama

Political Role of John Law
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Dear Tradition in Action,

Are you familiar with John Law?

He was a gambler, the inventor of fiat money, father of modern finance, he ruined the French economy.

Historians of the French Revolution do not address the role of inflation, see here for more.

Thought you might be interested in posting it on your site.



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TIA responds:

Dear E.B.,

Good historians normally address the role of John Law, Minister of Finance of the Regent of France during the minority of Louis XV, as one of the remote economic causes of the French Revolution.

In fact, his money-paper system and frenetic financial speculation, followed by an enormous inflation, led France from a healthy economy to a disastrous one and spread poverty among the people. During the reign of Louis XV, that poverty fed the campaign of the Masonic clubs and secret societies against the Monarchy.

You may find a good analysis of his harmful action either in the Histoire Universelle by Albert Mallet (4 volumes); or in Les Grands Procïes de l'Histoire by Henri Robert (3 volumes).


     TIA correspondent desk

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How to Improve Revolution in Pictures
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Dear TIA,

May I make a suggestion? In your series on the "Revolution in Pictures" you featured a photograph of a group of nuns dancing in a line. It was a quite revolting and indeed laughable image. Under the text however you had a beautiful photograph of three traditional nuns reading their meditations. This was a most edifying and uplifting image.

I would like to see this become a regular feature also, which might include photographs of the "Sisters of old" and also photographs of traditional Sisters today. It could also include, of course, traditional Priests and Princes of the Church and photographs of Sodality groups.

Many young people today, sadly, have never encountered this tradition. I think for young children who might be allowed, under supervision, to view your site or for parents of young children, it might be very helpful and hopefully inspiring.

Thank you for considering this proposal, and thank you for the hope and courage you give us on a daily basis.

     Yours sincerely,

     C.M.P., Ireland

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TIA responds:

Dear C.M.P.,

Thank you for your suggestion. It is very good. We will try to put it into execution insofar as our busy work schedule allows us.

Your kind words are an encouragement to all of us in TIA.


     TIA correspondence desk

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A Slackening Matt
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I so completely agree with the statement made by Atila Guimaraes: "Mr. Matt has been taking a more concessive approach toward those same religious authorities he used to resist".

I had been a loyal reader of The Remnant for years and loved especially to read his editorials. Then, I too noticed a slackening in reporting some of the worst things that Benedict XVI was doing. This was especially noticeable during the Pope's visit here to America. Almost nothing was printed about the horrendous things that went on then. I figured why pay for a paper that ignores this? So, I wrote to him to explain why I wasn't renewing.

I'm still amazed though at his reply to Fr. Sretenovic. Apart from the dress standards or lack thereof, something else bothered me even more - when one of the pilgrims gave an account and wrote that they woke up in the morning, HAD BREAKFAST and then went to Mass!! Yes, they are a bit backwards and topsy-turvey. If traditional Catholics can't get it right, how on earth are we to "restore Tradition"?

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Socialism, Not Racism?
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The crescendo of opposition against Mr. Obama has nothing to do with race. It has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that he was weaned on Marxist Socialism. He learned his lessons well, as evinced by his policies resulting in a litany of the most heinous legislation ever to come before a Congress. Such legislation is expressly designed to destroy America from within, turning it into a Communist state with Mr. Obama as dictator-in-chief over the rest of us, who will be controlled by a central government - to heck with the Constitution.

That is why Comrade Obama is being opposed.

We are talking about a man who shamelessly promotes the entirety of a culture-of-death and is opposed to the common good. A diabolic evil that has the country by the jugular, so extreme that he sees nothing wrong with killing babies inside their mothers' wombs or even outside of them!

We are talking about a man who is surrounded by the thick smoke of the accusation that he was never qualified to run for President in the first place. Given the army of lawyers that he has employed, Americans will never know the truth.

We are fighting WWIII. The frontlines are in our hometowns! We are all combatants in this most critical period of all of American history. Will God bless us or will we deserve the damnation of the devil and his angels? The choice is ours! We must speak up now, or we will never have a chance to speak up again as the America of our founding fathers will no longer exist, due to the unchecked evil of Mr. Obama overcoming the country and, eventually, the world!

We vehemently, with every fiber of our being, oppose Mr. Obama because he is a Communist who is turning the American dream into an American nightmare by rendering the country unfit for our children, grandchildren, and future generations of Americans to live in. A country where authentic freedom to do what you ought is replaced by mandated orders to do what Mr. Obama wants under force of law!

We are not obliged to follow Obama to hell! Understand that all those who preposterously accuse us of racism for believing that God's Law takes priority over man's are wrong. We are not going to violate the First Commandment. We care about our eternity and realize we have the obligation to promote the common good, which leads ultimately to a supernatural good in a Kingdom not of this world as opposed to an earthly utopia which has been a lie since The Fall in Eden!

And with the help of God, we will prevail!

     Gary L. Morella

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 24, 2009

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