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A Latent Threat Hangs over Ecuador

Patricio Padilla, Ecuador
In October of 2019 an insurrection took place in Ecuador. It started as a protest against an increase in the fuel price; however, the protests quickly expanded to include leftist demands.

At first the movement was pacific, but shortly became extremely violent and destructive. That drastic change in the goals of the public protests and their tone made it clear that the real goal had little to do with the original claim.

It was not long before a similar urban guerilla started in Chile, following a similar method: An initial protest against the metro ticket price hike shortly degenerated into raging vandalism against private and public properties, with a systematic profanation of churches, including desecrations of Tabernacles and offenses to Our Lord present in consecrated Hosts.

Ecuador street violence

Urban guerilla in the streets of Ecuador in October...

Chile street violence

... that breaks out in Chile shortly afterwards ...

Colombia street violence

... and goes on to Colombia by November

A repetition of the same scheme took place in Colombia, again with the same tactics and causing a similar unrest in the civil population.

It seems not to be a coincidence that, before each of these waves of violence and vandalism, large numbers of Cuban and Venezuelan agents specialized in urban guerrilla crossed the borders of these three countries..

In all three protests, Communism once again removed its mask and openly showed its hatred for the Catholic Faith.

In Ecuador, once the manifestations had died down, indigenous leaders threatened to restart them unless the country and the government yield to all of their demands.

The threat, therefore, is latent, a warning that fits perfectly with the words of Diosdado Cabello, top henchman of the Venezuelan communist dictator Nicolás Maduro, who announced those protests were "just a small breeze compared to the hurricane that is coming."

In Ecuador there was a very particular factor that accompanied and supported the urban guerillas in a silent and solicitous way. Adding their solidarity to the uprising were the clergy and the religious authority, represented in this case by institutions of two religious orders, the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador and the Salesian Polytechnic University.

General Oswaldo Jarrín, Minister of Defense of Ecuador, accused these institutions of providing logistical support and supply centers for the subversives. Indeed, they hosted thousands of Indians that were shipped to Quito to give a Tribalist hue to the communist demands of the guerrillas.

In fact, the rectors of both Universities were later awarded for its "humanitarian actions and dialogue undertaken by their institutions during the national strike" and their practice of solidarity… Praise was not lacking either for the Ecuadorian Bishops Conference who assisted in the mediation, defending the rights of the workers and indigenous people.

salesian un ecuador 

Salesian University hosts the insurgents in its facilities

Minister Jarrín considered the manifestations as a kind of war action, complete with an urban guerrilla strategy enforced by agents well-trained in street tactics, a war room to plan and direct the operations, an arsenal, as well as a logistics and supply center and even a type of Red Cross unit to care for the wounded.

Incidentally, Ecuador's Red Cross had to suspend paramedic and ambulance services because its volunteers and ambulances had been attacked in several locations. According to the statement of the President of that Organization Victoria Albán, it was forced to this action "given the lack of guarantees that exist and the continuous aggressions we have been subjected to.” 

At the conclusion of the truce agreement, the indigenous leaders were presented as the heirs and spokesmen of the entire movement, which supposedly ignited over a gasoline hike. Now these Indian leaders are threatening that if their demands are not satisfied, they will reignite the entire conflict again.

trucks of indigenous

Truckloads of indigenous on the move to the next demonstration...

Thus, we have in Ecuador a situation of extortion: a latent threat of a new wave of violence that can start anytime.

Is the unconditional support for the subversive Indians by Catholic Universities and the Archbishop of Quito also latent?

Will the universities step up again to provide "peace centers and a humanitarian reception" for the urban guerrilla should the smoldering inferno indeed reignite?

If the progressivist priests persist in assuming a role that does not belong to them, they should at least do no more than they claim to do, enlisting truly independent volunteers in their “centers of peace and welcome,” in order to exclusively provide shelter, medical care and food, and not promote hatred, violence and subversion.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 20, 2020

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