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Weakness at Home – Attack from Abroad?

Toby Westerman

The destruction of the U.S. space program, the underfunding of America's military, and the assault on all elements of American free enterprise by the current presidential administration can only be accurately understood in an international context. Ideology is compelling the attack on U.S. security and prosperity, an internationalist ideology better known as Communism.

While the United States retreats in space, demonstrates uncertainty against terror, and its president bows to Marxist leaders, the neo-Communist movement and its allies gain strength.

Obama bows to the Chinese Premier

A subservient bow to the Communist China Premier
China's decade-plus military modernization program relentlessly continues. Russia, which has played an essential part in China's build-up, is engaged in its own weapons modernization program. Moscow is also a key partner in the arms programs in Marxist Venezuela and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Russia and China are also cooperating on joint space exploration projects.

The Left in the United States and around the world, however, has always recognized that no Socialist/Communist nation could rival the United States in a head-to-head challenge, and the Left, although it proclaims its loyalty to the United States, never fails to support various Communist movements around the world.

For this reason, our military and intelligence professionals have been and continue to be the object of leftist suspicion, propaganda and misinformation.

The American Left regards U.S. power with suspicion if not a sickened dismay, and is determined to whittle it down to size.

Obama and Medvedev sign the Nuclear disarmament pact, Prague April 8, 2010

Prague, April 8, 2010: Obama signs a nuclear disarmament pact with Medvedev that leaves U.S. weaker
The use of U.S. power beyond American borders predictably elicits the most bitter condemnation. From the brief U.S. monopoly of atomic weapons after World War II to the present anti-terror efforts around the world, the Left reserves its criticism for the United States but ignores the crimes of America's opponents, whether perpetrated in the past by the "Evil Empire" or today's Islamist terrorist.

When Josef Stalin's Soviet Union, largely through espionage, finally acquired atomic weapons technology, the Left in America felt relief that the Soviets offered a "balance" to U.S. power.

Throughout the Cold War, and, in reality, long before, the Left in America continually ignored or excused Soviet atrocities. Ever ready to surrender, the Left in America echoed the "better red than dead" sentiments of Bertrand Russell, while seeking to limit the power of the United States.

Disarmament in the face of Soviet aggression and the humiliation of the American military were ongoing causes of the Left during the decades of the Cold War. Any ally of the United States was an enemy of the Left and any enemy of the United States found a friend among the U.S. Left.
The U.S. media has played a large part in supporting the Communist cause. Walter Duranty, The New York Times Moscow correspondent, both praised Soviet dictator Josef Stalin and hid the worst crimes of Stalinism from the American public.

Edger Snow, who wrote for several popular periodicals of the pre-WWII era, including the Saturday Evening Post, performed a similar service for Mao, as Duranty did for Stalin. In Snow's writings, Mao was portrayed as an idealistic agrarian reformer instead of the more accurate assessment as a cold-blooded revolutionary.

American Left protests against the war in Afghanistan

The Left protesting American troop presence...
In the late 1950s, Herbert Matthews, also a journalist for The New York Times, presented Fidel Castro as another idealistic reformer without recognizing the Communist ideology and support that surrounded Castro.

Today, the established media ignores the brutality and ruthlessness of the forces attempting to destroy the United States, whether it be the murderous Taliban, the revolutionary activities of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, or the growing threat from Communist China.

The threat to the national security of the United States is clear and growing.

While Americans are legitimately protesting the wild spending in Washington, the requirements of our military and intelligence services must not be in any way sacrificed. The same energy that now goes to protest unreasonable taxation and new public programs needs to be directed toward the salvation of U.S. security.

We cannot afford to disarm and turn inward as those who are advancing the Communist agenda and the ideology of fundamentalist Islam proclaim and advance their power.

Our concerns must extend from our borders, around the world, and, yes, even into space. The future of our children and the nation depend upon what is done now.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 23, 2010

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