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Letter from a Communist Prison
in Venezuela

Vasco da Costa
It is 2014 and once again I am in a communist prison for defending freedom in Venezuela.

In fact, since 2004 I have suffered a relentless, systematic and brutal persecution from members of the socialist regime who, using all the power of the State, have spared no effort to try to break my will and force me to submit.

vasco da Costa

Vasco da Costa, left, at an radio interview with CNR (National Command of the Resistence)

I was kidnapped on May 10, 2004, by a unit of the DISIP (1) and held incommunicado, "hooded" and brutally tortured in Helicoide (2) and thrown into a dungeon in that center of tortures of the tyranny.

My only crime was to be anti-communist, to say what I think, to write what I say, and to sign what I write against the socialist perversity. Among those who tortured me with their own hands, I remember these: Miguel Rodríguez Torres, then Director of the DISIP and present day Minister of Interior Affairs, Justice and Peace; David Colmenares, then Assistant Director of the DISIP and subsequently Director of the PoliMiranda (3); Mark Chavez, who was Director of the CICPC (4); a lackey of Rodríguez Torres, called Collazo, and other butchers. I was taken and finally released because there was nothing they could accuse me of.

Later on, I was arrested by the DIM (5), who took me to a prison in Boleíta, then transferred me to Helicoide on the order of Miguel Rodríguez Torres. Finally, they sent me to the Military Prosecutor, accusing me of military conspiracy, coup, treason and other absurdities. I remained for 45 days in the military prison of Ramo Verde until they released me because they could not prove any accusation.

The Heliocode

Da Costa was held in the Helicoide, the Venuzuelan inteligence headquarters

In recent years I have gone to several organs to denounce the brutal State persecution, torture, threats, burglaries, and theft committed by State security institutions. But none of them gave me any response, even the one that calls itself the Prosecutor for Fundamental Rights or Human Rights.

Once I went to the 24th Prosecutor for Human Rights to denounce the torture and theft that I suffered from the DISIP and Miguel Rodriguez Torres. The only answer I got was to have to pass through a very rigorous and intimidating interrogation in the CICPC Division against Terrorism. To the biased and offensive questions that were posed to me, I replied saying, "Why do you ask me such absurdities?" The answer I got was: "Anyone who goes to the State to report tortures is a terrorist."

Not satisfied with the systematic persecution carried out in the last 10 years, the current Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace who is the murderer and torturer Miguel Rodríguez Torres, cynically clothed in a mantle of Christian love, launched himself out against the opposition, creating laws that allowed him to accuse us of terrorism while he continues with his macabre work of death, persecution and torture.

A new tyrant

Further, after the death of Chavez a new tyrant came to the scene, Nicolás Maduro. This tyrant, imposed by electoral fraud, is not Venezuelan, is in the service of Cuba, and wants to destroy our nation by putting it at the service of Communism and international terror.


Maduro follows in the footsteps of his mentor, communist Hugo Chavez

The illegality, immorality and usurpation of the new communist tyrant of Venezuela led me to offer policy advice to General Raúl Isaías Baduel who, as one of the main leaders of the Venezuelan Nationalist Movement, offered the people a "constitutional way out" of the present day oppression through a Constituent Assembly. This political advice I gave to the only serious leader for an effective exit from the present tyranny was the real reason that caused me to re-live the horror of a communist prison. Today Raul Baduel is also incarcerated in Ramo Verde jail.

In fact, on July 24, 2014, I was having breakfast at the bakery next to my house in Caracas when a CICPC unit arrived. They took me to Division against Terrorism, and a district inspector named Villafranca told me that I was being held “for a flagrant act" of terrorism.

I realized that two of my friends, Efraín Ortega and José Luis Santa Maria, had also been arrested. I learned that they were also tortured, along with a young woman called Araminta, who I do not know, but she was the most brutally tortured; they called her an “explosive maker” just because she had a degree in Physics and Chemistry.

I spent 24 hours in a chair handcuffed and later I had to go through a Calvary: first, the Palace of Justice; then, the Penal Center of Guarenas and, finally, the CICPC Detention Center. It is very sad to see that the police force, which was once held in high esteem, today lends itself to a grotesque political persecution. Even though they could see that there were no valid charges against me, they slavishly obeyed the communist tyranny for fear of reprisal.

baduel general

Opposition leader Gen. Raul Baduel, presently imprisoned on trumped up charges

I've been before three judges and four prosecutors, and again returned to the same Villafranca. None of them issued a fair sentence for fear that the repressive power of the State would be launched against them unless they accused me of terrorism, even when there are absolutely no grounds.

Right now we are in prison, stuck in legal limbo, suffering from the State terror, and ignored by the Judicial Power, which is, a pusillanimous accomplice of this socialist tyranny.

The truth is that Maduro’s tyranny is weak. It is illegal, immoral, fraudulent and violates the Constitution. The truth is that the State's umbrella policy is criminal, murderous and violates human rights, having obliged all the public authorities to submit to the service of Communism and the Cuban State.

The truth is that putrid cupola of the Armed Forces [6] is a traitor to the motherland and corrupt, and that it is what sustains this communist monstrosity.

The truth is that ideas can never be imprisoned. For this reason, from this macabre and sad prison, I proclaim to the world my ideas and make an appeal to my fellow Venezuelans with the hope that soon we will be released from the bloody claws of Communism.

With the protection of Our Lady of Coromoto, I am certain of the triumph of nationalist Venezuela. This is what inspires me to write this letter from this communist prison, confident and fearless regardless of its consequences.

Vasco da Costa

  1. DISIP is the acronym for the intelligence and counterintelligence agency called the Directorate of Services for Intelligence and Prevention, which in 2010 was replaced by SEBIN, Bolivarian National Intelligence Service.
  2. Helicoide is the headquarters of the DISIP, today the SEBIN.
  3. Director-president of Police of the Bolivarian State of Miranda.
  4. CICPC is the Scientific Penal and Criminal Investigations Corps, the Venezuelan police agency responsible for criminal investigation and forensics.
  5. DIM is the Military Intelligence Directorate, replaced in 2012 by the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 5, 2014

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