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Cultural Topics

catholic  Are Ducks Animals or Divinities?
  Ecoterrorism shows up in California: a violent face of the Green Movement.

catholic  The Question of Women Wearing Men's Clothing
   You shouldn't criticize women wearing trousers today, says a reader. Yes, certainly you can.
   Follow the discussion.

catholic  Christendom or Neo-Tribalism?
  Los Angeles Youth Day. A return to paganism.

catholic  From Hearth and Home: Women Who Influenced Christian Civilization
  Didn't women have any influence in the Middle Ages? Inform yourself.

catholic  The Rapture Virus
  Is there anything Catholic about the Rapture theory?

catholic  Harry Potter and the Problem of Good and Evil
  Is Harry Potter a model for your children?

catholic  Secret Spells Barbie and the Tendential Revolution
  A Wiccan Barbie recognizes witchcraft as "mainstream"

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