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From 2 Weeks to 2 Years,
The Main Casualties Are Liberty & Truth

Pete Riehm
The planet is coming up on two years of pandemic pandemonium and paranoia. In March 2020, Americans were told we needed to shutdown the country for just two weeks to slow the surge of this dangerous unknown virus so as not to overwhelm our hospitals. The concept was not to eradicate COVID, but rather just to slow the spread enough to manage and weather the pandemic.

That two weeks of shutdowns has turned into two years of senseless mandatory masking, highly questionably experimental vaccines, outright lies and growing government tyranny. The Chinese virus-like the flu can be deadly for those with other existing health problems, but the main casualties have been liberty and truth.

Anericans protest against lockdowns

Non-scientific measures that don't stop the disease made up to control the population

Once Americans accepted the tenuous proposition to surrender their liberties to get the spread of COVID under control, government bureaucrats went crazy with all manner of arbitrary nonsensical decrees. They dictated social distancing; we must keep six feet between people everywhere.

But we now know there was no science for this social distancing silliness. It could have been six feet or sixteen; and this became apparent when the Centers of Disease Control woke up one day and said, well three feet should work now. HUH?! What changed? Nothing. They made it all up.

In blue states or government facilities, the masking craze continues unabated. Again, there was never any science to indicate masks work, but governments defaulted to mask mandates because at least it looked like they were doing something. Aside from positive pressure lab masks, cloth masks and most any others available are about as effective against an airborne virus as a screen door on a submarine.

There is unreported documentation that masks cause CO2 poisoning and ample evidence that masks not only impede airflow, stifling the cleansing part of breathing, thus capturing and harboring bacteria and viruses. They are dirty! Children wearing the same mask all day increase exposure compared to freely breathing, but government officials do not care – they just want the appearance of acting.

Africa has been using Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for decades to control malaria and are having similar success against COVID. India uses Ivermectin with tremendous success to treat COVID. So, why can’t Americans even debate the efficacy of these treatments?!

The evidence is compelling and manifold that these therapeutics work, but if you mention it in the USA, social media will ban or censor you! Government will deny it and ridicule you! No one claims they are any kind of panacea, but their proven effectiveness should allow Americans to use them if they so choose. Why do our ruling elite want to deny Americans possible cures?!


The fork-tongued Fauci
has lied to Americans for two years

While Americans were burdened with all manner of restrictions the first year of the pandemic, they were promised it would all be over when we finally had a vaccine. The infamous fork-tongued Dr. Fauci swore we could put the pandemic behind us when we attained about 70% vaccination.

We achieved 70%, and in many places 80 and over 90% vaccination rates, but lo and behold the vaccines have not slowed the spread and do not even protect against COVID infections. And no one knows how many boosters they may demand.

However, government insists we need to mandate vaccines for all even children! Children have over a 99.8% survival rate, so why would parents risk their children's long term health for an experimental vaccine with no history?! For a virus now not much worse than the flu, why are Americans being denied a personal choice?!

COVID19 has more variants than Microsoft Windows and they keep coming. The Delta variant was bemoaned as the most dangerous, but it dissipated. So, enter Omicron to keep up the pointless fearmongering. Reputable epidemiologists will explain that any virus will continue to mutate becoming more contagious but increasingly weaker, so Omicron should be a good omen. It’s spreading rapidly and the symptoms are much milder, so it should be indicating we are finally nearing the end of this pandemic.

But you would not know that from the government. Biden told Americans especially the unvaccinated to prepare for a winter of more misery and death. They truly sound like they never want it to end; and they do not. It is a powerful means to control the citizenry.

What’s the end game here? It is irresistible compliance and total control. Australia and Austria are already involuntarily quarantining their citizens, even imprisoning them in interment camps. Could it come to America?

In Washington state, a bill has been introduced to create a “strike force” to apprehend and quarantine people, particularly the unvaccinated. Governments around the world are absolutely pursuing measures to punish the non-compliant. Your individual rights no longer matter; this is tyranny plain and simple.

Covid 19 manmade

A biological weapon created by the Chinese Communist Party with American funding

Everything the government and media has lectured us about the pandemic and their policies to combat it have been essentially wrong and often blatant lies. From the beginning, the ruling elite has lied about the origins of the Chinese virus. The Wuhan lab leak theory was maligned as absurd and xenophobic, but now it’s the only viable explanation. Americans intrinsically knew COVID19 was a man-made contagion, so they are grateful Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks finally stated publicly that COVID19 is a biological weapon created by the Chinese Communist Party with American funding provided by the treacherous Dr. Fauci.

The Chinese economy is struggling, so it makes sense they would attack other economies to suffer with them; and it helps make Western democracies more accepting of totalitarian governance that China wishes to impose globally. Why would American Democrats embrace this sinister scheme? Because it helps them eviscerate election laws under the guise of allowing voters to safely vote remotely. It’s about voter fraud, cheating, stealing elections, and imposing leftist policies Americans would never vote for. That’s why Democrats are obsessed with perpetuating this fraudulent pandemic; they need it to cheat, but hopefully the Chinese virus will fade away long before the 2022 midterm elections.

Woe to you that devise that which is unprofitable, and work evil in your beds: in the morning light they execute it, because their hand is against God. And they have coveted fields, and taken them by violence, and houses they have forcibly taken away: and oppressed a man and his house, a man and his inheritance. Therefore thus saith the Lord : Behold, I devise an evil against this family: from which you shall not withdraw your necks, and you shall not walk haughtily, for this is a very evil time.” (Micah 2:1-3)

This article was first published on
Renew America on January 10, 2022


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 10, 2022

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