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Masonry Stopped Attacking the Church

Church Silence on Communism
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It is amazing, but not surprising, that Parade Magazine of March 22 chose to whitewash the Castro brothers when exposing "The world's 10 worst dictators".

50 years of Communism in once economically prosperous Cuba is 50 years too many.

This preventable tragedy can be traced also to the Catholic Church's Popes and Bishops who disobeyed GOD over the last 80 years.

In 1929 Our Lady of Fatima asked that the Holy Father, in union with all the Bishops, consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

A simple act of obedience that would have collapsed Communism in Russia in 1929, thus preventing all the wars fomented by Communism since, as well as, such "errors of Russia" as legalized abortion that has killed some 1.5 billion worldwide...

The U.S. promised Soviet Russia in 1962, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, to never invade Cuba... Interestingly, John XXIII promised the Russian Orthodox Church that Vatican Council II - which began in 1962 - would not condemn Communism, despite the signatures of 400 Bishops at the Council urgently asking for this solemn condemnation...

Communism is no longer condemned by the Catholic Church nor by the United States (e.g., March 22 Parade article). SHAME!

     Sincerely yours in Christ the King,

     Arthur Denchfield
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Vatican II and Abortion
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When he was running for the presidency, John Kerry said that the reason he was pro-choice (to kill unborn children) was because of Vatican II. Something about, let you conscience be your guide.

So, it's obvious that Vatican II has led some people to support the killing of unborn children and in Kerry's case, even while they are being born and suffer excruciating pain - the gruesome partial-birth abortion.

     Frank Joseph, M.D.
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Sin of Schism
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Vatican 2 is valid. May God bless Our Holy Father Pope Benedict. Schism is evil. Sorry to tell you that, but it's true. You must be obedient to the authority Christ established.

Saying that they want peace with Muslims and other religious groups in no way compromises our faith. We are talking respect for one another, we are not saying that they are correct in their teaching.

You may not agree with Vatican 2, but the Papacy is in a much better position to make such judgment calls than you guys are.

You do website blasting and take cheap shots at our Holy Father - you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

     I will pray you repent of the sin of Schism.

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First Communion Dress
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Dear Dr. Horvat,

Thank you for your CDs. They are helping immeasurably to strengthen the Catholic culture in our home.

A girl in a beautiful modest first communion dress    A photograph of Amerlia jenks Bloomer

You have had an influence on my daughter's First Holy Communion dress, as I made it after listening to your CDs. I determined to emphasize the beauty of the dress (whereas I would have made it plainer before), remembering that all beauty comes from God and reminds us of him. You are welcome to use this photo [above left] of the finished product. I never realized before how much I was under the influence of Calvinist or Puritan concepts. Thank you for clearing that up.

I recently ordered fabric and received this second picture [above right] with the order. It is a picture of Amelia Jenks Bloomer of Homer, New York, who became famous for promoting the use of 'bloomers,' consisting of a shorter skirt and long, loose trousers. The card praises her "for freeing 19th century women from restrictive layers of skirts and petticoats." It is a first foray into pants for women, women trying to look like men. You can see how even her coat looks masculine.

     Sincere regards,

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Masonry No Longer Attacks the Church
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Dear TIA,

What proof do we have, solid proof that the Masons are still acting specifically against the Catholic Church today?

By this I mean, that they are not simply an organization with some ideals and principles that differ with the Church, like so many others, but actually are actively working with plans and plots against the Church? What examples are there of this?

I ask this not with the desire for evidence for myself, who would be convinced by Papal pronouncements from the past, and long past history - but for those who believe the Masons have now become a simple fraternal organization with no practical activity specifically against Catholicism.



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TIA responds:

Dear J.W.,

One of the basic principles of Freemasonry is that all religions are equal and none can claim that it is the only true religion. Insofar as the representatives of the Catholic Church defend the same, there is no reason for Masonry to attack them.

Another set of principles of the Masons is that the motto liberty-equality-fraternity as understood by the Enlightenment and the French Revolution must govern society. Insofar as the Conciliar Popes promote these ideals, Masonry has nothing to attack. On the contrary, it has applauded and given awards to these Popes, as in the case of John Paul II. Indeed, the Italian Masonry sent him a decoration because he was doing precisely what Masonry desires. If you consider the warm reception of Benedict XVI in his visit to the U.N., you see that International Masonry - which that organ represents - was also very pleased with him.

Thus, today, the absence of an open attack by Masonry against the representatives of the Catholic Church only proves that they have compromised with its goals.

Should a true Catholic Pope appear, Freemasonry would start the most violent war against him. Likewise, it persecutes and denigrates Catholics who follow the traditional teachings of the Church, particularly those who fight against the multi-secular Revolution promoted by Freemasonry.

Perhaps you may find more arguments in a talk by Prof. Plinio on this topic. A similar question was put to him by the end of his lecture.

We hope this somehow helps you.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 18, 2009

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