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Moscow Miffed at Mitt

Toby Westerman
Moscow wasted no time in expressing through its cooperative media its displeasure at both Republican nominee Mitt Romney and the Republican Party for advocating a tougher stand on internal oppression in Russia and its aggressive, anti-democratic foreign policy.

Mitt Romney

Romney speaks out cautiously on Russia's aggressive stance

An online report with commentary from Russia's RIA Novosti news agency criticized the Republican Party's platform that urged Moscow leadership to "reconsider" its heavy-handed approach to domestic political opposition and Moscow's aggressive foreign policy, including the invasion of Georgia and support for the Stalinist regime in Belarus.

RIA Novosti characterized the relatively mild reference in the Republican platform to the Russian government's actions as placing the nation of Russia among "other traditional rivals" of the United States. It then cited Communist North Korea, Communist China, and the Islamic Republic of Iran as examples of "traditional" U.S. rivals.

RIA Novosti's manipulation of language must be noted. The reference to North Korea, China and Iran as "traditional rivals" completely mischaracterizes the reality of the dangers posed by these nations and their overt hostility to any civilized norm of behavior. Moscow is an undeniable ally of all three tyrannical states; it also supports the Cuban dictatorship and the neo-Marxist regime in Venezuela.

Dmitri Peskov

Press secretary Peskov, above, and Duma chair Yarovaya, below, were quick to critize Romney

Irina Yarovayasrc
In another RIA Novosti report, Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, coolly stated that Moscow-Washington bilateral relations had become the "prey" of the U.S. presidential election campaign. Peskov added, "In their official contacts, both Moscow and Washington at various levels have repeated stressed their understanding of the inadmissibility of the situation."

Romney's approach to Russia was described as "undiplomatic and unjustifiable," by Irina Yarovaya, chair of the Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption and a reliable Putin functionary. Her censure was reported by RIA Novosti in a separate article.

There is certainly a contrast between candidate Romney and the present U.S. administration. While Romney has described Russia as America's number one foe, President Barack Obama initiated a "re-start" in relations with Moscow early in his administration. He also privately (but picked up by a "hot" microphone) promised Dmitry Medvedev to be more "flexible" with Moscow in a second term.

The Republican platform, however, does state that Russia and the U.S. have common interests in the fight against terror and the prevention of the spread of nuclear weapons. Thus it supports normalizing trade relations with Russia under certain conditions.

Despite the tough rhetoric, there is no indication that the Republicans recognize that Russia is dominated by a spy-elite dedicated to the triumph of a Marxist system - in one form or other - in Russia and around the world. There is no reasonable hope that Moscow will "reconsider" the suppression of domestic opposition or cease its aid to various tyrannies, because all of these actions are well considered, planned, and directed to a specific goal.

This spy-elite also is waging a cyber war with the United States and has increased Russian espionage activities against the U.S. to Cold War levels. Moscow and its ally Communist China are engaged in major military buildups, and some in Russia boast that their nation will catch up to the U.S. in rocket technology within nine years.

This confidence in Russian technological development occurs as U.S. technology flows into Skolkovo, the Russian version of Silicon Valley.

Skolkovo, Russia

US technology flows unhampered into Skolkovo, Russia's Silicon Valley

Around the world the Kremlin spy-elite and their allies in Beijing are committed to a New World Order, which would relegate the U.S. to a minor international role, subjugated to the ideological whims of Moscow and Beijing.

Should Romney and the Republicans win in the November elections, the new administration will confront a determined spy elite in Moscow allied with what Condoleezza Rice called a "rising China."

Only in a limited way have Romney and the Republican Platform recognized the danger posed by Russia. In fact, a deeper understanding is necessary. The domination of Russia by a spy-elite and the dangers of the Moscow-Beijing alliance must be acknowledged. For our own national safety and our very existence, we must fully grasp the peril that confronts the United States and all freedom loving people.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 14, 2012

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