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Communism, Lennon & Rabbis

A Gnostic Communism
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Dear TIA,

You know that I enjoy and learn so much from your website and today came upon the section on the history of Nazism. In light of the latest news about Catholics and Judaics, wouldn't it be wonderful for the world to know how opposed to the religion of the Nazis Catholicism really is? Unfortunately, even though some people may know this in part by remembering Pope Pius XII's letters to the German people, I do not know if there are many trying to ferret out the truth to form another opinion than the one being advertised by the news media and the Vatican. Do you think you might rekindle these articles again in your The Latest Updates heading?

Do you have any historical segments about the rise of Communism in Russia with the eventual wearing away of Catholicism in Europe leading to Gnostic tendencies and then the flourishing of Nazism? I would like to learn about that progression if any of your historians have written about it. I do understand that basically without the Protestant Revolution from the Church, these events would not likely have taken place. It has all happened and has truly all been foretold by St. John. The story is as old as time in that it is about Satan vs The Blessed Trinity.

Knowing that Communism is only one type of government fostered by those who hate Christ, based on the trends of the 20th century and now the new 21st century, is the next step by those wanting to form a new government (the ones opposed to the True Church and her teachings) the One World Order? Do you think there will be interim type governments before that?

Happy feast day today of Our Lady of Lourdes! I ask Our Lady of Good Success daily for your intentions.

     Yours, in Jesus and Mary,


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TIA responds:

Dear C.A.F.,

Thank you for your support and consideration. It is with serious persons like you that the Counter-Revolution can become a strong current of thinking.

Following your suggestion we are highlighting the series on Nazism on our Spotlight page, whose purpose is to bring both old and new articles to the attention of our readers. For example, it lists the Saint of the Day available on our site.

We do not have the special series on Communism that you asked about, but will certainly keep it in mind as a topic to address in the future. We have, however, addressed the role of Communism in many of our features. If you go to our Search page and type in Communism, around 200 entries will be offered to you.

For a broad panorama on the topics you mentioned, you can listen to the tape Revolution and Counter-Revolution. In it, Mr. Guimarães summarizes the thinking of Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, showing the role of Communism inside the phenomenon of the universal Gnostic Revolution.

In this tape you will see that the formation of a World Order is one of the possible aims of the Revolution. Another is to make modern man enter into a tribal condition where there will be no general order, countries or states, but just small self-managed groups controlled by gurus. Yet another possibility is to bring modern society to the state of complete chaos, waiting for the coming of the Devil to provide a solution.

We ask Our Lady of Lourdes to protect you also.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Conquest of the Aztecs
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Dear TIA,

I briefly wanted to mention that I read the article by Louis Siqueira Campos on the conquering of the Aztecs, which was very good. I look forward to part two, concerning Our Lady of Guadalupe.

In Christ,

     Fr. P.S.
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Lennon & Delinquent Girls
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Dear TIA,

I congratulate you on reproducing the learned Professor's analysis of the detrimental effects of John Lennon and the Beatles. I can vouch for this from my own personal experience. In the early and mid 1960s I was a teacher in an institution for delinquent girls. We experienced an increase in our intake during those years. Many girls, under 16 all of them, were out of the control of their parents and school authorities. Public morals declined with immoral behavior on the streets. Fashion became most immodest with the arrival of the detestable mini skirt.

What was perhaps most worrying was the actual attitude of the new arrivals at that time. Generally up to then, girls arriving were quite repentant, mindful that they had done wrong and were respectful of authority. The intake in the '60s however, were characterized by their assertiveness, their disdain for authority and their general attitude of defiance. In short they were considerably more refractory than their predecessors.

I am delighted to let your readers know however, that even the most undisciplined girls were brought to heel by the strong convent discipline in place at that time and generally, good order prevailed in the institution.

At that time also, our sister institution, the Magdalene Laundry, experienced an increasing intake of pregnant young women and also women who were in moral danger due to their own misbehavior.

Sadly the Vatican II Council made the continuing survival of these great institutions impossible, with the deplorable results we see in society today.

     Yours faithfully,

     C.P., Ireland
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Bachelor or Knight?
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Dear Sirs,

You mention in an article that Salman Rushdie was awarded the order of the Garter. This is not correct. Though he was awarded a knighthood, it certainly was not the Garter. I believe he is now a Knight Bachelor, which is a knight NOT belonging to a religious order, such as the Garter and the Thistle.


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Grand Return
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Dear Dr. Horvat,

Thank you for your commentary on the need for the Grand Return. The article brought back many nostalgias, and put our response to this decadent world in a proper perspective.

Most importantly, it reminds one that we have much of the Revolution to root out of ourselves, and are naive to think that we can solve the world's problems by becoming some modern "Tarzan."

     Our Lady of Good Success, Pray For Us!

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Rabbi with Capital R
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Regarding the article on religious titles, I feel like the advice offered here, that the titles of non-catholic religious figures should be lowercased, is bogus. Not only does it look odd; it serves as an obvious slight unless the recipient dismisses the writer as ignorant. In Standard English Titles are capitalized. Even if it is a non-traditional title...let's say a fast food restaurant creates the position of Supreme Televisior - that fabricated title is capitalized.

If we were to say that ONLY Catholic religious titles are capitalized ever, then we would have a case. As things stand in the article, this policy seems petty and serves only to alienate. Even if we were to capitalize the titles of Protestant leaders that would not make them any less heretical. It doesn't relate, and what does it matter what they call themselves? Grammatical rules in this sense belong to the world and not the church.

Further, lowercasing the titles that are not shared within the Church hierarchy makes even less sense. Why not capitalize 'Rabbi'? We don't have rabbis. This particular Rabbi exists, there are people who call him Rabbi, and their shared space (social, business, familial) designates the person occupying this position in their social group with the word Rabbi. It is a title. Capitalize it.

These are my opinions. I'm sure you have yours. I just hope that you ammend the article before a child uses it in good faith and finds your advocacy in this sphere lacking.


     Tristan Cowen

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 17 2009

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