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Pagan, Homosexual & Conservative Rage

The Devil Was Invented by the Church

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As a Pagan, I take great offense to being lumped-in with Satanists when you rant about us trying to coerce Christians into worshipping the Devil... In the first place there ISN'T any Devil, that was a man-made, fabricated being created by the Church as a control device... There's no Devil in Wicca or any other Pagan tradition.... There are good and bad sides to everything, but we don't have any Devil to worship. What color crayon do I need to write this in so that you will undersdtand?

Maybe try reading a book... Those of us intelligent Pagans who have already read the Bible and studied hard and CHOSEN our paths (instead of having it spooned down our throats) know better.


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You Are Despicable

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I am a Christian. I was born and raised in reading the Bible. I think your website is a disgrace, and should be taken off the internet. Those statistics [on homosexuals] are false. I grew up with friends who had closed minds about this issue, but it's time people start opening their minds to something different. The ACT of homosexuality is wrong, only the act of it. I have a brother who never could admit he was gay because he knew it was wrong, but he could not help how he feels. He is NOT sinful for how he feels, but what he does with those feelings.

You people are dispicable and show NO respect to those people out there who are ashamed enough of how they feel. My brother, as well as my friends, who are gay, have never done drugs, or murdered anyone. Putting homosexuals in a group saying they do those things is WRONG! You spit Bible verses at people thinking you are right, but even Jesus ate with the tax collectors; maybe you should think about your life and whether it is right.

Tradition you say? Read the Bible again, maybe you should follow the Bible instead of tradition man has set. Yes, the Bible states that homosexuality is wrong, but it also states that the final judgement is in God's hand, and that NO man other than Christ has the right to judge another. Stop judging homosexuals with those false statistics, and get your facts straight!

Also... Rev. 21:8 says "liars go to hell"... instead of trying to be above people maybe you should humble yourselves and accept them. Just like Jesus. Don't say that you are a follower if you do not know him. Jesus is humble... and you are not!

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Indignant Homosexual

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NOT! You are spreading false percentages [of homosexuals]. Propaganda. Sadly you are ignorant of what you do and completely believe everything you read. So sad. I don’t get it.

Why so un-gay friendly? Are you having sexual identity problems? Maybe secretly fantasize about gay sex? So SO sad you think the way you do. But this is America and we and YOU can think ignorantly. Thankfully the majority of intelligent people know your propaganda site is crappolla.

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You Make Me Nauseated

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I wish words could express the horror, the outright nausea your sight provokes in me. It is you, and those like you, whose 'indignation' provoke so much hatred and violence.

You demand that your beliefs be respected, while printing heinous lies, and false statistics dismissed by objective experts. Words just cannot express.

Please for all that is loving and decent in this world, end this.

Broken Hearted, Often Hated, Forever in love with God.

     A Gay 20 y.o.

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Your Unfaithful Website

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Leave alone Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul, and our current Holy Father. Have you any fidelity? You can't make wicked claims as you do on your unfaithful website.

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Nitpicking and Slanderous

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To Whom It May Concern,

For pity's sake please have the decency to either black out or cover in some manner the faces of the individuals in your article about fashion, especially the pro-lifers.

It would be absolutely appalling if this poor, young lady and man stumbled upon their photos and accompanying ridicule while surfing Catholic websites. Articles like this play into the conception of nitpicking and lack of charity that the traditionalists are so often accused. We hope that you consider removing this "black eye" soon.


PS: We do support women in dress, but oppose the slandering of two innocent victims who seemingly forgot their tea cart at the Pro-Life march.

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Don’t Insult Protestants

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Interesting you call the myths "anti-Catholic" then go on to insult Protestants.

The term "dirt poor" was first used in the 1930's, and used in reference to the Protestant hillbillies of the Ozarks and Oklahoma who lived in extreme poverty and unclean conditions. The medieval Catholic peasants who may have been poor were generally "clean poor."

What, all the poor Catholics of the 1930's were clean, but the Protestant ones were dirty?

You lost all credibility with me. You do exactly as you accuse.

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Sarcasm against the Middle Ages

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Thanks for your article on line refuting the lies of the email about life in the 1500's. I would have never known until reading your web site that everyone in the 1500's in Europe had plenty to eat, well constructed housing with expensive floors, if not a castle/mansion, understood all about lead poisoning, bathed daily, participated in feasts regularly, cooked gourmet meals of staggering variety, and knew so much about death that they only had to wait around long enough for the body to putrify to be certain they were dead.

Oh wait, that's fantasy land where the plague wouldn't spread like wildfire because the poor were so hygienic, and there was no feudalism, and the conditions weren't so bad that multiple nations didn't need revolutions against the ruling class. No ever said "let them eat cake", everyone lived long healthy lives, and no one dumped their feces/urine buckets into the streets. Great to know!

     Get real.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 3, 2009

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