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Grande Oriente Democratico: John XXIII Was a Mason
The website Grande Oriente Democratico is a place for Freemasons of Italy, principally those members of the Grande Oriente d'Italia di Palazzo Giustiniani to express their ideas and opinions.

The text published on this site on October 6, 2019, commemorates the choice of the Archbishop of Bologna, Matteo Zuppi, to be raised to the College of the Cardinals. The website praises Zuppi and adds that he is not a Mason, unlike "Brother" John XXIII who was a Mason.

This simple addition stated in passing while dealing with another subject gives us, for the first time, an "official" Masonic source representing the Italian Masonry affirming without doubt that John XXIII was a Freemason.

The reader may keep this document for future references.

The text that follows below is our translation from Italian of the text that appears in the photocopy reproduced after it.

The original can be read here.

Matteo Zuppi, newly created Cardinal, significantly quotes Saint John XXIII (Brother Angelo Roncalli) on spiritual paternity and fraternity.

As we renew our congratulations to the new Cardinal Presbyter of Sant’Egidio already expressed here we declare ourselves particularly pleased that the non-Freemason Matteo Zuppi, very recently named a Cardinal, wanted to significantly mention a Saint of the Church such as Pope John XXIII (our Mason Brother Angelo Roncalli in the world) to seal his new pastoral mission, to thank the affectionate closeness of the people of Bologna to his work and to his person and to underline the spiritually inclusive meaning of the recent feast of St. Petronio, patron Saint of Bologna.

As reported here, Matteo Zuppi said:

“I would say that one of the most emotional moments of Friday, in addition to the filled Basilica of St. Petronio and the proximity of the people, was the blessing of the persons who were in the Greater Square (Piazza Maggiore). Fraternity and the paternity together, as John XXIII indicated, are the expression of a community that prays for its brother and this is a very beautiful and a very important thing.”

So then, these words echo the very important Speech to the Moon of October 11, 1962, with which Pope John XXIII inaugurated the Second Vatican Council. A Speech adequately interpreted in its esoteric and exoteric, religious and initiatory, Catholic and Masonic spiritual meanings, in chapter IV of the book "Freemasons. Society of Unlimited Responsibility. The Discovery of the Ur-Lodges," Chiarelettere, on pages 160-162.

All seem to be a good omen for the Roman Catholic Church to take the road – also under the guidance of Princes of the Catholicism such as Matteo Zuppi – toward a Vatican Council III that may give adequate responses to the spiritual expectations of Christians in the Third Millennium.

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