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Stumbling into War Unaware & Unprepared

Pete Riehm
The world has always been dangerous, but it genuinely seems to be steadily becoming more dangerous – and particularly more crazy. All the same bad actors are on the world stage, but absent is a confident, strong United States. Therefore, our allies are drifting away, and our enemies are emboldened.

Not only does the USA have a bumbling clueless leader, but America is forfeiting its competitive edge in cultural superiority, economic dominance, international influence, and military supremacy. The cat is not just away; the cat is distracted, unengaged, weak, and downright dull, so the rats are not just playing – they are running amok.

American base hit by Iranian bomb

American base in Syria hit by Iranian bomb

Despite the Biden administration insisting America is more respected and influential, international events show the world has moved on without the USA. America is increasingly disregarded and even disrespected. Europe is feeling its way through the Ukraine war without American leadership. China and India practically ignore America in Asia. The Middle East openly ridicules and even attacks the USA. And America has forgotten about Africa and South America where Marxists and Islamic terrorists roam freely.

Although just a fleeting news item, Iranian backed militias attacking U.S. forces in Syria is a notable troubling development. They have attacked U.S. forces about 78 times since 2021, but there is a disturbing difference recently. When they killed an American contractor in January 2020, President Trump responded forcefully by killing the top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, and the result was an immediate precipitous decline in attacks on Americans.

Iranian backed militias in Syria again killed an American contractor last week. The Biden administration launched a retaliatory missile attack on militia installations, but unphased Syrian militias fired right back. They no longer fear us because China has their backs.

There is a great international chess game afoot, but pitifully Biden cannot even spell checkers. Since 2013, shortly after Chinese President Xi Jinping was first elected, China has aggressively been pursuing its Belt and Road Initiative to bring third world countries into its economic and political orbit with energy and infrastructure projects. Chinese investment in Africa and South America has essentially eclipsed Western investment, and they are building relationships and more ominously bases around the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO), a subsidiary of the United Nations, has negotiated a pandemic treaty that would give the WHO “legally binding” authority to impose its insane policies for another pandemic on the entire planet. Willing to cede American sovereignty, the Biden administration is cunningly calling it an “accord” to preclude Senate ratification. However, China controls the World Health Organization because it installed its puppet, Dr. Tedros. How convenient! Considering China’s assault on the world with COVID19, they will not have to rely on the cooperation of duplicitous American leftists to hobble the American economy next time.

Chinese diplomat bringing Iran and Saudi Arabia together

Above; China leads agreement with Saudi Arabia & Iran; below, fearlessly expanding into international waters

A map of China's expansion into the South China Sea
Showcasing its diplomatic prowess, China negotiated peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Beyond demonstrating America has lost its influence in the Middle East, China has sidelined our biggest Arab ally in the region, so that allows Iran to meddle in Iraq and Syria, and to threaten Israel with no opposition save Israel. Iran will surely spread more mayhem and eventually war as Iran asserts its dominance. Israel now stands alone because Biden abandoned them and Saudi Arabia believes it’s safe, but it only means Saudi Arabia will be last.

This last week, China and Russia held a summit in Moscow where they professed their mutual admiration and affection, but much more menacing they declared their mutual interests and cooperation. Our three most formidable foes, China, Russia, and Iran, now openly claim to be on the same team; they have established a new axis of evil to defeat Western Civilization. Having lost amity in the third world and unity with our allies, the U.S. is the lone obstacle to their nefarious designs for global conquest.

Under Biden, the U.S. has abandoned energy independence, created overwhelming inflation with profligate spending, turned its once proud military into a feckless social experiment obsessed with pronouns, and worst of all they have undermined the foundations of our Constitutional Republic by defaming our founding principles as hopelessly dishonest, greedy, and racist. They have forfeited our moral high ground mostly because they embrace immorality as their preferred vehicle to subjugate average Americans.

While the halls of our institutions are tumbling down and our walls of defense our crumbling, Biden and his leftist henchmen blindly keep claiming they are in control and still revered in the world, but while they preen their fantasy, the global stage is being set for global conflict and ultimately the demise of American hegemony.

Iran will increasingly destabilize the Middle East and Russia will distract the West in Ukraine with their raw military ambitions, so that American resources will be slowly siphoned off to contend with these bothersome brutes. So, if China intends to move on Taiwan, it’s a pretty good plan to have the US mired in Ukraine and the Middle East. And even better, have America economically weak and doubting it’s very own convictions of their founding principles.

Putin, Xi, and Khamenei

Russia, China, & Iran: a new axis of evil

All of these developments are plain to see, but the Biden administration is oblivious, believing their own propaganda that they are in control and all is well. They are utterly unaware of the impending doom, and they have hobbled our military with all manner of politically correct nonsense and completely incompetent leadership, so whenever China makes their move, we will be unprepared.

China has been flexing their military muscle in the South China Sea and probing our defenses with silly balloons and what have they learned?! That America is indecisive and weak. That America cannot and will not react in a timely manner, so China only needs a devastating Pearl Harbor strike that achieves their goal before Biden wakes from his nap.

“And when the day of battle was come, there was neither sword nor spear found in the hand of any of the people that were with Saul and Jonathan.” (1 Kings 13:22).

Pete Riehm first published this article in Renew America
on March 28, 2023.

Read other articles by Pete Riehm here

Posted May 15, 2023


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