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How Reliable Are the Fact-Checkers?

Salwa Bachar
"Propaganda has only one object: to conquer the masses. Every means that furthers this aim is good; every means that hinders it is bad." - Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda for the Third Reich under Hitler

Over the past year and a half of the Covid fraud, the world has been subjected to constant propaganda at all times and everywhere. “Stay safe! Wear your mask.” “Remember to stay 6 feet apart!” "Stay home to save grandma." “Get your vaccine today!” “Covid vaccines are safe and effective... SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.”

The propaganda machine is not even behind closed doors anymore, it is out in the open. Take the American Medical Association for instance, which published a propaganda guide for medical professionals, including what they call “language swaps” – “stay-at-home order” vs “lockdown”, “public health agencies” vs “government, etc.” (p. 9)

Along with this constant onslaught of propaganda, a new "spontaneously-generated" power has arisen: fact-checkers. No longer restricted to refute urban legends or internet myths, these groups are now the sentinels of the mainstream Covid narrative.

Social media in particular – which ironically is supposed to be a haven for the average person to freely express himself – has become a fact-check prison, where only one version of events is upheld and any dissenters are automatically shunned as “conspiracy theorists” spreading "fake-news" and “misinformation” that “can cause serious harm.”

Who are these fact-checkers? Who funds them, and what “facts” do they exist to uphold? These are the questions I hope to answer in this article.

Representative Thomas Massie

Rep. Thomas Massie pointed out is financed by a big vaccine investor

Among the most well-known of the fact-checkers, now writes up to several articles daily to keep up with emerging “misinformation.”’s SciCheck, which was established in 2015, is their so-called scientific arm dedicated to fighting any “false and misleading claims” in the field. Since January of 2020, SciCheck has been almost entirely dedicated to Covid-19 and its related topics.

Who funds Following their latest financial disclosure statement, US Congressman Rep. Thomas Massie pointed out that is funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

It so happens that the RWJ Foundation now has $2.1 billion in Johnson & Johnson stock (one of the top Covid vaccine manufacturers along with Pfizer, BionTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca) and is chaired by none other than former CDC director, Richard E. Besser.

Of course, assured the public that RWJ Foundation has no say in their editorial matters...

Follow the tentacle: Poynter Institute

Yet is only one tentacle of the fact-checking octopus. Indeed, is one of 96 “signatories” of the Florida-based Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), which includes Agence France-Press (AFP) – Facebook’s “most expansive global partner” – as well as fact-checkers across six continents. It is this group that Facebook and its subsidiaries (Whatsapp and Instagram) use to censor information across each of its platforms.

Who funds Poynter? Among others: George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations, and Google (in which the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation currently has $54 million in stock and Soros $29 million, under Google’s parent company name, Alphabet).

George Soros and Bill Gates

Billionaries George Soros & Bill Gates are behind the international network of fact checkers

Billionaires Soros & Gates have made no secret about their adherence to The Great Reset and transhumanist agenda (see here and here), and the vaccines are an important step in achieving this:
  • Soros’ Open Society Foundations recently admitted to pledging $30.5 million worldwide to “accelerate vaccine access” and “support efforts to combat misinformation,” bringing its total Covid-19 global investments to $230 million.

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has made huge investments in the vaccines. Many of its current investments numbering well over $1.5 billion (see here and here) are in companies that either manufacture vaccines or provide Covid vaccine-related/biotech services (currently: BionTech, Curevac, Vir, Immunocore, Butterfly, Atreca, Amyris, Zymergen and Ecolab).
But surely, anyone who dares to point out these "background details" at Poynter Institute is a “conspiracy theorist”...

Newsguard: Attacking 'misinformation' at the source

Another new fact-checking group is NewsGuard. Unlike Poynter’s signatories, NewsGuard does not check facts, but the sources from which the facts arise. So rather than label a claim as “true” or “false,” Newsguard assigns “nutrition labels” to entire websites, for a small fee.

Among Newsguard’s top clients are the World Health Organization, the Pentagon, and more than 800 public libraries. Newsguard even offers a browser add-on called “HealthGuard,” which censors vaccine information for you.

Who funds Newsguard? The company’s third-largest investor (and one of their top clients) is French advertising company, Publicis Groupe. Publicis works closely with British Covid vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (another one of the world’s top vaccine companies). In 2018, GSK awarded Publicis its $1.5 billion media planning and buying account. Publicis also does business with Pfizer & AstraZeneca, as reported in its 2021 third quarter revenue (a simple Ctrl+F search of Pfizer & AstraZeneca reveals the names in the report).

It is thus not surprising that NewsGuard has attacked conservative groups who challenge the Covid narrative of their stakeholders, such as the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) and Revolver News. Newsguard has also made no secret about their desire to “work collaboratively” with the American government to “fix the misinformation epidemic.” This brings us to our next fact-checking contender...

Aspen Institute’s 'Commission on Information Disorder'

The Aspen Institute is an international non-profit based in Washington D.C. In early 2021, the group created a commission under the Orwellian name of “Commission on Information Disorder.” Their July 21, 2021, report boasts: “The Commission is made up of a diverse group from across the political spectrum, representing academia, government, philanthropy and civil society.” (p. 3)

Rather than go the fact-checking route, the Commission seeks large-scale censorship by mobilizing powerful players (p. 4): stakeholders (likely major stakeholders such as Gates & Soros), the federal government, private industry (think Microsoft, Google, and other Big Tech, “which are at the center of these challenges”, p.8) and civil society.

Control of the controls

Fact checkers want to control governments but are controlled by international finance

Their stated priorities:
  1. Request/influence Congress to enact disinformation laws; (see p. 15)

  2. Gain universal access to user and network data on social media for “research and policymaking” purposes; (see p. 12)

  3. Rebuild trust in “the institutions society relies upon, including government, the media, research and academic institutions, and the accountability and influence of experts.” (p. 13) Their way to do this is to increase “incentives and disincentives [read: punishments] for platforms, influencers, news media and advertisers” (p. 14)
So, here we have a non-governmental organization, seeking not only to decide matters of government, but to have supreme control over any and all civil discourse, and have the power to punish those who go against their agenda...

Those who wish to follow the dangerous trajectory of this group need only look at past precedents, such as Joseph Goebbels, head of Nazi Germany’s Ministry of Propaganda. The translator and editor of Goebbels' diaries Louis P. Lochner states: “[Goebbels] was vested with more and more authority as time went on, until by 1943 he was virtually running the country while Hitler was running the war.” (p. xxxiv)

An aside: Aspen’s Commission believes that disinformation has “become a national security issue that threatens the stability of American democracy.” (p. 7) This phrase is a strange echo of the now-famous 2018 broadcasting scandal that revealed local news stations were all reading from the same script, stating that fake news “is extremely dangerous to our democracy.”

Who funds the Aspen Institute? Among others: the Carnegie Corporation (which in turn, is funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations), the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, & the Gates Foundation. Since I have already addressed Gates and Soros, it is sufficient to say this about the Rockefeller group: It currently has a combined stock of $28.1 million in Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

Target misinformation

Who and what does Aspen’s Disinformation Commission target, as well as all the other fact-checkers for that matter? The Commission believes “the worst harms of disinformation” are "threats to public health, election integrity and the targeting of communities through hate speech” (p. 11).

Based on the fact-checks, this is what they really mean: Now that we have identified the “disinformation,” a final question remains. What is the common thread running through these fact-checkers?

Stakeholder governance: All roads lead to Vanguard

Those who understand the multi-century war of the Revolution & the Counter-Revolution know that the Secret Forces and their religious inspirers are at the “vanguard” of the Revolution for religious and ideological reasons rather than for economic reasons. Nonetheless, let me take a look into the economic background of all these fact-checkers groups.

What do the fact-checkers, mainstream media, Big Tech and Big Pharma (especially vaccine companies) all have in common? Some have pointed out that they are all owned by two huge investment groups: Vanguard & BlackRock. A cursory list of Vanguard’s ownership can be found here. Some highlights of its portfolio: $12 billion in Pfizer, $38 billion in Johnson & Johnson, & $4.7 billion in Moderna.

For more, check here and watch this documentary titled “Monopoly: Who Owns the World?”

Are fact checkers credible?

What is the credibility of the various fact-checking groups? Simply put, they have zero credibility. They were created by the same oligarchy that lurks behind this enormous ideological-sociological-economic Covid/vaccines maneuver we have been witnessing these last two years. This is tantamount to saying that the fact-checkers are employees of that oligarchy; they are soldiers of the same army.

Posted November 22, 2021

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