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What Will It Take to Stop Trade with China?

Joseph Sheppard

We have all done it. We have visited the local “China-Mart” and returned home to discover our goods labeled “Made in China” (and I don’t mean Taiwan). For some of us there is a twang of guilt as we realize many of these products are a result of slave labor, or at the least, working conditions that the laws of our country would not allow. We also remember the recent news reports about how Chinese seafood was raised in raw sewage and how many have died from sweeteners used in Chinese-exported cough medicine. Of course, we should not worry about such isolated incidents now, since the Communist government of China has executed its top food and drug official.

Blasphemous outdoor urinals in communist China

In the world's largest public outdoor restroom
Chinese Communists made urinols resembling Our Lady
The American shopper is attracted to Chinese products because they are inexpensive and because it is increasingly harder to find many types of products that are still manufactured in the United States. Eventually, one can imagine the day when a financial “rug” could be pulled out from us, as the cheap Chinese goods on which we have become dependent suddenly become unattainable.. Of course, this “rug” can pull both ways. If businesses in this country were to use more foresight, they would use the labor that exists in this country or in countries that are true allies with just working conditions (i.e.: Taiwan), and stop importing goods made in communist China.

But there are even more serious considerations in our trade with China than over dependency on their products and poor working conditions.

American businesses have wholeheartedly endorsed the cheap labor sources of China for their manufacturing with increased profits as a primary goal, and national security and working conditions as a secondary concern at best. This is the “dark side” of Capitalism, profits at all costs, and the ends justify the means. It is a business plan only concerned with immediate profit, and ignores the moral issues involved. It should be remembered that to rob an employee of a just wage is a sin that cries out for the vengeance of God. The guilt of this sin is not reduced because of the number of intermediaries between the workers and those who profit from their labors.

It is not an exaggeration to state that China’s military is being funded by United States dollars. As Toby Westerman has stated in a commentary included on this website:
“FBI counterintelligence estimates that over 3,000 Chinese ‘front’ companies operate in the U.S. - businesses that appear to be legitimate but in reality are part of China's military or espionage services.”
It is also no secret that mainland China supplies weapons to those who are killing our own troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. In this sense, we seem to be committing true political suicide in our relations with China. One must wonder why the political powers should allow such cordial trade relations with China in light of such deception. What is the motivation of our political leaders in dealing so favorably with our enemies?

A united states flag made in China
Finally, there is communist China's treatment of the Catholic Church. When we see China create the world’s largest outdoor restroom facility featuring urinals that seem to resemble the figure of Our Lady, we have an infinitely greater incentive to cease all relations with this communist nation. It is disgusting to even consider such a possibility - and no one has proven that this is a deliberate blasphemy - but several major media sources have noted this resemblance.

We already know of the suffering of the true Church in China at the hands of the very government we call a business partner. Communist China is clearly an enemy of the True Church, and yet Benedict XVI, in a move paralleling the last several US administrations’ business dealings, has extended a friendly hand to the false Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association which is controlled by the communists who have continuously tortured and imprisoned the true Catholics in that country.

Mainland China may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but it is the wishful thinking of our secular and religious leaders that have clothed this enemy in such passive attire. Perhaps they are trying to convince themselves and others of China’s goodwill with such a fantasy, but the truth of the matter is laid bare for all to see, regardless of this emperor’s new clothes.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 20, 2007

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