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Frozen Embryos, Antichrist
& Global Warming

Frozen Eggs
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Dear TIA,

The article Nine Frozen Little Ones by Dr. Horvat is a most impressive article, and so timely. I feel horrified.

It may not matter, but three frozen eggs were implanted to produce this one child, and not just one egg. You do explain how multiple children are implanted to "get" the one desired child. This is madness!

And, you are right: soon we will be forced to have only "perfect" children. We will be forced to live and die as others determine. To have the children that others determine. We live in a demonic age, which can only be expected in a post-Christian age.

This very attractive, smiling couple have no conscience about tiny lives held in limbo for any period of time. They are proud of it. What kind of parents can they really turn out to be for the poor living child? One wonders; one worries.

Thank you, again, for this superb article.

     In Maria,

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Preparing for the Antichrist
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Dear TIA,

The article on Hell in England was very interesting. What Mr. Arnold argues concerning man trying to rise above the clouds relates quite closely to the events at the end of the world, as foretold by the Fathers of the Church when writing on the Antichrist.

After the two prophets of God, Enoch and Elijah, rise from the dead on the third day after being murdered by the Antichrist, they will be taken by God to heaven. Then the Antichrist, in order to try to win back the people to him, he attempts to ascend from Mount Olivet, to "rise above the clouds" simulating Christ's Ascension (the whole end times scenario with the battle between the two prophets and the Antichrist is like a ping-pong match).

Guess who kills him? You probably already know that it is St. Michael. I believe St. Michael is referred to in this instance as the breath from the mouth of Our Lord; the same breath that said Quis ut Deus?

So, whether or not Mr. Arnold realized it, there is strong support for his thesis in what is yet to come.

     In Christ,

     Fr. P.S.
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Insurance: Too Much
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I read your answer to the question on insurance and agreed. Too much insurance. Also, too much free insurance that taxpayers give for those who supposedly absolutely need it. Maybe you would post this important notice on your website - we should stop this bill from passing.

Thanks. Great site. I always check it ' good solid Catholic teaching.

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First Communion Date
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Dear TIA,

It would be helpful if you could identify the date, or approximate date, in which the photos of First Communion in Switzerland were taken.

I've found way too many people in the indult community (or motu community, whatever it is) are dismissive of such abuses. They claim, against all evidence to the contrary, that these abuses stopped with the election of Benedict XVI.



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TIA responds:

Dear D.P.,

To respond to your request, we did some research on the Internet and found that this First Communion took place in 2006 - during the pontificate of Benedict XVI. You can find this information here in German.

If you are not familiar with German, you may scroll down that page. There is an option for a computer generated translation to English; go to it. In the botton of the page a reader offers those same photos and gives the date.

We hope this will help you open the eyes of your conservative friends.


     TIA correspondence desk

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I Am Speechless
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Dear TIA,

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the latest photos on First Communion in Switzerland, are worth more than a million words and lectures on the state of general apostasy in the Catholic Church.

You have done a real service in bringing this story and photos to our attention. I know they took my breath away and left me utterly speechless.

     Thank you. God bless you,

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A Priest Said...
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A priest friend in Europe sent me a note on the Swiss incident. He said that a more traditional-minded priest aired some of the scandalous footage of the Swiss First Communion on Gloria TV, and the Cardinal in charge received a reprimand presumably from Rome. FYI.

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Talking Like a Liberal
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Mr. Guimarães,

In your Dec. 29 article Birth Control in the Spotlight, you refer in the first paragraph to the "papal orientation." I thought this was a teaching. It's strange to hear you talking like a liberal.

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Conscience and God's Law
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Dear TIA,

I read that the Modernist Church is now considering allowing Catholics to be guided by their conscience in the area of contraception. I wonder how the conscience of miserable sinners who have fallen from grace can possibly be equated with the law of Almighty God.

     Yours faithfully,

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Ecological Purposes
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Boy, this global warming is really a huge concern.

I can't wait to see gas prices needlessly go up to $10/gal, the coal, oil and nuclear industry destroyed in favor of wind and bio fuels, no matter that they have no promise of working over the long term to exclusively fulfill America's energy needs, and my taxes go through the roof making my money essentially worthless in order to stop this global warming for good ole Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd & Co!!!!!!!!!!

I will have no problem getting rid of my cars, and walking and/or riding bicycles everywhere just like the Chairman Mao crowd!

I will never use heat in my home of any kind unless it's to take it apart as needed for firewood or any type of air conditioning other than leaving the holes in the house from the gathering of the aforementioned firewood.

I will ensure that my dry dog and cat food is edible by humans so as not to upset the delicate eco balance that would occur otherwise, per the PETA and Environmental experts who frown on such things!

I will start hugging at least one tree a day and never cut my grass because their feelings might be hurt.

Don't you think that you should be doing your part too to stop the global warming as pictured below [from different places in the U.S.]?

     I certainly hope so.

     Gary L. Morella
Photographs showing harsh winter conditions


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 20, 2009

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