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Resistance, Cosmology & Abortion Statistics

No Salvation outside the Church
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Dear TIA,

For those of good will who doubt whether there is still salvation for non-Catholics and whether the statement of Eugene IV was infallible, here is the solution given by Pope Boniface VIII:

"We declare, say, define, and pronounce that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff" (definition i.e. infallible statement by Boniface VIII).

Many Catholics and non-Catholics have claimed that many men have lived who, without their fault, haven't ever heard about the Gospel. For this reason, their own faiths would be OK for salvation, provided that they would be in good faith i.e. would believe that their faiths are true (although they are not) and that they believe in God (although they don't).

"That was the true light, which enlightens every man that comes into this world," says the Bible (John 1: 9). Therefore, infallible Holy Scripture says that every man in this world is enlightened by Jesus Christ.

Obviously, what Eugene IV and Boniface VIII defined is most firmly grounded in the Bible: no man can be excused, nor shall be excused, for not being in the Catholic Church, i.e. subject to the Pope, because every man is sufficiently enlightened by Jesus Christ.

Regarding definitions of Catholic Faith, it should be kept in mind that they are all only one sentence, as are all the other definitions. So there is only one sentence, the first sentence stated by Eugene IV (that contains the text "The Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches"), which is infallible, while all the other sentences are only explanatory.

If A.W. and others like him don't repent for their belief that there is salvation for non-Catholics, they will confirm their unbelief in the definitions of Catholic Faith (by Eugene IV & Boniface VIII) and their bad will, they shall lose their own salvation because of that.

     Regards in Christ,

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Resistance, Not Sede-Vacantism
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To the Editor of Tradition in Action

Good afternoon,

I read your online articles and publications from time to time and wondered if you could clarify your standing for me. Do you recognize Pope Benedict as the true Pope? Do you see NO [Novus Ordo] Masses as valid yet abusive?

I am a Traditional Catholic and find the revolution in the Church abhorrent, yet I still must see it as the Church even though it disgusts me. I know some are so put off by it, though, that they actually become separated and schismatic. Counter-revolution is important, to be carried out now unfortunately INSIDE the Catholic Church.

Your clarifying this for me would be much appreciated. I appreciate your cultural articles greatly, and your religious ones usually cause me to wince. Not because I doubt what you say but because it is so embarrassing for the Church to be in such a situation. I suppose only God knows the result of such faithless obviation by so many thoughtless souls.

I do ask for your cordial reply and belief on this important matter.

Please accept my sincere and humble prayers,


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The Editor responds:

Hello C.Y.,

Thank you for your consideration in submitting to us these important questions.

Yes, we recognize Benedict XVI as a valid Pope. We see the Novus Ordo Mass as valid but with the flavor of heresy, of Protestantism. We should fight the infiltration of Progressivism inside the Church - which you very appropriately defined as a Revolution - through a position of resistance inside the Catholic Church, not a position of sede-vacantism that puts itself outside of the Church. Therefore, you and we of TIA are on the same page regarding these topics.

We are glad to offer you this clarification, needed for your peace of conscience.

We thank you for your prayers. May Our Lady maintain you in such a good and healthy position.


     Atila S. Guimar√£es

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Traditional Cosmology and the Tilma
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I believe you will enjoy reading this essay by Dr. Robert Sungenis on New Discoveries of the Constellations on the Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Best regards,

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1965 Missal
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This article - The Insidious Tactics of Change - speaks volumes in just a few paragraphs. However, it is necessary to consider that some - who knows how many, but more than the Vatican would like to admit - consider the Novus Ordo Mass invalid, or at least invalid much of the time. The all-English Canon, which was first adopted even after Rome twice said "Don't use it" has had very serious consequences. A few of the first-hour traditional priests refused to say the N.O. for that very reason alone.

The Modernists knew (and still do know) that outright inconsistency and heresy would have alerted and alarmed those who had the power to do something before the New Mass was approved, so they mixed error with truth, making it acceptable. Actually, much of this was done to the missal of 1965, which was about 90% Novus Ordo already. We had Mass in English facing the "people of God" in 1964.

Thank God we also had Rev. Fr. Gommar de Pauw sounding the alarm for those who would listen in 1965. The thanks he got was that his life in the Archdiocese was made almost impossible, and around 1966 he moved to New York to open Ave Maria Chapel.

St. Pius V warned us what was in store for the Church if any Fr. Tom, Dick or Harry was allowed to change the Missal or violate Quo primum. The Missal of 1965 is the first one that does not contain the Bull Quo primum.

     St. Pius V, pray for us

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Abortion Statistics
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During a nationally televised Mass on EWTN last February, Fr. Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life, reminded us that the number of abortions world-wide is 50 million per year (including the USA's annual 1.3 million), and that many U.S. mothers killing their unborn babies are doing so for the second or third time.

According to U.N. statistics for 2000, abortions world-wide had reached 1 billion. Adding the above statistic of 50 million annual abortions over the last 9 years means the number is an astounding 1,450,000,000!

This legalized Holocaust dwarfs all the bloody persecutions and wars of History since God's Creation so long ago.

The legalized killing of over 46 million unborn babies in the U.S.A. since 1973, along with other evils that did not exist during the Great Depression of the '30s - such as homosexual "rights", etc. - may signify that God will allow this Obama Depression to destroy the United States, unless patriotic Americans rise up!

     Sincerely yours in Christ the King,

     Arthur L. Denchfield,

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 21, 2009

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