Consequences of Vatican II
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Progressivism, the Devil’s Jackpot

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

Colloquially, when a person gambles and hits "the jackpot," he has attained the highest stakes to be won in any enterprise. In the orbit of gambling, I believe the most sensational jackpot ever recorded in history belongs to Lucifer and is taking place now as, through Progressivism, he tries to destroy the Catholic Church in his relentless battle against God.

In tracking Lucifer's eternal war against the Catholic Church, his perfidious campaigns fall into two categories, bloody and unbloody. The former are more problematic for him because in wars, battles and persecutions, Catholic heroism generates conversions and saints. It is the unbloody assaults that provide the damnation of more souls. These are the heresies and schisms that have been worked from inside the Church since her early days and include a multitude of titles.

The Popes adapt the Church to her enemies

The progressivist Popes adapt the Church to her worst enemies: Judaism & Communism
Until our time the Arian heresy was usually thought to be the worst. In the fourth century, so many Prelates fell into this heresy that St. Jerome wrote of the extension and velocity of this evil: “One day, when the whole world woke up, it was amazed to find itself Arian." But the loss of souls caused by this heresy pales compared to the present heresy of Progressivism.

The polemic that divided the Church in the Arian heresy was doctrinal and transparent: The heretics denied the eternal divinity of Christ as their central doctrine. In the present situation, however, the progressivist heresy is covert, or at best translucent, with its promoters avoiding doctrinal discussions and producing pernicious errors that blend with the perennial Faith.

Progressivism in effect is Modernism magnified, and thus more deadly, the quintessential triumph of Satan. One might ask, if the modernist heresy is “the synthesis of all heresies,” as Pope Pius X called it, (1) how can something be worse?

The answer is simple. In 1907, St. Pius X exposed and gave a strong blow to the doctrine of the modernists, listing 57 points of error true Catholics have to combat. It is as if he put the Modernism under a 19th century microscope – still not accurate enough to discover viruses – studied it, and unmasked the bacteria, but nor the virus. Thus Pius X attacked the bacteria of Modernism and alerted the world to this heresy.

In the case of the Progressivism, however, a more powerful microscope was needed to discern the virus. In fact, the means now exist to probe the existence of the virus of Progressivism and to understand that the perpetrators of this heresy mixed a viral poison into the very veins of the Church.

This strategy is laid bare in the collection "Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?" beginning with "In the Murky Waters of Vatican II," which exposes the ambiguity used in the language of the Council's documents. (2) The works in question were prepared by a disciple of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Atila Sinke Guimarães. Preparing the collection, Guimarães worked under the guidance of Prof. Plinio, who wanted it to be a weapon for the fight against Progressivism inside the Church. Indeed he affirmed: “The center, the most sensitive and truly decisive point in the fight between the Revolution and the Counter-Revolution has shifted from the temporal society to the spiritual one. This center has now come to be the Holy Church." (3)

Lucifer’s plan

In The City of God by Ven. Mary of Agreda informs us of Lucifer's address to his devils after the victory of Our Lord at His Passion. His death, the sign of His victory, caused Lucifer to fall into "consternation," but he quickly called a council for all his demons to attend, to "make new plans for his pride."

He said to these demons: "Now then, all you demons who follow me, now is the time to give way to our wrath against God. Come to take counsel about what we are to do; for I desire to hear your opinions."

Devil, gates of hell

The devil drawing souls into the iron jaws of hell
After hearing the proposals of the principle demons, Lucifer responded that he approved and adopted them all, stating: "It will be easy to put them into practice with those who do not profess the law given by this Redeemer to men. However, with those who accept and embrace these laws, it will be a difficult enterprise. But against this law and against those who follow it, I intend to direct all my wrath and fury and I shall most bitterly persecute those who hear the doctrine of this Redeemer and become His disciples. Against these our most relentless battle must be waged to the end of the world.

“In this new Church I must strive to sow my cockle - ambition, avarice, sensuality - and the deadly hatreds, along with all the other vices, of which I am the head. For once these sins multiply and increase among the faithful, they will, with their concomitant malice and ingratitude, exasperate God and justly deprive men of the assistance of grace offered to them by the merits of the Redeemer." (4)

With these words of Lucifer, we see the war he wages against the Church until "the end of the world." In short, he said it "will be easy" to corrupt those outside the Church, but against Catholics "it will be a difficult enterprise." Consequently, the main thrust of Satan's battle plan was to infiltrate the Church. This infiltration reached its apex with Progressivism, which insidiously transforms Catholics into non-Catholics as they accept and practice the novel teachings of Vatican II.

Thus Satan hit the jackpot with his Vatican II Council, corrupting the greatest number of Catholics possible through their often-unwitting adhesion to Progressivism. It operates like an evil inoculation, where an infectious agent is injected into the very blood of the Catholic doctrine and liturgy to destroy its immunity. It sickens the body and even causes death. This is what happened with the errors of Vatican II, where the whole body of the Catholic Church received those polluted serums.

May Our Lady of Fatima end this reign of Satan and institute the promised Reign of Mary. Until this happens, that remnant that did not become infected – however small it might be – must carry on the fight. This is the counter-revolutionary remnant. Residuum revertetur! The remnant shall return!
1. Pascendi Dominici Gregis, On the Doctrines of the Modernists, 1907, no. 39.
2. See a full listing of the published books here.
3. "Revolution and Counter-Revolution," NY: The Foundation for a Christian Civilization, 1980, p. 152
4. Vol. III, "The Transfixion," NJ: Ave Maria Institute, 1971, p. 687-690.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 23, 2011

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