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Seeing Chile in Perspective

Patricio Padilla, Ecuador
In 1970, the communist Salvador Allende was elected president of Chile with 30% of the votes, thanks to the support of the Unidad Popular (UP), a coalition of leftist parties. At first, these parties proposed a "peaceful" Socialism. In the face of popular rejection; they ended by imposing their agenda by force leading Chile to a dead end.

Manifestations against Salvador Allende

In 1973 street manifestations in Santiago, Chile, demanding communist Allend to quit

By May 1973, Allende was facing popular revolt with street demonstrations demanding he retired. So, he turned to the one institution he knew could redeem him in the eyes of the Catholic people: the Church. He called the Cardinal of Santiago, Raúl Silva Henríquez, requesting his help and support to help get him out of that critical political impasse.

Allende asked the Cardinal to mediate political negotiations with the former president, Eduardo Frei (Christian Democratic Party), since he knew Frei would be open to the Cardinal. It would be the means to slip out of the crisis into which Communism had sunk Chile.

The Cardinal had already shown his implicit support for Allende's government, stating: “If I had to decide which government has been more Christian in its proximity to the poor – either the former (of Christian Democrat Frei,) or the current (of communist Allende), it would be difficult for me to choose.”

In August 1973, another meeting was held between Allende, Card. Silva Henriquez and the head of the Christian Democrat Party Patricio Aylwin.

In that conversation Allende spoke proudly about the strange alliance he was making: “This is Chile, where the President of the Republic, a Mason and a Marxist meets with the head of the opposition at the Cardinal's house. This does not happen in any other country!”

Cardinal SIlva Enriquez embraces SAlvador Allende

Card. Silva Henriquez greets Salvador Allende at the act of his innauguration as President of Chile

No matter how much support he received from the Cardinal and from the opposition, Allende’s regime went into bankruptcy. His communist agenda led the country into a complete collapse. Allende himself understood this and committed suicide on September 11, 1973, by a self-inflicted gunshot.

Forty-seven years after these events, something similar is taking place In Chile. The “rightist” president Sebastian Piñera is facing violent communist demonstrations demanding his resignation. So, he turned to Archbishop Celestino Aós to help him exit the impasse.

But, instead of helping to support the government as the Church authorities did in 1973, the Archbishop of Santiago openly supports those communist demonstrators who are demanding a new Constitution, which will implant those same principles that inspire the present day red Venezuela regime.

Chilean progress

Let us not forget that under the much maligned government of Augusto Pinochet (1973 – 1990) Chile received an economic boost thanks to the "Chicago Boys," a group of young economic students who were sent to the University of Chicago and trained to remake an economy based on the principles of Milton Friedman and Arnold Harberger. That push which brought prosperity to the country was of such magnitude that it lasted for the seven post-Pinochet governments, even though five of them were leftist.

That ascending economic curve was abruptly interrupted in October last year due to the violent protests that Chile is experiencing and the decline continues until now. It has caused the country to move rapidly towards economic failure and is threatening to force Chile into disastrous political-social experiences like those of Cuba and Venezuela - or maybe worse.

After four months of urban guerilla, the Piñera government caved in and agreed for a vote to be held in April 2020 on replacing the Pinochet-era Constitution and replacing it with a Socialist Constitution.

Street manifestation in Chile

In 1973, anti-communist manifestations; in 2020, communist manifestations – the religious authorities attacked the former and are supporting the latter

Again, these concessions did not happen without the aid of the Church hierarchs. The government was under pressure not only from the communist urban guerillas, the entire leftist political movement, but also the progressivist clergy led by the Archbishop of Santiago. After hours of negotiations, Piñera finally agreed to call a referendum in April 2020.

Despite the concessions, the street demonstrations have not stopped. The communists and the progressivist Church continue to give them every support. The conclusion is that these forces want more than a plebiscite on the Constitution: they are committed to break the Piñera government, force him to resign, and thus bury the capitalist system it represents.

manifestations ask Pinera to resign

Not satisfied with all concessions made by Piñera, the communists demand his resignation

In fact, with four months of street protests the economy is plunging. Piñera’s popularity also has reached the lowest level recorded – the latest polls gave him 6% of approval among the Chilean people, although we might suspect that the polls are also a tool of the left to manipulate popular opinion.

What we see clearly now is that in the last 47 years there has been great consistency in the position of the Church authorities of Chile: They always support the left in order to draw the country as close to Communism as possible.

Into such a scenario the newly appointed Archbishop Celestino Aós is playing a contraditory role: On one hand, he weakly calls for the end of violence; on the other hand, he strongly embraces the demands of the Chilean communists, called for end to the “injustice” in Chile and a “new social pact.”

The Chilean people, the ones who have suffered the psychical beating from the violence of the terrorists, are left to watch in horror and astonishment as a minority group of urban guerillas collapses their strong economic system, admired throughout South America.

Once again, they see the figure of their Pastor who, instead of supporting the rightist government to maintain the common good, lends his hand to collaborate in the destruction of their country. The Church speaks to support the objective of the left, which is to re-establish Communism in Chile, just as it did 47 years ago.

May Our Lady of Carmel, patroness of Chile, listen to the pleas of the true Chilean faithful and motivate them to resist and counter the opposition and free that brave nation from the communist claws.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 21, 2020

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