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'Gay' Chorus, Holocaust & Talmud

Gay Chorus
We received this open-letter from author Randy Engel - TIA

Dear Msgr. Vaughan,

In giving permission to the Miami Gay Chorus to hold meetings and rehearsals at St. Patrick Church facilities, you, as pastor, are in violation of Vatican directives which prohibit the use of church facilities by groups or organizations which stand in opposition to Catholic faith and morals.

While the Catholic Church opens its door to individual sinners, including men and women with homosexual inclinations, it stands in opposition to the Homosexual Collective of which the Miami Gay Chorus is a part.

Your actions give and invite scandal both to your own parishioners including impressionable youth and to the public at large.

Further, the presence of large numbers of homosexual males on parish grounds for whatever purpose presents a proximate occasion of mortal sin and danger of sexual solicitation especially to youth and young adults.

Also, as has occurred in other Catholic parishes which have opened their doors to the Homosexual Collective, there is the danger of the specific problem of homosexual acts being carried out on church premises, especially bathroom facilities.

I ask that you withdraw your permission from the Miami Gay Chorus to use St. Patrick facilities for any purpose whatsoever.


     Randy Engel - author of The Rite of Sodomy [www.riteofsodomy.com]

Write to Msgr. John Vaughan or call him:
3716 Garden Ave. - Miami Beach, FL 33140 - (305) 531-1124

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Holocaust and Talmud
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Hello TIA,

A friend sent me a refutation by Gary Giuffré of an article that appeared on Times Online about the Holocaust.

I believe Mr. Giuffré made some good points valid for any Catholic to prevent Judaism from interfering in our Catholic Religion. I offer the following excerpts of his piece. Perhaps you would like to pass them on to your readers.

Keep up the good work.

     Kind regards,


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Rather than a proven fact of history, the 'Holocaust' of six million Jews is a central doctrine of Talmudic Judaism. That is because, before there was any forensic evidence for the death of six million Jews during WWII, there was a Talmudic prophecy regarding the 'sacrifice' of six million Jews as a prelude to the restoration of the Kingdom of Israel.

Both Jewish and Christian Zionists believe that the Holy Land was given to the Jews by God, and that the Holocaust was both a portent and justification for the imposition of a Zionist state upon Palestine in 1948. Accordingly, they see the 'Holocaust' as the underpinning for the nation of Israel itself.

They cannot tolerate questions over any aspect of the 'Holocaust' as they perceive that those inquiries undermine the legitimacy and very existence of the Jewish theocratic state. ...

Why can't the beliefs of Talmudism compete in the 'market place of ideas' with other religions, in keeping with the principle of 'freedom of speech', 'freedom of thought', and 'freedom of religion', the 'cornerstones' of the modern republics which the West cites as shining examples of its 'enlightened' mode of governance? Are we now to understand that these universal 'freedoms' do not actually exist, because they do NOT extend to all - in particular, to those who disagree with the beliefs of Talmudic Judaism? ...

By now, you must have heard of the new documentary film, 'The God Who Wasn't There,' which claims that Jesus Christ never existed and that the Gospel stories are only myths. This 'documentary' has won many accolades from periodicals like the L.A. Times, which calls it 'provocative,' and the New York Times, which assures its readers that the film, 'explores the many mysteries of the Christian faith as never before.'

What if a reporter, say, with the Times Online, attributed the same credibility to a film that promoted 'Holocaust revisionism'? Do you think that person would thereafter be able to work as a journalist with the Times or any other newspaper?

Where, at least, is the intellectual indignation over calling into question the existence of the one Person whose date of birth has been the demarcation line before and after which all the major events of human history have been enumerated and recorded over the last 2000 years? How about a little equal-time in the outrage department - over this drivel which is meant to insult hundreds of millions of people who recognize Jesus Christ as their God and Savior? Or is that other great 'freedom' claimed by the West, 'freedom of the press', just a sham after all, exactly like 'freedom of religion'?

     Gary Giuffré
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A Good Anti-Nazi Movie
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Dear Folks,

As we enter into Lent, you might want to consider viewing a film (which I first learned about in the Catholic magazine The New Oxford Review). The German title "Der Neunte Tag" translated into English means "The Ninth Day." It isn't exactly a cheery film (typically German !!), but depicts a German priest who is pulled-out of a World War II German concentration camp (in the "priestblock" - where priests who opposed Hitler were detained and subsequently suffered terrible treatments - including public crucifixion), with hopes that he will "see the light" that Hitler "will be good for the country," etc.. Then it is supposed he will go to his bishop to get him to sign a "treaty" affirming the Third Reich. Even some of the priests in the chancery (of his bishop) chide this priest for his hard stand against Hitler.

Chocolates, luxuries, etc. are offered to the priest during his chats with an ex-seminarian-turned-Nazi-officer, who hopes to "soften him up," but to no avail. In the end, the priest is sent-back to the harsh treatment and tortures of the camp, for refusing to "go with the flow" ...

Might the same fate someday await present-day priests, who are so foolish as to resist warming-up to Comrade Osama, seeing "all of ze good zat he vill do ..." ?!? Many of the country's bishops (and priests who supported him from the get-go) would be willing to do the coaxing . . .

The film is available through the Columbus (Ohio) Public Library, among other sources.

     Happy, Wholly Holy Lent,

     Fr. Jozef Klee
Images from the Movie 'the Ninth Day'

Scenes from The Ninth Day


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 3, 2009

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