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The Smiling Angel Hides the Tears of a Nation

André Garcia, Brazil

It is proper to the human spirit to externalize its way of being and feeling in different manners. Gestures, colors and sounds can reflect a person. Art, music and choreography can create a physical and psychological profile that identifies a country. To represent a nation, one chooses the most authentic expression possible of the national spirit.

Lin Miaoke

Lin Miaoke
On the opening stage of the 2008 Olympics in Communist Beijing, a 9-year-old girl with a sweet voice sang “Ode to the Motherland.” An estimate 1 billion viewers became fascinated with Lin Miaoke, who was soon nicknamed “the smiling angel.”

Was the Chinese nation really represented by that girl? Did she express through her song her country’s spirit and her own personality?

In a cold and soulless Communist nation everything is decided by the Party. A high-placed leader of the Chinese Communist Party present at one of the training performances of the Olympic opening did not like the not-so-perfect teeth of Yang Peiyi, the 7-year-old girl who was supposed to sing. So, he commanded the director of the spectacle, Che Qigang, to find a solution to the problem.

Thus, “for the supreme interest of the country,” it was decided that Lin Miaoke, more beautiful and with good teeth, would perform in the stadium making the gestures and lip-synching: the real voice being transmitted would be that of Yang Peiyi. The fraud was only discovered days after the opening performance.

Yang Peiyi and her substitute Lin Miaoke

Yang Peiyi and her substitute
For the Chinese Communist Party it was convenient to hide the true face of the Chinese Republic, a nation enslaved by Communism since 1948, and present another more glamorous one. This is what was done throughout the Olympics, where every detail was pre-arranged to favor the interests of the Party - euphemistically called “the supreme interests of the country.” This is why the talents and the rights of that little girl, Yang Peiyi, were set aside without a second thought.

Poor child! Unhappy nation! Tyranny, fraud and the negation of the human personality: this is the real Chinese milieu created by Communism. The person is nothing and the Party is everything.

The real face of the Chinese soul is not “the smiling angel,” who is a fake, but the girl who was forbidden to appear and despised, “the weeping angel.”


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 19, 2008

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