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Misguided Strategies

Atila Sinke Guimarães

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Numerous Muslim factions openly supported the attacks of September 11 against the United States. Above, an angry demonstration in Pakistan ten days after.
Inside the Vatican, November 2001

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Islamic admirers glorify Bin Laden after September 11.
Actualite des Religions, January 2002
Readers have asked me to be more specific about why I do not agree with some traditionalists who are taking a position against the war. Here are my points regarding their strategies.

1. The tone – I do not agree with the imperative tone they have taken. Instead of presenting the anti-war position as an opinion, they present it as a kind of dogma. Instead of a serene and logical exposition of their reasoning turned toward convincing the reader, they are temperamental and obsessive, condemning or ridiculing all who do not agree with them. Also there are some, certainly a little hastily, who are speaking in the name of all traditionalists, when this is not objective.

2. The main reason: the danger of Zionism – The rationale of those traditionalists is that the war against terrorism would be a mere pretext to give the state of Israel dominion over other nations in the Middle East, or over an even broader cluster. Therefore, to avoid this danger, they are against the war.


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