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Hate Mail, Sister Lucy & the Grand Return

Reaction to Hate Mail
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Dear TIA,

The letters in your hate mail are most revealing. Apparently, your commentaries have hit several nerves, all of which originate in a common mentality.

Homosexuals are upset that their numbers are so small, and try to accuse your writers of being secretly homosexual. As it is said, misery loves company, and the tremendous guilt associated with homosexuality causes those defending this sad disorder to wish to force others to accept them as morally upright, Christian and charitable. I wonder why they care what others think?

Those who are not Catholic find it appalling that Our Lord founded only one Church on this Earth. They fantasize that the Bible is all inclusive, being open to a multitude of correct interpretations. They disregard that the Bible, inspired by God, is a product of the First Council of Nicea; a council called by the Catholic Church. Instead, your critics see justification for any and all Protestant (what are they protesting?) sects, and indeed, for Paganism and Wicca.

Most revealing is that all your critics consider you prideful and arrogant to state the true teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. In demanding equal time for every divergent notion they may hold, they hardly seem models for the virtue of humility. I ask that you continue your 'arrogant' defense of the Catholic Church!

I hope your detractors will read your hate mail section. They may receive a sensible grace from such an exercise. Often the Devil mis-steps and shows his true colors when working through such tormented souls. I pray that your critics will recognize this and have the strength of soul to amend their ways. I hope that they realize that TIA's work is not arrogance, but a true act of charity performed out of a zeal for the salvation of souls.

     In Jesu et Maria,

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Sister Lucy & Vatican II
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Greetings from J.M.,

Hoping all goes well for you in the future.

Just now I discovered the controversy surrounding the Fatima Seer Sister Lucia. Even though have limited psychic abilities I still don't like anybody knowing about it. But after finding this issue, focused on the older 'Dorothean' Lucia Santos image.

Did a brief mind scan for the time frame between the Fatima visions forward to the 1960 revelation deadline. She disappeared from 'VIEW' some time before 1960, so she was 'gone' before Vatican II got started. I'm thinking that IF she were still alive into the late 60's she would have publicly denounced the heretical changes. This was the message of third secret given to Lucia from Our Lady.

The Secret Controllers of Monopoly Manipulation needed to get Lucia out of the picture before she could wreak their plans of deception.

Hoping this does some good for you all.

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SSPX Supporter
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Dear Webmaster(s) of Tradition in Action, sirs,

Thank you for a highly informative website for traditional Roman Catholicism.

I am a 3rd Order member of the SSPX Franciscans and I read and search for new topics on your site regularly (roughly weekly). I deeply appreciate it.

You have provided me with a glimpse into a once wonderful trad CR past (largely European) that is pretty much impossible to find anywhere in our sad neo-pagan 21st century. Perhaps one day it will come roaring back into greater glory than 12th century Europe was.

Thanks again and keep up the great work !

     In Christo Rege,

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Fr. Sretenovic Is Right
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Dear TIA,

In a recent posting, a correspondent disagreed with the attitude of Fr. Sretenovic to unwed mothers, stating that the reasons they may have fallen were often complex. I was indirectly involved in the moral retraining of these unwed mothers for a number of years and in my experience and often, by their own admission, there was nothing complex at all in their situation.

They "fell" simply because they lack self restraint and have no self esteem or sense of morality. There is nothing complex in behaving like that.

Unwed mothers are a blight on our societies, yet we allow them to keep their offspring, many of whom seem to "inherit" the sin of their mother. The sooner we return to the more punitive, while still charitable, approach of days gone by, the better it will be for the common good. We are far too compassionate and understanding on this issue.

Fr. Sretenovic is to be congratulated in his moderate yet firm approach to the issue. In no way can even a repentant and reformed unwed mother be treated in a similar fashion as the good Catholic wedded mother, who has the Immaculate Mary as her model. It is ludicrous to suggest otherwise.

     Yours faithfully,

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Educational Site
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Thank you TIA,

Growing up "Catholic" these past 40 + years has left me ignorant, confused, yearning for something more.... !

Discovering the traditional Mass and traditional Catholicism has opened my eyes to the immense treasure that is the Church of Christ!

I come to your site regularly to educate myself and to gain insight!

     Thank you !

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The Grace of Grand Retour
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Dear Dr. Horvat,

I was so happy to read your article the other day entitled The Grand Return Do you remember when we spoke awhile ago? I mentioned to you my recent desire to recover my innocence of childhood. You confirmed my desire and said it is a beautiful grace to pray for.

Well, yesterday as I was reading the article about the Grand Return, I happened upon this paragraph,

This extraordinary grace called the Grand Return was unexpected, inexplicable and marvelous in its effects. One of its most notable characteristics was to make persons long for the time of their first baptismal innocence. "I felt as if I were again a child of ten years," said one man who accompanied the pilgrim statue. Another man stated, "The soul, by some miracle, assumes a simplicity, a child-like freshness before Our Lady."

What joy and tears this brought to my soul! I believe now that my desire is actually a grace that Our Lady is giving me. She has inspired me to pray for that return in anticipation of her intention to grant it.

This age of moral corruption and heresy has especially affected those of us who were raised in the Novus Ordo. We grew up without any foundation of Catholic Tradition and morals and society provided little or no examples of such. The revolutionary spirit was already well in place even before the outward changes of Vatican II were being implemented in the Church.

I remember since childhood, that I have always loved and sought after God and wanted to do what was right and good. But because of ignorance and poor formation, I too became corrupted and was led astray in so many ways. I now live with the consequence of those sins, and feel their effects in my family and in my life. It is painful.

I pray for Our Lady to hasten 'The Grand Return'. It is apparent that we are unable to recover on our own efforts and become what we must be. We must beg Our Lady to grant this grace.

God bless you,

     In Maria,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 5, 2009

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