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A Cold War that Continues

Toby Westerman

Cyber attacks penetrating U.S. hyper-sensitive security points, espionage activity directed at the United States at unprecedented levels, and ideological rivals pouring billions into armaments: It's not the politically correct thing to say, but we are in the continuation of the first Cold War. Unfortunately, unlike the first round of the Cold War, we are having difficulty realizing we are in real danger.

First Cold War

In the beginning, in 1946, it was easy for Americans to recognize the enemy. The sinister image of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin hung over the specter of thousands of Red Army tank divisions ready to plunge into Europe from the conquered nations in the Eastern border of the Continent.

Soviet tanks invading Prague

Soviet tanks rolling into Prague
The Soviet leadership that succeeded Stalin, from Nikita Khrushchev to Mikhail Gorbachev, looked and acted as oppressive Communist bureaucrats. Successful Communist revolutionaries, from Mao to Fidel Castro, followed the Soviet example of appearing as dictatorial stereotypes.

Shortly after World War II, the American public opinion began to recognize the risk the United States and its allies were running from a Soviet aggression. That generation that fought Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan saw the familiar pattern of military dictatorship attempting to dominate its neighbors.

Generally speaking, the American public stood firm against Soviet expansionism, and finally in 1991 the USSR collapsed.

The new strategy

Many attributed this collapse to the alliance of Reagan with John Paul II. However, one notable expert disagrees: Fidel Castro acknowledged that the Communists in fact did not go away, but rather they were in process of changing their methods.

Communism now uses Capitalism to advance Marxist ideology. It depends on those who oppose Communism in principle but are unwilling to recognize a very dangerous new strategy. This strategy is meant to bring eventual victory to Communism and its believers.

A not-so-hidden enemy

Today, well-rehearsed manners and smiles have replaced clumsy Soviet attempts at intimidation. Encouraged by the promise of ever greater profits, Western investment flows into China and the "new" Russia. This same money finances an unprecedented military buildup in Russia and China, powerful espionage and cyber attacks against the U.S., and bolsters every anti-American regime, from the Islamic Republic of Iran to neo-Marxist Venezuela.

Chinese missiles aimed at Taiwan

China increases its missiles aimed at Taiwan
This post-Soviet, neo-Communist offensive would be useless, however, if it were not for the willingness of many influential Americans to ignore reality and believe what they want to believe.

The experts fail to acknowledge with any real concern that some 1,700 Chinese rockets are aimed at the free island of Taiwan; that North Korean aggression would be impossible without the aid of Moscow and Beijing, and that Iran's atomic capabilities are attributable principally to Russian nuclear aid.

Most importantly, the political pundits and experts fail to recognize the ideological bond among the neo-Communist nations, from Russia's spyocracy to overtly Marxist Cuba.

Democracy is understood to be "dead" in Russia, a fact recognized by some for years and documented as an observation within U.S. diplomacy, according to the unauthorized - and certainly criminal - release of restricted information by Wikileaks. Unfortunately, the Communist-oriented nature of the Russian government remains unacknowledged.

Cuba's "liberalization" under Raul Castro's orders is still seen as an admission of failure by the Cuban government, when, in reality, the new economic policies on the Island are simply survival tactics to strengthen Communism in the future.

America cannot afford to ignore the obvious. The general public may be forced to lead the experts in recognizing the bond between Communist forces, and their close alliance with the anti-American nations and fundamentalist Islam.

The threat posed by today's brand of Communist aggressors do not offer the old images of heavy tanks ready to roll across the border at any moment. Although the image is different, the danger to America is just as pressing as in the days of Stalin and the Soviet Union.

Getting back to basics

Communists from Lenin to Putin are not impressed by the success of capitalist, free market economics. In reality, the fight is not over economics at all: it is over who will control humanity, because God and God-given rights have no place in Communist theory or practice. God may be acknowledged, but His presence remains at the discretion of the All-Powerful State.

Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez

Raul Castro bolstered by his ally Hugo Chavez
The atheistic aspect of Communism was abhorrent to Americans a generation ago. The generation that defeated the fascist Axis powers and then stared down Stalin's tank divisions was generally a church-going group, or, at least, the vast majority of Americans respected religion.

The great majority of Americans know that we cannot exist as a society or as individuals without God. We cannot expect assistance from God unless we honor and obey Him.

The key to the fight against neo-Communism and its Islamic fundamentalist allies is precisely what many Americans can no longer abide, a love of the Creator of life and the assertion of belief of God within society. The brave men and women of the previous generation knew this. We must struggle for America again to recognize God as the source of our strength and hope.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 3, 2011

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