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Target America - Communist Propaganda

Toby Westerman

The United States is the target of Marxist propaganda based in the U.S., but directed from abroad. The tyrannical Communist regime of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, is attempting to undermine U.S. foreign policy, presenting his government as a friend of the American people while supporting North Korea, Iran, and the tropical gulag of Cuba. Chavez has also described the U.S. as the "most savage, cruel, and murderous empire" in the history of the world.

Chavez's policy is nothing if not bold, challenging United States foreign policy in the U.S. itself, using U.S.-born leftists, both middle class and minority "activists" to target business, community, and minority leadership. The most strident anti-government, anti-capitalist, anti-Bush element of U.S. society is being mobilized for the support of the Venezuelan Marxist regime which Chavez leads. The plan is to build from this solid, if hate-filled base and undercut U.S. government policy from within.

A talk between Jesse Jackson, Danny Glover, Chicago consul Martin Sanchez, and Leonor Osorio

A round table talk at "Venezuela Matters." Left to right, Jesse Jackson, Danny Glover, Chicago consul Martín Sánchez & Leonor Osorio, N.Y. consul
Asamblea Popular Revolucionaria  website, October 22, 2005
Venezuela has already made headlines with offers to sell winter fuel oil to indigent residents in several U.S. cities, including Chicago, but the Chavez regime has launched other propaganda offensives that have attracted less publicity.

On October 14, 2005 Chicago was the starting point of the "Venezuela Matters," a four-month tour of U.S. cities intended to "highlight" the traditionally close relationship between the U.S. and Venezuela. U.S.-Venezuelan relations had been close, but have profoundly deteriorated since the election of Chavez.

The four-month "Venezuela Matters" tour features "round tables" bringing together local business leaders and select representatives of the Chavez regime to discuss opportunities in Venezuela. "Diplomatic" meetings with local political leadership are also on the agenda in each city visited. The purpose of the "diplomatic" meetings is to present the views of the Chavez regime without any opposition present - similar to recent elections in Venezuela.

In reality, the Chavez regime is conducting foreign policy with local leaders, and not with the federal government in Washington, D.C.  Venezuela is seeking to build support for the Marxist regime without having to answer questions about suppression, support of Islamic and Marxist terrorism, and the birth of a new, Castro-oriented dictatorship in Latin America.

"Hands Off Venezuela" is a separate effort intended to raise political support for the Chavez regime, and deter any U.S. action opposing Chavez's Marxist regime. HOV has obtained a degree of success in Britain, where one labor union issued a declaration of support for the Chavez regime, and received a special note of appreciation from the Venezuela's ambassador to Britain.

What may become the central piece of Chavez's propaganda efforts is the "National Solidarity Conference on Venezuela," scheduled for March 4-6, 2006 in Washington D.C. at an as yet unannounced location. The conference is to provide a forum for pro-Chavez speakers and dicuss "initiatives of solidarity with the people of Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution [INA Today].

Chavez continually asserts that he is continuing the work of Latin American liberator Simon Bolivar. Under the present regime in Venezuela, the name of the nation has changed to the "Bolivarian Republic," and Chavez's attempts to spread Marxism throughout the region have been given the title of the "Bolivarian Revolution."

The U.S. government is facing a challenge it has never faced before. Soviet efforts to undermine U.S. policy were usually veiled, often cash-strapped, and ultimately dependent upon disaffected middle and upper middle class sympathizers. The Chavez regime, however, is coming to America with cash in hand, ready to "do business" with America's commercial sector and to "help" the poor. Chavez propagandists are addressing those primed to believe that "society" has let them down, and those who are ready at all times to believe the worst about virtually any U.S. policy.

Despite the propaganda, the unrelenting truth is that Socialism fails, it never succeeds - even if blessed with large reserves of petroleum. This is a prospect which cannot be changed by heavy-handed dictatorships or slick PR. Until that message is driven home again, America must be on its guard to ensure that the disaffected join the ranks of those willing to destroy the U.S. and its tradition of individual freedom.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 6, 2006

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