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Color Variations in Communism - Part II

André F. Garcia, Brazil

In the last article on color variations in Communism, we saw that the ‘80s and ‘90s were marked by events of great impact: the perestroika of Gorbachev (1985), the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989) and the dissolution of the USSR (1991).

The Muslim green

At the beginning of the millennium other significant events took place. First, there was the attack on the Twin Towers in New York in 2001, an assault by Muslim terrorism that shook the prestige of the U.S. establishment and shattered the American dream. Eight years later, in the wake of this change, a Muslim-raised man, Barak Hussein Obama, was raised to the highest power in the U.S.

The Catholic white and purple

Another portentous act took place in June 26, 2000 with the astonishing “revelation” of the Third Secret of Fatima by the Vatican. The effect of the document - whose authenticity is still under scrutiny - was to spread skepticism about what was revealed in that anti-Communist prophecy. The two protagonists of the act - then Card. Ratzinger and Archbishop Bertone - caused a shock of disbelief in Catholic opinion, given the content of the text they pretended was the secret. In effect they sent this message: “Communism belongs to the past, Russia is converting, and a new era – the Civilization of Love – has already begun.”

In this context, Putin’s permission for Catholics and Schismatics to attend religious events sprinkled the visage of the new Russia with holy water. It was the softest period of Russian Communism under Putin’s control.

A blue capitalist-minded Communism?

Putin attends a religious ceremony with Alexis

Above, Putin attending a religious ceremony: his forged soft face. Below, his true Stalinist physiognomy.

Putin with his true and hard military face
Vladimir Putin held the Russian presidency from 1999 to 2008, and today he is its Prime Minister. Even though he increasingly represents the KGB-style of governing, the media presents him in a positive light: a very popular charismatic leader. So, in a contradiction, he is presented as both the representative of the old KGB and a man open to the capitalist market.

The myth of the fall of Communism as a fruit of perestroika is also fostered by liberal writers like Peruvian Mario Vargas Lllosa, who stated: “Only two countries in the world still maintain the illusion of the socialist utopia - North Korea and Cuba.” (1)

What a miracle! Communism has veritably disappeared! The Latin America specialists who gathered at the World Social Forum in Caracas Place Hotel wiped Russia off the list of Communist countries. Their judgment impressed the American State Department.

The strategy of changing colors achieved an indisputable success for Communism. The ploy managed to convince the West that Communism had died and belonged to the past.

Under this light, even China - although it is governed by the Communist Party – is no longer considered Communist, but a gigantic economy open to Capitalism.

Pink and red in Latin America

In the eyes of these and other mistaken experts, the supposed “light-toned leftist” governments in South America – Lula in Brazil, Bachelet in Chile, Tabaré Vasquez in Uruguay - would balance the red Socialism of Chavez in Venezeula, Morales in Bolivia, Corrêa in Equador and Lugo in Paraguay. We see that these specialists in practice play the role of useful innocents for Communism. Their opinions only favor the progress of that ideology.

 Gorbatchev & Reagan

In 1985 it was spread that Gorbatchev and Reagan were following the same clock. Today we know it was a ploy.
The propaganda that presents Communism under a variety of colors causes chaos and confuses the man of the street. The U.S. specialists on Latin American affairs are, in fact, mistaken when they believe in these metamorphoses of colors.

On June 3, 2009, representatives of 34 countries, members of the Organization of the American States (OAS), lifted the ban against Cuba’s participation in their organization that had been in place since 1962. This demonstrates how the color-variation strategy has profited the Cuban regime as well. The cosmetic changes made by dictator Raul Castro - blessed by Card. Bertone during his visit to the island-prison - have helped to maintain the Cuban status quo and make it palatable to the OAS, members.

Two strategies to conquer the West

In conclusion, there is, on the one hand, the old strategy of Socialism as a Trojan horse in the West to spread Communism everywhere. On the other hand, there is the ploy of these new color variations of Communism, which aim to persuade its adversaries and victims that it died. It is an efficient way to disarm its enemies and transform them into sympathizers or supporters. Certainly the color variations scheme has proved to be of great advantage for Communism and Socialism.
1. See note 3 of Part I. Para Vargas Llosa, Venezuela será uma 2ª Cuba

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 19, 2009

André Garcia first published this article in Portuguese on his
Site da Sacralidade
A website to expose Socialism, Communism and defend Christian Civilization

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