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Pope John Paul I praises Satanist Carducci
Recently it was brought to light on the Internet that Pope John Paul I, Albino Luciano, found a way to praise the Satanist Giosue Carducci, who was one of the leading exponents of Italian Satanism and of the Italian Risorgimento, the Masonic movement that took over the Pontifical Territories in Italy and the papal properties in Rome.

Carducci's most famous work is his Hymn to Satan or Ode to Satan, composed at a time when Freemasonry could tell the truth about its religious beliefs and its hatred against God and the Catholic Church.

Below, we show photocopies:

First of the Angelus of September 17, 1978, in which John Paul I praised Carducci as a model for university professors. The Italian text (Vatican webpage) referring to this is underlined in green;

Second, the text of the same document translated to English by a website built to honor John Paul I. The corresponding part is also underlined in green;

Third, is a photo of Carducci along with one of his books which includes his Hymn to Satan.

Fourth, the entire Hymn to Satan both in Italian and English can be read in our files here, taken from the Church of Satan in the United States.

We credit this scoop to the blog Call Me Jorge, where we first read it.

Pope John Paul I praises satanist Carducci -1

For a larger copy click here

Pope John Paul I praises satanist Carducci -2

For a larger copy click here

The hymn to Satan original cover


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Posted March 28, 2015