Forms of Government

Forms of government 

catholic The Vital Principle & Organicity
Revolutionary & organic ways to have a government of the people

catholic Organic Consensus vs. Revolutionary Consensus
How a Catholic consensus forms & spreads naturally

catholicThe People & the Masses
Rules on how the good can defeat the evil

catholicThe Gardener & Organic Government
Principles for forming an organic government

catholicContractual Rights & Duties in the Fief
A well-organized society top to bottom based on contracts - Written Law - Part 4

catholicDynamism of the Associative Principle & The Salutary Right to Resist
Contracts provided means to redress abuses - Written Law - Part 3

catholicCivil Law, Canon Law & Roman Law
The limits of royal laws & laws by feudal lords - Written Law - Part 2

catholicPrivileges & Royal Establishments
An organic way to accommodate the exceptions to the rule - Written Law - Part 1

catholicCustomary Law

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   The Church: Guardian of Natural Law and Light of the State
                   The starting point of medieval law was divine law

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   The Barbarian Invasions Molded a New Juridical Situation
                   A new system based on local authority takes root

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Royal Decrees, Personal Law & Customary Law
                   Each social group came to be ruled by its own activity

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   Modern Democracy vs. Customary Law
                   Roman Law eroded an organic judiciary system

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 5 -   The Rich Diversity of Medieval Law
                   The kings and judges were protectors of customs

catholicThe Perfect Societies: Church & State
Their nature and the role of participation in their power

catholicMonarchy, Aristocracy & Democracy

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Definitions, Examples of the Three Forms of Government
                   Their healthy life and their corruption

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Theoretical and Practical Positions of the Church
                   The Church helps each people to choose its form of government

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Does Authority Represent God or the Sovereign People?
                   The authorities can be bad but they represent God

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   Catholic Rebuttal to Rousseau’s Sovereignty of the People
                   Men are equal in theory but very different in practice

catholicWhat Is the Res Publica?
State, Nation, private & public interests explained in an easy way

catholicThe Organic Formation of Feudalism
How medieval society took root and sprouted

catholicFeudalism and the Modern State
Contention between the feudal power and the cities; birth of Absolutism

catholicLiberalism, Socialism & Feudalism

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Discussing Liberal & Socialist Democracies
                   Tragic abuses appeared in 19th century liberal democracy

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Socialism Exploits Liberalism’s Flaws
                   The free market leads to price wars, monopolies and worker strikes

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   The Fiasco of Socialism & Basics on Catholic Authority
                   No incentives in Socialism - man's need for authority

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   The Principle of Subsidiarity
                   A Catholic solution better than Liberalism and Socialism

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 5 -   Subsidiarity & Feudalism
                   Social inequality and private property are also evangelical

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 6 -   The Medieval Family & Subsidiarity
                   The role of primogeniture in family development

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 7 -  The Role of Local Authorities & Customs
                  Subsidiarity gave a voice to the people & force of law to customs

catholicFormation of the Holy Roman-German Empire
The natural development from small States to an Empire

catholicThe Art of Organic Government
Orienting the good tendencies of a people and meeting their expectations

catholicFostering the Originality of Each Social Cell
The superior should not suppress a living reality

catholicThe Three Orders of Medieval Society
All social classes participate in the government of an organic society

catholicA Participative Society
Even modest families have a voice in society

catholicAndorra, the Forgotten Principality
Its unique medieval government and traditions endure to our days

catholicOligarchies in Modern Democracies
The myth of the sovereign people & who really controls them today

catholicOrganic Society & Capitalism

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Critique of Capitalism from an Organic Perspective
                   Defects of Capitalism that must be avoided in a Catholic society

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   The Harmful Mentality of Borrowing Money
                   No one should borrow money to buy what he does not need

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   What to Do with the Surplus of Currency
                   How a Catholic State should handle the circulating currency

catholicThe Natural Candidate to Exercise Power
Command naturally comes from service to community, not wealth

catholicThe Dream of Catholic Empire and the Medieval Wars
The real cause for the many quarrels was not Feudalism

catholicLeadership: Established by Generosity & Gratitude, Not a Social Contract
Critique of the modern conception of power born from an exchange of interests

catholicTwo Basic Aspects of the Medieval Mentality
Reverence and tenderness toward Our Lord formed wise men & institutions

catholicThe Moon and its Halo
Why a Catholic should be concerned about Society and not just Religion

catholicWhat Is Organic Society?
The members and organs that compose a healthy society

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