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Mother's Day Poetry & Priestess in Malaysia

A Thank You Poem
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Dear TIA,

Greetings and blessings to you on this Mother's Day weekend. Once again, may I thank you for the many wonderful and inspiring articles on your site! As someone who spent 30 years away from Holy Mother Church and was graciously received back into her warm embrace, I am gaining much valuable education from TIA. I am only beginning to realize the enormity of the riches of my Father's house, from which I had been a prodigal for so long.

I especially appreciated your article, The Home or Career Dilemma for a Mother. Thank you for unearthing those precious words from the popes of the last century concerning this subject. This is a favorite subject for me, and one I write about extensively on my little blog. I have not only been missing my own mother a lot lately, but am continually pained by the loss of the sanctity of the home, where mothers reigned as true home guardians. This is now all but lost to us in our sad, modern day.

Having recently visited my hometown and taken in the sights of the old, now changed neighborhoods, I found I needed to write a poem. Here it is, with my hope and prayer that mothers (and fathers) will once again "turn their hearts towards home". May God bless all mothers and keep them under the mantle of Our Lady.

blank.gif - 807 Bytes For Mothers Gone and Mothers Now

This street had seen its time of glory
I mused that night at summer's end
But left off thoughts of former history
As lightning now the sky did rend

Hastening towards my car parked yonder
The tenor of the air now changed
Came the flood as I ran weeping
Tears confounded in the rain

There were letters in the lightning
Missives racing down the street
Quickened words, electric hissing
Urging me this very night

Remember those who were, but now
Are gone, forgotten in the gloam
Who did in-dwell these ancient houses
Where love and faith once made their home.

Now on wind-swept porch lies only
Unclaimed news and broken chair
Once sat Mama singing sweetly
While she combed out sister's hair

In the yard now brambled, trampled
Once grew pretty roses fair
Hollyhocks and yellow daisies
Grown with tender loving-care

By the matron queen who nurtured
Each bud, and each rose-cheeked babe
But hands that soothed the brow of husband
Now rest, silent in the grave.

What justice or what mercy
Forbids not time to wash away
The careful mending, white curtains lacy
But lets her deeds all meet decay?

Why no lingering fragrance
Of soups and stews and baking bread?
No candle beckons weary family
For most of those she loved are dead

Men's work of old still speaks of them
In mortar, bricks, and written word
No praise she sought to sew a hem
To build up lives she much preferred.

Still stand houses, pavement stays
Coarse strangers there, with strangers' ways.
Weep not her place knows her no more;
Her love paved steps to heaven's door.

For love lives on, in heaven stays
Safe from storm, and ravaged age.
Good is not wasted, nor she who prays.
Her virtue gained a golden wage.

She taught souls, we take up the work
Of nurture, of home, and the regular folk
May her mansion above have a front-porch swing
Where I'll know I am home when I hear Mama sing.

     Gail Aggen

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Malaysian Priestess
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I offer you some quotes:

St. Paul : "With fear and trembling work out your salvation" (Philippians 2: 12)

St. Ignatius of Antioch: "Do not err, my brethren ... If a man by false teaching corrupt the Faith of God, for the sake of which Jesus Christ was crucified, such a one shall go in his foulness to the unquenchable fire, as shall also he who listens to him" (St. Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop of Antioch, Church Father, Martyr 107 AD).

Our Lord Jesus Christ: "If the blind (false teachers) lead the blind (blindly obedient believers), they shall both fall into the pit (Hell). (Matthew 15: 8).

"And He spoke also to them a similitude: Can the blind lead the blind? do they not both fall into the ditch?" (Luke 6: 39)

     Dear Faithful,

The most recent Conciliar Church liturgical abomination was documented this past week by our good friends at the Tradition In Action Roman Catholic website: Preparing a Catholic priestess in Malaysia

Lest the moderators at TIA be falsely accused of focusing on an 'exceptional' and radically liberal aberration of late committed in a 'Conciliar Church In The Midst of a Traditionalist Restoration;' I am attaching 12 related articles accompanied by very explicit photographs which utterly belie this preposterous claim.

A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words.

Judge, then, for yourselves, if what you see depicted in the counterpoint proofs which follow below is 'Catholic' or not.

Remember, however, just as there can be neither 'liberal' Truth nor 'traditional' Truth (Truth 'Is' Truth and can never be modified): neither does the Catholic Faith lend itself nor make possible either a 'liberal' Catholicism or a 'traditionalist' Catholicism. There is Only Catholicism, without any adjective modification of degree permitted.

It is also worth noting that the dates of these 13 cited events, as they clearly demonstrate, are of the 'most recent vintage' - the many works of a fallen element within Holy Mother Church still in the midst of a revolution against Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Himself and His Immaculate Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth. They serve to further deconstruct all of the many and incredible arguments of the literally countless array of 'Catholic' apologists who refuse to honestly reveal what is publicly manifest: the Emperor has no clothes.

Lastly, to fill your hearts, minds and souls with some truly Catholic perspective in such critical matters: I open this series of proofs by citing the extraordinarily wise and pious words from Pope St. Pius X on priestly propriety and dignity.

Read and reflect on the teachings of this Incorruptible Saint before proceeding onward into the clerical morass involving both words and deeds which follow in the wake of the late Sovereign Pontiff's words.

The Apostle has forewarned us of these present darkened days. This, tradition teaches us, being the year of St. Paul's 2,000th birthday, let us honor this greatest of all Evangelists by paying full heed to all of his numerous related Scriptural warnings.

The Apostle revealed to men the diverse snares of the adversary, not to frighten them, but to save their souls. Let us begin, then, to cooperate with the great graces that mankind's Ever-Triune God rained down upon us through this miracle-authenticated Servant.

The 12 proofs which I have included in this presentation are numbered and entitled as follow and represent the singular research work of the Tradition In Action website moderators, to whom I am deeply endebted:

Title Article: Preparing a Catholic priestess in Malaysia

Article #1: A Dutch Priestess in the Making

Article #2: An Austrian Priestess

Article #3: Women Priests: The Process Started

Article #4: How Long Will It Take To Ordain Women Priests?

Article #5: Benedict XVI and Women on the Altar

Article #6: Ratzinger on Feminism

Article #7: Women Replace the Crucified Christ

Article #8: Cardinal Mahony's Female Acolytes Invade the Altar

Article #9: The Cathedral of Joliet's Acolytes

Article #10: Sacred Majorettes in Germany

Article #11: The Dancing Girls of Archbishop Niederauer"

Article #12: At a Mass of John Paul II, the Epistle Is Read by a Topless Woman

     Instaurare omnia in Christo,

     Mark Stabinski, Ed.

Pope Pius X on Priestly Propriety and Dignity
In order never to be guilty of any unedifying act, the priest must regulate his actions, his movements and his habits in harmony with the sublimity of his vocation. He who on the altar almost ceases to be mortal and takes on a divine form, remains always the same, even when he comes down from the holy hill and leaves the temple of the Lord.

Wherever he is, wherever he goes, he never ceases to be a priest, and the serious reasons that compel him always to be grave and appropriate accompany him with his dignity everywhere. Hence he must have that gravity that will ensure that his words, his bearing, and his way of working arouse love, win authority and excite reverence.

For, the very reasons that oblige him to be holy make it a duty for him to show it by his outward acts in order to edify all those with whom he is obliged to come into contact.

A composed and dignified exterior is a powerful eloquence which wins souls in a much more efficacious manner than persuasive sermons. Nothing inspires greater confidence than an ecclesiastic who, never forgetting the dignity of his state, demonstrates in every situation that gravity which attracts and wins universal homage."

If, on the contrary, he forgets the holiness of the sacred character which he bears indelibly impressed and engraved on his soul, and if he fails to show in his outward conduct a gravity superior to that of certain men of the world, then he causes his ministry and religion itself to be despised. For when gravity is wanting in its leaders, the people lose respect and veneration for them. (1)

1. Recipe for Holiness: St. Pius X and the Priest, (Lumen Christi Press, Houston: 1970), 'Dignity and Propriety,' pp. 81-2.)

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 14, 2009

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