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Rahner: Revelation Coincides with History

In the book Revelation and Tradition published together with Fr. Joseph Ratzinger in 1964, Fr. Karl Rahner defends a concept of Revelation quite similar to that of the Modernists, condemned in Pascendi by St. Pius X. We offer it to our readers for their consideration

At right, the cover of Revelation and Tradition. Below, we present our translation of the highlighted Portuguese excerpts.

God is the One revealed who gives Himself as God to be shared by man in absolute and gratis union, that is, as absolute mystery. What is revealed is the historic mediation of this transcendental experience as an authentic, absolute experience of God. What is revealed is – at the apex of this history of Revelation – the unity between the transcendental participation of God and his historic mediation in the unique Man-God. ...

Revelation, whether transcendental or categorical, and its history are co-existent with the spiritual history of humankind. This is not an error of Modernism. It is the Christian truth. We can prove it simply saying that it is indisputable that the supernatural history of salvation always occurs in the world’s history. After Vatican II this truth became still more fixed in the religious conscience of Christians.

(Karl Rahner, "Observações sobre o conceito de Revelação," in Revelação e Tradição, São Paulo: Herder, 1968, pp. 5 and 7)

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Posted on April 14, 2007

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